Monday, June 19, 2006


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Day 25

I walked to UTAR today and it took approximately 20 minutes to reach. Thanks to the cold breeze it is quite cooling to walk. Its been ages since I walk along the twin parallel road. As walked past, I recalled that my first time walking back to home from secondary school. It was hot and humid day. I didn’t have an umbrella on that time and decided to proceed my maiden walk back to home instead of taking the crowded Metrobus 12. I passed the round-about easily with the help of the brick path way (which is destroyed) to in front of F&N factory. After I had crossed the opposite side, I could smell a horrible stench from the factory drain. Despite its high-level of toxic and waste, a type of green grass happily spread its territory. A path with green carpet was laid down with small white flowers. It was filled with small butterflies. It looked like a small utopia for them. Some little honey bees could be found buzzing around the flowers. As I walked down the parallel road, I enjoyed the shades by old, thick and lush tree which provide ample shelter for everyone; car parkers, pedestrian and birds. Just need to watch out for bird dropping during ‘peak’ season. Back to present, as cars hustle and bustle along the road, I rushed to UTAR thinking I was late for computer studies tutorial. When arrived, looking at my handphone time, it stated 07:33. Phew~! That’s was way too early too worry!


Quiz. 10 Objectives. 4 Short-answer. Only worries, the accuracy of the answers.

Right before lecture, I was irritated by the computer technician who sit there lazily answering my question. He is not making an effort to answer me. Just simple throw me a lame answer. Can he get his lazy butt up and help us with that ancient old ribbon printer! Seriously, I wonder what so interesting to stick inside that small room. I hope one fine day I could throw a bucket of water at their precious server. BWAHAHAHAHHAH.

Maths lecture. Oh gosh. The lecturer all the sudden call me out to unplug the laptop and put them away. He was asking me in a urgent looking face whether he could pull off his pen drive without safely remove. I told him that he can remove it without safely remove because he is not doing any file transfer. Then, he instructed me to ‘put’ them away. ‘Put’ here means that dump the laptop and LCD projector in the bag without proper shut down. He don’t even wait for the laptop to shut down. No idea why is he such in a hurry like a something serious is going to happen. For the sake of everyone’s safety I quickly turned off the main switch before he tries to do anything in a haste. I was really annoyed by his reckless actions and keep on say ‘a’ here and ‘a’ there plus instruct me to do things rudely like I am his technician or worst, his butler. He even blame me for not coming out early to help him. For his information, I’m NOT the course representative for maths! If I am, this is actually the LECTURER’S duty NOT mine! I only ASSIST you. For heaven’s sake, how can you make use of me! Don’t throw all your burden to me, you should try manage YOUR responsibility! Even I tried my best to help him, he couldn’t keep himself quiet and irritating me.

I quickly make use of my an hour break to discharge my stress. Kind of relief to hear that my public speaking lecturer approve my speech outline. I’m looking forward my new task as a time-keeper.

Back to the appalling story. That annoying bug wind the whole class’ mood up and throw his anger to us just because he lost his attendance list during lecture. He then summon ME again to find it. >.< I just feel like committing a serious crime by strangling that annoying bug. I did not, instead I went out the class with my helpful friends Kian Wen and Roland. We searched everywhere and every corner but no avail. We inquired every person that we recognized but without trace who is the last person who signed the attendance. Finally, we went in back empty handed.


Expression: Phew~! What a annoying day in UTAR. I hope someone could borrow his back for me to lean on it for a while. My head just feel so heavy (maybe a ton :P) ! ~end~

WEE my new record total 777 words! Yeah!


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It is been a long time since I last updated my blog due to many unforeseen circumstances and obstacles.

Let’s get back where I have stopped.

Day 17

Public speaking and communication tutorial today seems to be very familiar, as seem that I had seen the situation before in my dream. Yup, I finally uncover the mysterious person who talk with me in my last December dream. Strong sense of Déjà vu for that short period of time. Looks like my dream have been telling me snip-lets of the future. Well back real business. I sit with my friend today and realized that he too, wrote a long diary with the complexity of Chinese words during accounting lecture. Anyway, it is his personal stuff, I don’t bother asking anymore details. My second time meeting Wei Hao during lunch. (First encounter is in the library, if don’t recall my blog list) After having a mouthful of economy rice, went to the internet lab before the public speaking and communication lecture. Still feeling cold even after lunch, I assume my immune system is weaker, no choice to put on my jacket. Next will be our accounting tutorial class till 18:30. Then, back home. ~end~

Day 18

Recover my sick; back on track. Friday, not an interesting to talk about. Have my computer studies lecture, which our lecturer told us is optional. (I was hoping she teaches the functionality of Windows Vista) My assistant leave me alone during tutorial class for economy tutorial. That’s ain’t fair!~end~

Day 19

I was expecting English tutorial and lecture is going to be boring. Fortunately, I’m wrong. It is really interesting in many ways. ~end~

