Sunday, December 31, 2006

Resolution for 2007

A few more hours to 2007, I hope I can blog everyday! No matter how busy am I. Hopefully I can achieve it next year.

89-145 Days in UTAR

One word to describe these days. Exhausting.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


It has been ages since I posted my last blog entry. Many things have occurred for the past few weeks, happy events as well as sad and frustrated ones (obviously). Now, I am typing this entry in UTAR with my friend, Handsome Boy, who is busy doing his Costing Assignments now.


Yippe~! It is Song^2~'s birthday! After some efforts of inviting my classmates here and there to Sunway Pyramid, its time to take plans in action! I went to John's house first to wait for the birthday boy to arrive. (He got himself a watch as present from his friends by the way, and thankfully I did not manage to buy the watch on time, if not clashes will occur.) We departed to Pyramid from Asia Jaya LRT Station with a cab, last minute changes that taking a cab will be much faster than taking the Light Rail Transit to Kelana Jaya Station, later switch to cab. Once arrive in Pyramid, we had waited for other friends to come. Once everyone is here, we went for our lunch in Teppanyaki. (The food is okey, but quite disappointing.) We were having a difficult decision to make, whether to go for a movie or ice-skating. After a brief discussion, we all decided to head for the ice-skating ring, with everyone's agreement except for one. I tried persuaded him but he keeps on sprouting cold words (sarcastical commands) to me. I cannot really blame him for that because he is doing that as a form of his rejection, but as I thought he has already reached Pyramid, and not going for at LEAST a try of ice-skating is just such a WASTE! KC, ZH, ZK, and John participated in the persuading contest, and the winner is JOHN! I wonder how he managed it, really respect him for his efforts. Meanwhile, me, Queen Lee and HC has gone inside the ice-skating thingy and waited the rest to get inside as well. After choosing the ice-skating shoes that fits in my legs, I could not wait to skate~! Wow this is my first time to skate with such a huge group of friends. I helped John, Edmond and Queen Lee, as they haven't get used to the slippery ice and the method of balancing the body using the shoes. I could not really help John that much as he transferred his body mass towards me and I ended up imbalance. >_<
Tuesday. Another busy day. Got a call from UTAR asking me to sign the form. Finally got the scholarship contract back. However, I can’t be too happy about it until I receive the cheque. I packed my bag as I am going for a hunting and camping. I loaded my bag with tough equipments such as Sociology books to prepare for tomorrow’s hunting and gathering test. Not to forget my clothing, toothbrush, toothpaste and shampoo and I am ready to go!
I had my dinner in Secret Recipe again. This time, with Song^2. Song^2 and John have their usual argument (nonsense talks) while I am taking opportunity to enjoy my food spoon by spoon. Too bad I took a big scoop each time. L We bought a huge Spritzer mineral water, I forgotten how many liter is it, and brought to Song^2 house. (I finished the half of it, without the owner’s notice, hehe)
After taking a bath, I allow two professional hair stylists to style my hair. The result – durian hair of me. Too bad I forgotten to take the photo from Song^2 and John as both of them busy snapping me with durian hair style.
*Argh* I was a little frustrated as both of them couldn’t concentrate on their sociology even tomorrow is the mid-term test. They seriously have weak concentration level. They read few lines of word, then went singing in front of the laptop. At one point, I was thinking to throw the laptop from the 8th floor.
Slept around 3 plus plus. Can’t blame them as they are night owls. *sighs* at least they digested the concept of hunting and gathering. Phew~
An hour before depart to UTAR for Costing tutorial, after Song^2 sprayed his hair with the wine smell spray (makes me feel like drinking red wine). This is the point where I have started the conflict between him. (I am so sorry to drag John into this) It is very hurting as he is someone important to me, or rather a person who I treasured the most. Lunch is very unappetizing. I did not utter a single word to him. And the situation looks like I am forcing him to apologize, which I don't think he want to say it sincerely. I can't help myself dropping tears to my sociology test paper, those lecturers have the idea in their mind that I studied too much until crazy liao. Edmond and Roland too, concern and wondering what happen.
After much thinking plus advise from Wei Hun as well as John, I decided to put my pride aside and apologize to Song^2. I called him many times, but he refused to pick up. Until finally with his egoistic manner of saying that I finally know where I was wrong (I was thinking of murdering him and butcher him into pieces and sell it to KFC restaurant) BUT I being patient to him, because I know, I still need to teach him and John marketing (why do I bother to teach him? I really went mad) as again tomorrow is the mid-term test for marketing. Yet, history do repeat itself, they are won’t concentrate on anything until the last drop of time.

I get back my scholarship. I receive my cheque on my hands. Really happy. Want to make this a surprise for my mum. Too bad I was having fever. Maybe get agitated by Song^2 too much. >_<
Helped my friend to purchase a PSP. Yippe !!

Happy Birthday to JOHN~! Too bad I can’t join him for Karaoke Session.
Went out with Chee Keong to KLCC and Time Square to release stress.
Song^2 passed me his newly bought W850i to change its firmware.
Pass back Song^2 W850i. Realized there was a scratch on the screen. He is not too happy to know about it.
Outing with Eric, Hui Ling, Guo Zhang, Shermayne and Choo Yang. WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE THEM, ESPECIALLY CHOO YANG, it has been a year since I last talk with him. They are the first to give me a birthday as well as Christmas present. Touched. Choo Yang give me 10 bucks to get a coffee. Happy! I managed to get presents for Song^2 and John at Mid-Valley Megamall. Relief that present hunting is finally over, can’t wait to give it to them immediately. Hui Ling dropped me at Section 14’s KFC. Took the new Zingler Burger as dinner. Yummy. Waited for John to pick me to his house so that we can work together with his writing for mass communication assignment 2, finish them in half-an-hours’ time.
Busy with own assignment as well as the “special” group which requires special attention with spoon feeding tools. Realized that Song^2 actually being ignorance to me. I don’t know how to describe it, but I can feel it. It is not from today, is ever since the conflict day. Too busy to even bother about him. Wondered why I do I care so much about this useless guy.
This time met Shabin and Jinn Wei. SO SO SO Happy to see them! Went to watch Eragon. Nice!
Happy Birthday to me.
Have dinner with Guo Zhang, Hui Ling and Shermayne. They planned to surprise me with the birthday cake hidden at the reception counter. Too bad it was revealed by their unusual actions. =P Went to the Curve and have photo session! Then caught in the jam in Berjaya Time Square to countdown for Christmas. Super fun.
Merry Christmas!
Got present from the classmates. From Suh Lee, Kung Weng and Roland for a blue T-Shirt. From Lee Hua, Chooi Ling, and Xie Nie for a blue card. From various unidentify ta14 students gave me a unique watch. (selected by Song^2, I was surprised)
Shopped with Wei Hun in Section 14 and have a cakey lunch at Secret Recipe.
Extremely frustrated to see my hard work has been blindly copied.
Slept for 14 hours.
Updated my blog.

