Thursday, June 28, 2007


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  1. フォノスコープ
  2. 坂の途中<’07 SPRING VERSION>
  3. SPEED<Demo Track>
  4. Hop Step Dive



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I SE-nse something NEW in 23 June

Sony Ericsson K850i

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Windows Live BETA

Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Messenger 8.5

the chat boxes
the main window

the main window (before signing in)

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Random Shots


From Darker than Black: Ailurophobia

From D.Gray Man : Octophobia

From D.Gray Man : Parthenophobia

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Law Books

Last Saturday I went to 3 bookstores just to get 3 different statue books.

  1. Federal Constitution (Popular Bookstores)
  2. Contract Act 1950 (Borders)
  3. Sales Act 1957 (MPH)
I finally realized that MPH bookstores has the most complete collection of statue books among the three I have mentioned. Too bad I visited the latter one the last. Until next time, chaoz.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Its a Lawful Day

Wednesday or self-proclaimed law day. The origin of the thought of 'Law Day' came out from a blogger's mind as he has to go through every Wednesday's lawful day. Law tutorial class starts at 8.oo am sharp as his law tutor went in the classroom. My law tutor asking us questions beyond the tutorial questions, making sure that we all understand the concept of law and not just plain memorizing. After one and a half-hour, I slided down 5 floors to Mezzanine floor to chit-chat with WY. My law journey is continue with 2 hours of law lecture. Learned that law can be on the 'dark' side. =P Anyway, I got to stop rambling about law here and there. I afraid I will forget my lawful sight.

P.S.: My first photoshop image (using photoshop CS3), I know its quite lame >_<>

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Friday, June 08, 2007

Life in Sungai Long

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Its has been nearly 3 weeks since I last move-in Cypress Condominium. Things are much more or less has been settle down now compared to my first move-in. The invisible barrier between roomates and housemates has beginning to broken down, not to forget our good neighbor had just visited us last night.

History Remake

-Maybe not 100% but I am the class representative again

New History

-I'm joining Wushu Society (Something I wouldn't thought of joining)

Guess what I have done on my first day 'schooling' in UTAR? An un-post blog obviously~! Done it in my mind, hardly could find time to type it out because I haven't get my computer yet for the first week.

Here it sounds:

'Bored in Sungai Long' - 28/05/07

Starring at the (UTAR's) computer's monitor, having a blank mind thinking what to do later to wait the slow and agonizing time flow till 1pm for my accounting lecture. I am in Sungai Long's computer lab with WY right now. Both of us are bored. Seriously bored till we are speechless in an extend waiting something to fill the void. My eyes scanning through the lab's computers. One noticeable thing is that the keyboards over here are blacker than the ones in UTAR PD. It makes me think more than twice to use it. I hope one day UTAR will invest in Lenovo's anti-bacteria keyboards. Another day makes me appreciate my computer much much more than before. The thick layer of black 'smug' has been stuck at the surface of the keyboard since God knows how long it has staying there, creating horrifying experience for people who is particular with PC's cleanliness (me!). Besides, computers used in Sungai Long is rather outdated compared to the ones in PD. *sighs* I think UTAR has spent most of its investment in the new campus in Kampar rather buying new vista XP performance PC.

My first class is rather another boring accounting lecture. I sat with Edmond, CC, Vivian, Charlie and ZS. To be honest, I have forgotten ZS's name >_<. Thankfully, he do not blame for that. The first few moment we spend time yaking and waiting someone to volunteer himself or herself to be the course representative (which I do not want it anymore after the sufferings from Foundation, unless I can guarantee myself that I have a helpful assistant.) Finally, the moment has decided. Winny and Justin will the King and Queen for group 1 to 8. I will be the Prime Minister of Group 7 (my favourite number!!). Fair enough. At least for now.

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