Things that frustrating me now:
i) Assignment
Assignment, assignment, assignment. It is not a trouble until the dateline is getting nearer and nearer. When things get too tight, people become desperate. I always have this dilemma, whether to share out my answers. I get so annoyed when people keep on asking
Mid-term test
ii) Choosing a new phone
Things that make me proud:
i) Downgraded my PSP
ii) Helped my friends to purchase a PSP
iii) Discover the method to kill autorun virus
iv) Helped my friends to kill autorun virus
Things that no longer make my mind troubled:
i) UTAR Scholarship

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Toast Off

First, my big brother, now John. Gosh, my life is full of frustration these days.

I have a small arguement confrontation with Song^2 as sometimes I think his jokes are a little too much, it really touches my standing point.

Now John says:

+*¨^¨*+[zëtå><3®õ><]+*¨^¨*+ says: how's the progress?
~*JohN*~ says: wht progress ?
+*¨^¨*+[zëtå><3®õ><]+*¨^¨*+ says: your mass comm
~*JohN*~ says: die ~*JohN*~ says: cos u only help song ~
*JohN*~ says: i gtg
~*JohN*~ says: bb
~*JohN*~ says: go back sleep
+*¨^¨*+[zëtå><3®õ><]+*¨^¨*+ says: hey

Before I could argue with him, he has gone offline.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


I was blind, I was confused, I was stresses, I was hurt, I was depressed, I was exhausted, I was hopeless, I was dumb, I was silly, I was alone and stand no where in the society. That what in my thoughts when I am in negative mood.

Wise men always say, "Don't let your emotions control
you, or else you will be in deep trouble"

I say, "When the situation leaves you no choice,
how emotionless are going to hold on just to think and react?"

Things really get messed up in Section 14, around 11.30am. >_<

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

TA14 Press Conference Part 1

Gosh there are so many things to talk about it, due to insufficient of time, I will just upload the photos over here. More to come soon......

Friday, November 17, 2006


Now I am in John's house, awaiting for my father to fetch me home from Section 14. I feel relief as the sociology assignment had been sent to the lecturer, thus one big burden gas gone~! Yippe! ^_^ Our class celebrated XN's birthday today by accompany her and her group of cliche walking around the boring Jaya Supermarket and Digital Mall to kill time (obviously). John and Song^2 were doing their usual routine, that is scout around for new games, movies, animes or dramas. Not too sure what is Rld searching for. As for me, I was just staring here and there as I don't intend to buy anything or desired to aquire something in these two malls. Plus, with my poor vision of me (remember that I had squashed sat on my own glasses?) makes me zero mood to do anything. That is most probably why I looked so dull with them. *sighs*

We had our lunch in McDonald. I ate burger and fries plus a huge coke (sounds more like toxification). Gosh, this will be my last time to eat fast food~ I had enough and bored with them. After lunch, we took some snapshots with the birthday girl. (Song^2 nearly dropped CL's N75 beecause of John's distraction or maybe both under salt influence, God knows, thankfully the N75 is safe and sound though it dropped on the floor like a small stone.) Then, we all went disperse ourselves. Song^2 is too tired, therefore he went back by himself. John forcefully gladly lead me to his house, and this is where I begin to type this blog entry. ~end~

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Song^2 Secondary House Revisited

*Yawns* Good morning readers~! It has been a sleepless night for me last night due to the influence of caffeine. Gosh, this makes me look worst than a drunken yard. I have two good friends sleeping soundlessly currently on my left. At the most left was Song^2, and the further left is JK.

*sighs* Ever since I dropped my Sony Ericsson T610 into Genting's water, I have been quite misfortumate. Firstly, I withdrawn volunteer myself out from UTAR scholarship just because I taken the contract with UTAR and I forgranted. Just last night, I squashed broke my poor innocent glasses, leaving me half blind to type this blog entry. I can't even see the moniter screen's words. So, do ignore all my typos in this entry.

*Double Yawns* I am really jealous to see two of my "brothers" currently enjoy their slumber. >_<>

  • Petronas Twin Tower Brigde (free)

  • Petrosains (RM12)

  • Death Note Movie (RM10)

  • Eating

  • Well, this is the draft planning only. Not sure whether he agrees or not. Have to invite more friends to go as well especially, *chuckles*, I am not going to to reveal it yet until I confirm it with myself. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA He is really a dog lover. Too bad I am not loaded enough to buy him a dog for his present. Argh, thinking what to give him makes me frustrated.
    Gosh, I am already ha;f mad. Another of my "brother" birthday is 3rd of December. If I am not wrong, he wants to go year end PC Fair. Plus, it is a PC Fair last day. Thinking myself squezzing into what chinese people say, "people mountain, people sea" making me feeling reluctant to go. Anyway, it IS his birthday after all.
    As for today, all TA14 is going to celebrate XN's birthday is Secret Receipy. We sang a birthday song to her this morning (00:00).
    Wow, it looks like a birthday month to me. Almost everyday is a special day for someone. I can't help myself to wait for MINE. Okey, here is the list of I want during my birthday ^_^ :
    1. A Japanese PS3 System + 2 Controllers + Games
    2. A Dell Home System XPS M2010
    3. A Nokia N93 or Sony Ericsson W900i
    4. 8GB Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo
    Isn't it easy? No more guessing games???!!!! HAHA, obviously, JUST KIDDING~! (though there are the products I really want.
    That's all for now, it is 8.30 am now, I got to wake these "brothers" up before we LATE for class.

    Sunday, November 05, 2006

    Sociology Assignment


    I have the facts, data and pictures, but I am not sure what to with the presentation slides. So far I classified them like this:

    #Sociology Assignment#

    -Hunting & Gathering

    -Survival The Fittest

    -Our Thoughts


    I still need to work hard on it. I am not satisfied with this.

    Saturday, November 04, 2006



    23:44 - 楽園 - Ken Hirai

    Sleepy. Planned to finish my Sociology presentation by today. But I haven't make it yet. I finally got my Office 2007 activated. Upgrading to technical refresh now. It has taken me 30 minutes plus plus. Time do move fast.

    I can still clearly remember a year ago's today was a similar situation. I was having my SPM examinations. I was thinking that time has move so fast as I thought yesterday was my first day Samad. Hmm how good I could even manipulate time and erase my past mistakes and review memorable experience, or even stop time when it is time for break. Too bad all these are impossible. *yawns* this is so boring. What am I typing about ? Total rubbish.

    Installation Complete!! Back to work now~

    Friday, November 03, 2006

    Song^2's Secondary House

    9.00 am Taking this advantage to optimize full usage of Song^2's Toshiba Laptop, I decided to drop my thoughts here. It has been a hectic week, my life it seems to be loaded by assignments, photostating request, repairing computer, consulting people, troubleshooting, hunting for information and *sighs* etc, etc.

    It is a hazy morning as I can see it from the windows of his house. Ghostly sounds emitted from the Putra LRT can be heard oftenly (upon typing this blog, 2 trains has passed by in front of me). With 'fuzzing' sound of the hall fan, I might be worried the fan blades will just somehow pop out. Not to forget his has two cute little green tortuise. It is kind of hilarious to see their heads popping out from their shells, staring at me. When I started to move, they just dive in water quickly, assuming I am their 'monster'.


    I have been searching for answers to solve the Song^2 computer problem with the task manager. Only solution I know is either reformat Windows XP or reinstall Service Pack 2 which is a tedious and risky task. Scanning through google's result, have not found any solution related to his problem. Oh no, I need to use the washroom and guess what? It is locked!!! I don't feeling waking up 5 people in Song^2's room. >_< I wonder how can they sleep in a such a small room with 5 people inside plus the room door is closed! That reminds me of my family sleeping together in a small room to statisfy the visitors capacity, and it is kind of congested but thankfully we have the air-condition on. I can't help myself to sympathize on them. *sobs* *sobs* Okey, enough of nonsense and crap meat, back to my assignment, Queen Lee has done much effort to produce a total of 7 pages of essay, while I just found a couple pictures from here and there. I know, I know, it is not enough, but I cannot find any resources contains pictures or photos of Batek (orang asli in Malaysia) and Eskimos lifestyles.

    Now here am I doing nothing except for typing nonsense, see left 6 minutes to go to 10am. I wonder my sister has started enjoying herself in Hong Kong Disneyland. Oh well, that's all for now, Bon Voyage and goodluck to all my friends who are reading this. Signing off now.

    Monday, October 23, 2006


    Day 89-96

    Assignment are given to students right from the first day of second semester. All of them carries marks as a system to grade us (obviously~!). Okey, let's get into details.

    Introduction to Sociology

    Hunting and gathering society was the first societies that had exited in the world and perished due to the development of social transformation through time line. Discuss CRITICALLY how the concept, 'survival of the fittest' affects the existence of the hunting and gathering societies till today with suitable examples.

    Group Member: Me, WL, Rld, HC
    Status: 9.15%
    Deadline: 7th of November 2006

    Management Studies


    The current business environment is global in nature. With the rise of companies operating in a global village, many companies are also expanding internationally. Globalization of the world of business presents both opportunities and challenges for businesses. Managers from different national backgrounds have been found to hold different values, different assumptions, and different expectations about relationship among people. Therefore, with the increasing amount of complexity, there is a need to understand the way that other nations operate their businesses. Once there is an understanding of the way business operates in other nations, the benefits and problems of working with them can be understood. As a result, decisions can be made regarding whether to work with other nations and whether any special conditions or approaches are required which in turn, increase the probability of business success among investors and workers operating in foreign countries.

    If you are an international manager in one of the organizations which is operating in Malaysia and you are required by your CEO to do business with a foreign country, what are the problems that you may encounter? How to deal with all these problems? You must take the following aspects into consideration: economics, political-legal differences, cultural differences and etc.

    Group Member: Undecided yet
    Status: 0%

    Thursday, October 12, 2006

    2nd Semester

    Day 87-88

    Arrived at UTAR at 7.50am, was wondering where should I go. Headed to library for inspiration. Ended up meeting my friend (hitsuzenly) or shall I call him senior now? =P He sold to me 2 books. management studies and sociology. Later he went off to copy his timetable. I went in to the library and met another old friend (hitsuzenly again) and chat with him until the computer lab. I charged my phone in the lab and try to blank out the computer's administrator password. First half step was successful. The another half, is when I tried to restart the computer the computer won't boot up and it comes out an irritating sound. I quickly turned it off before the ICT guys know >_<. Later I met WH, CJ and CCR. Really glad to see them actually. We (actually they) have a lunch in the canteen while I was receiving calls from the office to pick up the notice of the briefing for those who fail or their CGPA get less than 2.0. Later, we went for the management studies class. The lecturer let us off earlier since it is the first week. (I was choosen as a class rep. again) I dropped by MC before I went home. Class started at 8.00am sharp. Glad to see Miss Goy teaching us again for cost accounting. She introduced us the concept of cost accounting, basically about reporting, analyzing and recording financial activities related to costing. She also explained to us about the differences about direct and indirect costs. I went off for the library again to borrow some computer books before I depart to my house. In my mind now, I have this dilemma, that I am really unsure to select which TA14 member to be in my group. >_< And should this group remain the same for the entire subjects assignment or to be different? I'm feeling dizzy right now.

    Monday, October 09, 2006

    Tales of the 2 friends

    One come from the north, another come from the south.

    When meet each other, it is rather surprising.

    But fortunately, both go back with a smile on their face.

    Monday, October 02, 2006

    1st Semester Break

    After 86 days of torturing, I finally can have a good break and improve my computer skills, I thought, however it looks impossible.

    My Outing Schedule:

    [[Past Schedule]]

    15th of September
    Location: Mid-Valley Megamall
    Duration: 3-4Hours (including traveling time)
    People: Me, JK, Rd, Ed
    Activities: Bowling, dinner, shopping and chatting
    Additional Notes: My second outing with my TA14 classmates. Everyone seems to be so stress out and scored 100 plus in the bowling game and outcasted me. >.<

    16th of September

    Location: Low Yat Plaza, JK's House
    Duration: Half Day
    People: Me, JK
    Activities: Hard Disk Hunt, Chatting
    Additional Notes: We wasted most of the time waiting for JK's friend. Even buying a new hard disk does not required THAT much of time. Fixed JK's new hard disk within 10 minutes. In a hurry to catch JW's car.

    Location: Sbn's House
    Duration: 2 Hours
    People: Me, Sbn and JW
    Activities: Reunion
    Additional Notes: Fascinated by JW's Nintendo DS. Updated myself with the happenings in my formal school from Sbn.

    20th of September
    Location: Mid-Valley Megamall
    Duration: 8 Hours
    People: Me, KW, CL, XY
    Activities: Movie (D.O.A), Lunch, Bowling, Window Shopping
    Additional Notes: Enjoyable.

    24th of September
    Location: Genting Highlands
    Duration: Approximately 3 days
    People: Me, CC, Rd, WW, SL, KW, KY, E, E'b, WW'b, ?
    Activities: Outdoor Theme Park, Arcade, Enjoy Night Scenery
    Additional Notes: My poor phone is drowned. Thankfully CC picked it up from the deep, icy and cold water. Really an eye opener trip as Rd took us to many unrevealed budget food center around Genting Highlands Hotel. Really enjoy playing exciting rides with them.

    30th of September
    Location: Berjaya Times Square, Low Yat Plaza, Sungai Wang Plaza
    Duration: 10+ Hours
    People: Me, CP, YH, PC, CP's 1st Sis, mySis, Sis's friend
    Activities: Window shopping
    Additional notes: It is really boring. Meet up with SS.

    1st of October
    Location: The Curve, Damansara Entertainment Center, Ikea, Ikano, One Utama, Tesco, CP's house, QS's house0
    Duration: 9+ Hours
    People: Me, CK, CP, QS
    Activities: Movie (Devil wears Prada), lunch, window shopping, chatting
    Additional Notes: Met WL. He told me that life in Form 6 is really really stressful. I wonder how much torture the teacher must give to the students?

    Thursday, August 24, 2006


    hmm ran out of idea liao later days ... :P
    by pH

    A snapshot at A&W
    by pH

    by pH

    The King and I
    by pH

    Me and Song (^2)
    by pH

    Me and the twins
    by pH

    V power 2~!
    by pH

    opps we have been captured for copying...
    by pH

    3 of the 4 good friends
    by pH

    The Charmed
    by pH

    The Goddess and God
    by pH

    V power~!!!!!!
    by pH

    What are you snapping ?
    by pH

    The Beautiful Tutor
    by pH

    hahahah... stop boasting me I cannot stop laughing now
    by pH

    We are sisters~!
    by pH

    I am peeking your answers~!
    by pH

    big bully #1
    by pH

    opps blurred
    by pH

    hmm how to do question 1?
    by pH

    The ONLY time when they are hardworking ;P
    by pH

    Look how diligent they are~!
    by pH

    Another angle of the class
    by pH

    Test in progress, shh.........
    by pH

    another smily classmates
    by pH

    by pH

    Look what they are staring at....
    by pH

    Lunch at Canteen
    by pH

    Monday, August 21, 2006




    Back to English, this week is the last week of the semester, most of my friends are planning (or maybe depart when I type this blog entry) to their hometown, abandon UTAR immediately. Most students are anxious that the final is just a few steps away.

    Thursday, August 17, 2006

    Outing Day 2

    Day 62-68

    Its been more than 2 months that since I started my studies at UTAR. But yet, I have not got to know every of my classmates in details. Each has their own unique 'style' and different prospection on the same situation. On Wednesday, I took the opportunity to visit WH and JK room. Their room is filled with colourful butterflies (paper one, not real one, do mind this) and the walls are decorated with Computer Studies, Mathematics and Economy notes. Though the room is small and humid, I do enjoy the tranquility of the room, very peaceful and quiet. Unlike my house where is located in front of the main roads, and the constructing shopping mall brings many unpleasant sounds to my ear.

    Under JK's request, I identified his motherboard whether it could support SATA hard disk or not. Once open the black shell of the computer, there lays a medium sized rectangular red board. In the middle, there is a huge fan laying on top of the metalic headsink which protects the processor from overheating. I quickly scanned through his motherboard and noticed it has 2 free SATA sockets available to use. His current computer's harddisk is supported by the old IDE technology.

    Later, WH, JK and I went out to Jaya. We chated and bought some things. I thought I wanted to call Rd down to have our dinner together, too bad, Rd has a meeting to attend. ): We have choice to have dinner at Niche without him. By the way, Niche is a vegetarian restaurant which is quite cheap compare to other shop lots. We spend the remaining time chatting again and belanja WH an ice-cream (the new Kit-Kat ice-cream) since he keeps on complaining that he is hungry. (even after eating a full course dinner at Niche)

    That's all for now, I really sleepy and hungry too actually =P

    P.S.: This week is actually the ending of Semester 1 before final examination. Wow, time really do fly.

    Tuesday, August 08, 2006

    Outing Day - A side post

    Today, after TA13's Economics Tutorial, WY, SJ, A and me decided to go Mid-Valley to have a breakout from the long and tedious study weeks. We went for a bowling at the bowling center at the highest floor of the mall. Exchanged our shoes and get started playing. I did not play well this time ( scored 77 -> 54) ) : I get 2 interruptions when playing:

    1. Computer and television systems went shutdown by themselves in the middle of the game.
    2. A friend called me and I have to play in a weird pose, one hand holding the bowling ball, another with the hand phone and talking.
    I could tell that SJ and A's performance are quite good, especially SJ, keeps on getting strike in one game, do mind you. Most of them laugh at my bowling ball moves slowly (obviously I did it in purpose so I won't hurt my arm :P). I tried and practiced some new methods, but still required a lot more of sharpening before it gets to perfection. I wonder when I will get another chance of bowling, it is not cheap at all!! >_<

    Later, we had our lunch at Nando's since SJ is terrified of Kim Gary's Restaurant (poor boy). The food is delicious (actually only the chicken, the rest like rice and vegetables, tastes normal). SJ was "crying" as he ate the super-hot choice and he added some peri-peri chilly sauce. Poor him again. At 2pm, we went to the cineplex. Oh, I forgot to tell you the movie's title, it is Dragon Tiger Door (龙虎门) and it is 18 rated. The storyline is interesting but the way the present the movie is boring. Too much computer graphics, lost the sense of reality. Some scenes are just too fake. It is about two brothers from Dragon Tiger Door. For no reason one of the brother with his mother leave the "door". Then one fine day, they meet up. The brother said he cannot go back to the "door" as long he is tied to Puak X (I forgot the exact name). One bad day, Puak Y ( another gangster Puak) come and murdered Puak X boss the "door"'s boss. Both brothers are furious now. All three of them (plus a side actor) join forces and kill Puak Y boss. The story ends as both brothers and the side actors came back to the "door" laughing at a silly girl.

    At 4.30pm, I rushed back home because Rd invited me go to my house's Night Market with XY. Both arrived around 5.10pm. I guided them to the mini Night Market and we ended up to my house because of the hot sun and heat. (Rd did buy a roasted chicken up) Somehow, Rd and XY started to interview me as I am a convict or a criminal. =P All three of them went back safe and sound and happily (except for Rd, he had his gastric problem).

    What a short day, but I am glad that I have the opportunity to get to know my friends even more deeper.


    Monday, August 07, 2006

    Buz BUZ Buz BUZ

    Day 43-61

    Wow it is been nearly a month since my last blog entries. Apparently there are many obstacles and hindrance have been avoiding me to blog every single interesting days. Here are some important days as far as I could remember.

    Some day in July, my first time went in (really go inside Millennium Court building) MC and tried Tapoyaki, an octopus balls (it is really tasty~!). Before heading myself to my friend's room, I got to "register" myself as a visitor, get approval from the room lord (my friend) and the management's cop mohor (yet I'm still limited with 3 hours of visiting before I got chased out). During these tedious progress, I met another friend (QiQi) who is complaining to the management that his room's fan is spoiled. After I dropping my identification number, my friend guide me to lift and get up to 7th floor (i think), we walked straight, then a short left turn, right in front will be the entrance. Stepping inside the entrance, I can see on my left are 3 metallic personal cabinet with locks, 4 frames of windows, a single and a double-decker bed, and the toilet is on my right. Oh and 3 tables lean against the wall that have windows. With 5 friends squeezing inside, amazingly, we able sit quite comfortable. Despite the heavy traffic out side, they are lucky to have a view facing Intan rather than the busy and dusty not to forget noisy main road. Everything works out well except for their internet connection, seems to be sluggish and slow. They told me they are charged extra with internet usage with a limited time period. I don't think it is worth for them to pay extra such a poor system. We discussed much about the computer assignment 2 and little chit chat here and there and opps time to go for Japanese Class, I decided to take Metrobus 12 at first, thankfully, a UTAR bus came by and I hope on to it, waving goodbye to my friends at MC.

    27th of July, my 10 minutes presentation. First time in weird sense of formal. Seriously weird. Top with long sleeve and black pants but with sports shoes. Something really went wrong here. Despite the weird appearance, my main concern is more on How Could I Deliver A Good Speech rather than How Do Dress To Get Attention. Lucky and thankfully, everything turns out fine. I got 46/50. Yeah~ Only weak points, voice and language. But, most of friends told me that my voice is loud, I wonder how loud is consider loud to my tutor.

    After my short public speaking lecture, I somehow ended talking with my friend (CnYw) and 2 lectures (LXY + GYP). It was really fun to share some experiences with them to get to know them more. My friend thought is fate. As for me, hitsuzen principle apply here. GYP wondered why we (me and my friend) will somehow knows he is free now. The best thing is I got a free ride home. Double yippe.

    30 of July, slept for 2 hours. Rushing to complete computer assignment 2.

    31 of July, very sleepy, yet have to collect all the CA2 from other students since I am the course representative as well. Skipped maths lecture. Overslept and skipped Japanese Class. No regrets. Health is always first.

    2nd of August, after long and agonizing Tuesday to get economy facts into my brain and figure how mathematics works. This is the time to apply what I had learned so far.

    That's all for now. I will be presenting again a 10 minutes speech of CA2 and 12 minutes for AA2 maybe this or next week.


    Tuesday, July 18, 2006

    It’s Raining, Finally

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    Summary of Day 38-42

    Weee~! Finally it is raining!

    After going through these days with ease and later find out that there are huge obstacle awaits for me.


    1. Public Speaking & Communication Test 1
    2. Mathematics in Business & Social Science Test 1
    3. Accounting Mid-Term Test 1
    4. Computer Studies Mid-Term Test 1

    Uncompleted Assignments:

    1. Computer Studies Assignment 2
    2. Accounting Assignment 2
    3. Public Speaking & Communication Assignment 2 (10mins speech)


    Sighs~ I wonder when I could really relax and enjoy time for myself with these on coming test and assignment floating around me.

    Tuesday, July 04, 2006


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    Summary of Day 26-37

    HOT. HOT. Very HOT day.
    OK, let's get on to business.

    Several factors that have prevented me from keeping my blog updated and they are:

    1) Computer Assignment
    Computer assignment really burdens me a lot as I rushing through some last minute modification as the deadline is getting nearer and nearer. After throwing it into the piegeon hole. I feel like jumping around like a mad monkey.

    2) Windows Vista Beta 2
    Installing and beta testing Windows Vista is not an easy task. First, I have do all the backups from Windows XP, to prevent accidental delete of an of my important files. The installation approximately 45 minutes. Though I really attracted by vista great visual effects, I don't enjoy some hardware and software compatibility issues. Plus, the computer like to do things without your knowledge. One fine day I run Windows Media Player 11 and it hangs, forced me to restart my computer by pressing the restart button. After booting up, my computer is not responsive and the busy light never lits off. This leaves me no choice to reinstall Vista again with another 45-minutes gone. P.S.: For those who want to try out, I recommend that you better get it fast because Microsoft will close its Vista link soon.

    3)5-Minutes Presentation
    Anyone wants to know more about Multi-Core processor? Just ask me away. My topic, benefit of multi-core processor. 5 and half seconds. Feel really touched and reliefed when the whole class applause. I never experienced that before, really I must thank them somehow.

    4) The test of the 2 Es
    English and Economy. It is an no e-test (easy test).

    And gosh, it's been ages since I play computer games, I really miss them~~


    Monday, June 19, 2006


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    Day 25

    I walked to UTAR today and it took approximately 20 minutes to reach. Thanks to the cold breeze it is quite cooling to walk. Its been ages since I walk along the twin parallel road. As walked past, I recalled that my first time walking back to home from secondary school. It was hot and humid day. I didn’t have an umbrella on that time and decided to proceed my maiden walk back to home instead of taking the crowded Metrobus 12. I passed the round-about easily with the help of the brick path way (which is destroyed) to in front of F&N factory. After I had crossed the opposite side, I could smell a horrible stench from the factory drain. Despite its high-level of toxic and waste, a type of green grass happily spread its territory. A path with green carpet was laid down with small white flowers. It was filled with small butterflies. It looked like a small utopia for them. Some little honey bees could be found buzzing around the flowers. As I walked down the parallel road, I enjoyed the shades by old, thick and lush tree which provide ample shelter for everyone; car parkers, pedestrian and birds. Just need to watch out for bird dropping during ‘peak’ season. Back to present, as cars hustle and bustle along the road, I rushed to UTAR thinking I was late for computer studies tutorial. When arrived, looking at my handphone time, it stated 07:33. Phew~! That’s was way too early too worry!


    Quiz. 10 Objectives. 4 Short-answer. Only worries, the accuracy of the answers.

    Right before lecture, I was irritated by the computer technician who sit there lazily answering my question. He is not making an effort to answer me. Just simple throw me a lame answer. Can he get his lazy butt up and help us with that ancient old ribbon printer! Seriously, I wonder what so interesting to stick inside that small room. I hope one fine day I could throw a bucket of water at their precious server. BWAHAHAHAHHAH.

    Maths lecture. Oh gosh. The lecturer all the sudden call me out to unplug the laptop and put them away. He was asking me in a urgent looking face whether he could pull off his pen drive without safely remove. I told him that he can remove it without safely remove because he is not doing any file transfer. Then, he instructed me to ‘put’ them away. ‘Put’ here means that dump the laptop and LCD projector in the bag without proper shut down. He don’t even wait for the laptop to shut down. No idea why is he such in a hurry like a something serious is going to happen. For the sake of everyone’s safety I quickly turned off the main switch before he tries to do anything in a haste. I was really annoyed by his reckless actions and keep on say ‘a’ here and ‘a’ there plus instruct me to do things rudely like I am his technician or worst, his butler. He even blame me for not coming out early to help him. For his information, I’m NOT the course representative for maths! If I am, this is actually the LECTURER’S duty NOT mine! I only ASSIST you. For heaven’s sake, how can you make use of me! Don’t throw all your burden to me, you should try manage YOUR responsibility! Even I tried my best to help him, he couldn’t keep himself quiet and irritating me.

    I quickly make use of my an hour break to discharge my stress. Kind of relief to hear that my public speaking lecturer approve my speech outline. I’m looking forward my new task as a time-keeper.

    Back to the appalling story. That annoying bug wind the whole class’ mood up and throw his anger to us just because he lost his attendance list during lecture. He then summon ME again to find it. >.< I just feel like committing a serious crime by strangling that annoying bug. I did not, instead I went out the class with my helpful friends Kian Wen and Roland. We searched everywhere and every corner but no avail. We inquired every person that we recognized but without trace who is the last person who signed the attendance. Finally, we went in back empty handed.


    Expression: Phew~! What a annoying day in UTAR. I hope someone could borrow his back for me to lean on it for a while. My head just feel so heavy (maybe a ton :P) ! ~end~

    WEE my new record total 777 words! Yeah!


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    It is been a long time since I last updated my blog due to many unforeseen circumstances and obstacles.

    Let’s get back where I have stopped.

    Day 17

    Public speaking and communication tutorial today seems to be very familiar, as seem that I had seen the situation before in my dream. Yup, I finally uncover the mysterious person who talk with me in my last December dream. Strong sense of Déjà vu for that short period of time. Looks like my dream have been telling me snip-lets of the future. Well back real business. I sit with my friend today and realized that he too, wrote a long diary with the complexity of Chinese words during accounting lecture. Anyway, it is his personal stuff, I don’t bother asking anymore details. My second time meeting Wei Hao during lunch. (First encounter is in the library, if don’t recall my blog list) After having a mouthful of economy rice, went to the internet lab before the public speaking and communication lecture. Still feeling cold even after lunch, I assume my immune system is weaker, no choice to put on my jacket. Next will be our accounting tutorial class till 18:30. Then, back home. ~end~

    Day 18

    Recover my sick; back on track. Friday, not an interesting to talk about. Have my computer studies lecture, which our lecturer told us is optional. (I was hoping she teaches the functionality of Windows Vista) My assistant leave me alone during tutorial class for economy tutorial. That’s ain’t fair!~end~

    Day 19

    I was expecting English tutorial and lecture is going to be boring. Fortunately, I’m wrong. It is really interesting in many ways. ~end~

    Day 20

    I am getting blurrier with differentiation. Somebody help me~?!!! ~end~

    Day 21

    Only one word, sighs. Feeling numb the whole day don’t know why. Enjoy Japanese class. Getting interesting each week. ~end~

    Day 22

    Assignment, assignment, assignment. Here we go. Public Speaking and Communication assignment. Harzzz…. ~end~

    Day 23

    Input, mechanical mouse, laser mouse, optical mouse, pointing device, touchpad, touch screen, pen light, video input, video conference, tutorial, lecture, no assignment ? Good!~ ~end~

    Day 24

    Its quizzy day. Mathsy Mathsy revenew = cosy? Fitto revenew-cosy? Explodential growth? Decay? Me don’t know… ~end~

    Wednesday, June 07, 2006

    *Ah CoooW~!* *Sneeze*

    Day 16

    I can't elaborate much about today. Quite happy with the Japanese lesson. Finally done with pipelining and hyper-threading. Still wondering about superscalar, interleaving and bursting. Somehow I feel I had made a very dump decision. *Sneeze* Don't feeling well today.


    Travelling Vehicle

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    Day 15

    One fine day after letting my economy lecturer made some modification to her e-notes, I decided to step in a travelling bus. It is 11:05, a huge rectangular metalic blue box embark to B3 foyer allowing travelors like me easily get in. Once I dump my travelling ticket into the transparent box I swiftly find a comfortable seat. The bus is equipped with cotton coating with bright pattern design with a deep blue background. It creates an relaxing atmosphere for a long journey. Once the door is sealed, so this is where I begin my journey. The bus disembark himself from the deport and entered a heavy slim stream. It almost hit some little boulders submerged under the water. Soon the the bus encountered a huge whirlpool. Fortunately, it is moving slowly. As we approached the whirlpool somehow the bus is attached to it and we spin 275 degree clockwise before the bus speed up. The strong suspension system is bus made this stunt feeless to the passenger. Everything is solid and smooth in the bus. Soon enough the bus enters the a fortress. Travelors who made there their destination disembark from the bus. Or maybe they are the fortress inhabitants. After uploading some native people from the fortress the bus takes us back to the spiral whirlpool and down a fast going waterfall. Finally a sharp turn to the left, I can see a volcano is under construction. This where I must end my journey like all travelors. I have reached my destination.


    Monday, June 05, 2006


    Day 14

    08:00 Rushed out from the lift, thought that I was late, fortunately I see most of my classmates are standing outside busy chit chating due the heat generating among themselves. I dump my stuff at my assistant's leg (refer flashback) :P (because can't resist anymore of his relaxing mood while I am doing all the hard chores.) The phone vibrates, a desparate voice keep on asking am I Pei Han. Thinking that she must be called the wrong number but my brain instantly registered the voice as my Computer Lecturer. She tried to inform me about the cancelation of today's lecture but I tried to convince her that she has class right now! Finally, she realized the situation and quickly ended the call. Sitting with my assistant, we begin our "How to create bullet and borders in Word" lesson. Apparently my assistant is having trouble with Word because each time he tries to create the bullet his Word program terminate his task. Poor him. After attempting it for fourth time, he finally give up.

    Nothing much interesting after this except the "typical" maths lecture.


    Sunday, June 04, 2006


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    Day 9

    08:00 My first day in TA14. Got to rush to computer lab 1 where is right beside the lost and found counter. Size of TA14 is similar with TA16, with total of 25 students. Well, based on normal analysis, I should see 27 students instead of 25. I switched to positive analysis, making a conclusion that those 2 students most probably had dropped out. Back to the main stream, my tutorial class early in the morning is not appetizing, it is rather boring. Desktop, taskbar, start menu, recycle bin, my computer, shortcut and how to get system information. All basic stuff included, interesting stuff excluded. *Sighs* I realized that the computers in the lab are control by a main server. It could switch on by itself without pressing the on button and restart by itself. Hmm... I am wondering what I can do to break the connection <insert evil laugher here>. So, today’s practical lesson is creating shortcut, dump it to the recycle bin, empty it and run system information. Done!

    10:00 After an hour break, I got to continue computer studies again. This time is with a group of 6 classes. I thought the lecturer finally going to teach us something interesting by showing a motherboard in her first slide. Unfortunately, the slide is just a “preview”. *Sighs* Instead she throw us 2 questions, 1. What are the differences between hardware and software? 2. Describe the flow of information. Number one is no problem, but the second one, having trouble to convert all the technical details in layman words, I give a situation and explain. Both of my neighbors are busying copying information from the textbook since it is only an exercise. I just afraid that my answer can be wrong because I added RAM while others do not. Oh well, it is an exercise, let lecturer decide my answer’s fate.

    13:00 Maths. Today I learn about normal logarithm and natural logarithm. Just found out the “ln” button on the scientific calculator is not “In” but letter “L” + “N” small capitals.

    15:00 Maths tutorial. Nothing much to elaborate here.


    Day 10

    15:30 Nothing much occurred today. Just a short chat with Alvin and inform my English lecturer that I’m no longer in TA16 but TA14.

    Extra: Computer gone corrupted. NTLDR is not found. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to restart.


    Day 11

    10:00 Maths lecture again. Today‘s lesson is much interesting. Exponential growth and exponential decay. Instead slowly calculate each year’s percentage of growth or decay; we replace them with a formula. I was blurish at first, after doing some practical exercises, I understand more.

    12:38 Bounce into Sze Jin and his friend, Victor after I finished selling economy notes. Used this opportunity to know him more rather than just name and tutorial class. After a short chat, I realized that I have not taken my breakfast due to wake up late reason. Thank goodness there is someone selling donuts there and he is desperately selling the last one. Bought it and consume it. <Just imaging a Doraemon eating his donut> Yup, that’s the way I eat when I am over hungry.

    13:07 When to the reading room with these 2 guys because Victor (me too) wants finish up his assignment (by the way Victor is a year older than me, but in the same stream as me just different tutorial class.) 15 minutes later, I was interrupted by a phone call. It is my economy lecturer. Too bad she is using the phone line instead of hand phone; I barely could hear what she is talking. Well she summoned me to see her for more and new economy notes required to sell to that bunch of classes. Feel stress, burden goes up. Thus stress is a linear function of burden. Nice.

    Extra: Computer problem myth solved. Simple solution. Reset the primary and secondary drive settings in BIOS. Case closed.


    Day 12

    09:30 Right after I helped Wei Hong with business terms, I rushed down to B1, searching for my tutorial room. It was public speaking and communication. Our lecturer asked every one of us to stand in front and give an impromptu speech. Quite interesting. She even realized our class is too quiet and she told us that she will scold us if we do not talk in her class, in contrary with secondary teaching method. Despite many class activities, I managed to know one of my classmates, Kian Wen and another guy (opps so sorry I forgot your name!!!! >_<) from TA02. Apparently, he needs to go back to his hometown, so he used our class as a replacement class.

    11:00 Bored. The person sitting beside me does not talk with me just smiles like this ^_^. I should ask one of my friends to book me a place next time. Accounting principles in English, looks easy and manageable, but the questions are tough. Taught the person next with me since he is having difficulties with double entry and which account to use or open.

    13:00 After lunch with Kevin, went on with Public Speaking & Communication lecture. An hour of lecture, then start talking! It is the most relaxing class. Time to de-stress!

    17:00 An boring hour has passed. I contacted the Center For Extension Education to find out when they are collecting the fees, apparently, they send a representative over FICT without any of my knowledge!!! Sweet. I am going to clear debts with you tomorrow at PB. Met Lester Gan over there, did not have a chance to quick chat with him. Somehow I feel really stressful today. Fortunately, our accounting lecturer lightens our mood up. Wondering why Kian Wen is afraid of rain. Later on discovered that he drives a motorbike all the way from Cheras. Not an easy task with raining situation. Just before we ended our tutorial class, our lecturer gave us an IQ quiz. There are 16 small boxes joint together (4x4 grid) on the board; she asked to calculate how many squares. Time for the reader to guess as well. Lazy to spoon feed you all : P.

    Day 13

    12:00 2 Hours of learning coding scheme, I went up third floor to wait for my economy tutorial. I hired 3 personal assistants to assist me. <Hohohohoh> First Kian Wen, second Kar Sam (he is my first friend in UTAR) and third Sze Jin. First and second will be my tutorial helpers, well Sze Jin will be my economy assistant. Nice, my burden somehow unloaded. The economy tutorial is really fun!! The dark gloomy look of our class suddenly enlightened by him.

    16:00 Nothing much except for supply and demand. Then send the laptops and LCD projectors up. Quick chat with Sze Jin. Then go home! Wee its weekends!


    One of students asked me about giving her a cheaper price for economy notes if she only takes the tutorial question. Reaction 1: Laugh hohoho and Ignore her.

    Reaction 2: Say, “Over my dead body, miss” coldly.

    Reaction 3: Give her a good slap. <Insert swack swack sound>

    Reaction 4: Told her that is troublesome to do that.

    Reaction 5: Ask, “Why not you try and take over my job and see?”

    Reaction 6: Ask, “Do I know you?” <act like a weirdo>

    Reaction 7: Give her a big punch. <Insert boink sound>

    Reaction 8: Give her a deadly stare.

    Reaction 9: Throw poisonous needles at her.

    Reaction 10: Pretend to deaf and dumb, say “Huh? What did you say to me? Huh? What? Your cat had been consumed by a huge mouse? Oh, congratulations! You made yourself a new discovery!!!”

    I prefer reaction 2, but de facto I did reaction 4 in a polite way. Oh gosh her reaction is like “Heer……….(*sighs*) why like this simple also cannot do”. This ungrateful reaction really got on my nerves. First, nobody is helping me to distribute these things. Second I did not apply surcharge to you. (If apply 100% surcharge then I don’t mind give you a discount). Third, if you are desperate, then DO IT YOURSELF!!! >_< Stop bothering me with details.


    After the fund runs out, I am going to photocopy 6 copies for each class representative. Let them deal it among themselves. Reduce burden + stress. My time and effort for bring and distributing these stuff are not equivalent with this tiny money. It will cost your entire life’s fortune to balance up. :P


    Friday, June 02, 2006




    123 123
    123 123



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    Saturday, May 27, 2006

    One Word Blog

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    Day 7 + Day 8

    Exhausted. Accounting. Projector. Class. Repersentative. Economy. Books. Expensive. Cascading Style Sheet. Notebook. Bored. Computer. Internet. Mathematics. Photocopy. Troublesome.


    Wednesday, May 24, 2006

    Tech Stop



    W42S? Yup, a new model has launched again after W850i. Too bad it is only for Japan. Specifications about it are below:

    "Size: 106x49x24 mm
    Mass: 123g
    Battery life: approx 200 minutes calltime - 250 hours standby - 30 hours music playback.
    Main Display: 2.2 inch QVGA (240x320) TFT liquid crystal with 260,000 colours
    Memory: 1GB exclusively for music use. 38MB for other uses. Supports MS PRO Duo.
    Camera: 1.25 megapixel CMOS (max movie size QVGA for 30 minutes.)"

    Adapted from SE-NSE

    Point of view: Really stylish phone compared with the previous Walkman Handphone and NOKIA's. The bright jelly looking lights in the middle of the directional pad and the ring lights surrounds the play/stop button are the main attraction for me. Screen visualization is swift too. Not sure about the functions.

    See it for yourself:

    Windows Vista + Office 2007 Beta 2 Announced!

    The long delayed Windows Vista Beta 2 and office 2007 beta 2 has finally announced at Microsoft winHEC, but available for IT Professionals and Developer with MSDN and TechNet subscriptions. Microsoft will start the Windows Vista Customer Preview Program (CPP) for developers and IT professionals who are not members of the subscription services in coming weeks.

    Source: Microsoft

    In meantime, we could still view some snapshots and review about those two products in

    A Twist of Class

    Day 6 (Went Nest Daye)

    8:oo Went to the library. Try searching 2 CSS books. Fail. End up borrowing a Sony book. Looks interesting.

    9:42 Wei Hong dump me tons of economy notes + discovering computers second edition.

    10:05 Students in class are wondering why I am I carrying like a turtle shell though it is just first week of school. Maths lesson is still like a sleeping therapy class, just a little more interesting.

    12:02 Signed a contract to switch class. Congratulations. I just mysteriously but officially transfered myself from TA16 to TA14. Somehow I feel a tinch of reluctant to let go TA16 last minute. Anyway case solved. ~End~

    Tuesday, May 23, 2006


    Day 5 (Twiday)

    10:18 Went to PA then PB, looking for Center For Extension Education (CEE) to find out how could I apply for the Japanese Language Lesson. Encounter Mr. Thetha again. And again I did not say anything to him. We just stare..... I think I need to do something with this situation. Why is everywhere I go I end up bump into him.

    14:05 Come across with Yong Shan, Lestar Gan, Edwin Khoo and Bernerd Lee. Quick talk with them before I stuff my head into CSS Cookbook.

    16:06 English class commence! Very entertaining teacher. Enlightens up the dull class. Made another new friend. His name is Alvin (thank goodness I remember this time) from Shah Alam. First imperssion of his name reminds me of my previous additional mathematics teacher (because pronounce as 'elvin'). Pity him, 'cause he need to drive from Shah Alam to here. Not favourable during traffic jams. According to him, fastest was 10 minutes, normal 15 minutes, slo-mo 45 minutes, top speed 120kmph using Waja.

    *Phew* Finally updated my blog to the latest issue. Stay tune~! ^_^


    1st lesson commence~!

    Day 4 (Moonday)

    07:49 Met Wei Hong. Very excited to see him. As least I'm not so alienated after all. Chit Chat with him. Glad to know some of his friends. Uh oh. I forgot their names again. Oh please forgive my poor memory power. :P

    10:00 Computer studies. My first assumptions was they going to teach yo what is mouse, keyboard and monitor. Fortunately I am wrong. The lecturess going something interesting. Will keep you update when I know more the 'interesting' topics.

    11:00 Had my RM3 lunch. Then lemon juice. Having difficulties with sore throat.

    13:00 First Mathematics For Business and Social Science. Fancy name but based on the same concept, that is maths and add maths. Quite boring. No offence.

    14:00 Should be going home but I thought I need to go for English tutorial. Busy finding out methods to transfer tutorial class with Ji Shin. Poor thing that she is currently separated from her friends and staying at Millenium Court. Enquired the office members. We both are required to write a formal letter to them. How troublesome.


    Past 4 Days Summary

    Day 1 (Thursday)

    First day in Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (FICT). 07:49 A small 'Welcome Freshmen' banner was hung beside the main gate. Students flooded the main gate (don't know why). I stood there to observe. Bored. Nothing much I could do. Decided to move down after standing 5 minutes like a flag pole outside. Like all new students, we just follow the universal symbol-->arrows (lazy to ask anyone, in woke up mood). As these yellow arrows guide us to the right location. Outside PD011, fish market atmosphere, chatters, laughers, shouters, etc, etc. Standing there like a wooden stick again till 08:30. Once registration counters opened, everybody rushed like zoo animals to consume their food. Tricky wise, some students use the power of "excuse me" to get themselve in the first queue. The non-stop chatters and the increase number of students agitated the cold temperature. The coridor was hot, humid, stuffy and lack of oxygen. 10:00 Finally!! I get my goodies, changed my clothes and get myself seated in PD007. Here is where my slumber mood switched on. Talks and speech. That's all. Met Lee Seng + Si Hau. Yes, plus my first day with a mysterious person. Let's address him as Mr Thetha. Made first new friend, but i forgot his name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P~end~

    Day 2 (Friday)

    09:00 Speech about soft skills. Soft skills are skills you communicate to other people, from physical appearance to mental. + Yes, I met Mr Thetha again. Both of us just stared at each other. No a word. ~end~

    Day 3 (Saturday)

    08:00 Worst nightmare had taken its place today. Sweet, sour, spicy & salty taste all mix together. Ew!!!!!!!!!! That is horribly awful. Seriously. I just hate games that involves mouth and food. A taboo. Why waste precious food while other third world country is suffering? Saw Mr. Thetha in other group. Made a new friend, her name is Jee Wei (assumption, not sure the correct spelling) and Diva. Too bad she is in Stream B, that is Foundation in Science. Very friendly and socialable person. Compared to those arrogant guys. *sighs* ~end~


    06:00 Woke up, though feeling weak. News about MMU stated that I forgoten to shade a box really get on my nerves. They should at least inform me! Not letting me to wait for them! Horrible species. I remember an associate checked them thoroughly, and she gave me a green light for my OMR form! How mean are they! *Sneezes* Now I got my cold + fever. Parents told me that Shabinthran paid me a visit while I was in FICT's library to apply my temporary ID. Friendly librarian stuffs. They proof themselves very helpful. Gold Shield are awarded to them. 09:30 after breakfast gone into hibernation mood. ~end~


    2 kachings
    Welcome to my blog. For non-japanese readers “ヒツゼンノケイヤク” means hitsuzen no keiyaku or inevitable's contract. Even reading this blog is consider a proof of inevitable's contract. :P This title is based on xxxHOLiC manga. And no, this is not an act plagiarism because I did not copy EXACTLY the word. Well, back to the main road, this is where I dump my side thoughts about various issues, so you are welcome to read, to compose your opinions to me or free to leave if you are bored. So, let's begin shall we?