Day 20

I am getting blurrier with differentiation. Somebody help me~?!!! ~end~

Day 21

Only one word, sighs. Feeling numb the whole day don’t know why. Enjoy Japanese class. Getting interesting each week. ~end~

Day 22

Assignment, assignment, assignment. Here we go. Public Speaking and Communication assignment. Harzzz…. ~end~

Day 23

Input, mechanical mouse, laser mouse, optical mouse, pointing device, touchpad, touch screen, pen light, video input, video conference, tutorial, lecture, no assignment ? Good!~ ~end~

Day 24

Its quizzy day. Mathsy Mathsy revenew = cosy? Fitto revenew-cosy? Explodential growth? Decay? Me don’t know… ~end~

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

*Ah CoooW~!* *Sneeze*

Day 16

I can't elaborate much about today. Quite happy with the Japanese lesson. Finally done with pipelining and hyper-threading. Still wondering about superscalar, interleaving and bursting. Somehow I feel I had made a very dump decision. *Sneeze* Don't feeling well today.


Travelling Vehicle

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Day 15

One fine day after letting my economy lecturer made some modification to her e-notes, I decided to step in a travelling bus. It is 11:05, a huge rectangular metalic blue box embark to B3 foyer allowing travelors like me easily get in. Once I dump my travelling ticket into the transparent box I swiftly find a comfortable seat. The bus is equipped with cotton coating with bright pattern design with a deep blue background. It creates an relaxing atmosphere for a long journey. Once the door is sealed, so this is where I begin my journey. The bus disembark himself from the deport and entered a heavy slim stream. It almost hit some little boulders submerged under the water. Soon the the bus encountered a huge whirlpool. Fortunately, it is moving slowly. As we approached the whirlpool somehow the bus is attached to it and we spin 275 degree clockwise before the bus speed up. The strong suspension system is bus made this stunt feeless to the passenger. Everything is solid and smooth in the bus. Soon enough the bus enters the a fortress. Travelors who made there their destination disembark from the bus. Or maybe they are the fortress inhabitants. After uploading some native people from the fortress the bus takes us back to the spiral whirlpool and down a fast going waterfall. Finally a sharp turn to the left, I can see a volcano is under construction. This where I must end my journey like all travelors. I have reached my destination.


Monday, June 05, 2006


Day 14

08:00 Rushed out from the lift, thought that I was late, fortunately I see most of my classmates are standing outside busy chit chating due the heat generating among themselves. I dump my stuff at my assistant's leg (refer flashback) :P (because can't resist anymore of his relaxing mood while I am doing all the hard chores.) The phone vibrates, a desparate voice keep on asking am I Pei Han. Thinking that she must be called the wrong number but my brain instantly registered the voice as my Computer Lecturer. She tried to inform me about the cancelation of today's lecture but I tried to convince her that she has class right now! Finally, she realized the situation and quickly ended the call. Sitting with my assistant, we begin our "How to create bullet and borders in Word" lesson. Apparently my assistant is having trouble with Word because each time he tries to create the bullet his Word program terminate his task. Poor him. After attempting it for fourth time, he finally give up.

Nothing much interesting after this except the "typical" maths lecture.


Sunday, June 04, 2006


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Day 9

08:00 My first day in TA14. Got to rush to computer lab 1 where is right beside the lost and found counter. Size of TA14 is similar with TA16, with total of 25 students. Well, based on normal analysis, I should see 27 students instead of 25. I switched to positive analysis, making a conclusion that those 2 students most probably had dropped out. Back to the main stream, my tutorial class early in the morning is not appetizing, it is rather boring. Desktop, taskbar, start menu, recycle bin, my computer, shortcut and how to get system information. All basic stuff included, interesting stuff excluded. *Sighs* I realized that the computers in the lab are control by a main server. It could switch on by itself without pressing the on button and restart by itself. Hmm... I am wondering what I can do to break the connection <insert evil laugher here>. So, today’s practical lesson is creating shortcut, dump it to the recycle bin, empty it and run system information. Done!

10:00 After an hour break, I got to continue computer studies again. This time is with a group of 6 classes. I thought the lecturer finally going to teach us something interesting by showing a motherboard in her first slide. Unfortunately, the slide is just a “preview”. *Sighs* Instead she throw us 2 questions, 1. What are the differences between hardware and software? 2. Describe the flow of information. Number one is no problem, but the second one, having trouble to convert all the technical details in layman words, I give a situation and explain. Both of my neighbors are busying copying information from the textbook since it is only an exercise. I just afraid that my answer can be wrong because I added RAM while others do not. Oh well, it is an exercise, let lecturer decide my answer’s fate.

13:00 Maths. Today I learn about normal logarithm and natural logarithm. Just found out the “ln” button on the scientific calculator is not “In” but letter “L” + “N” small capitals.

15:00 Maths tutorial. Nothing much to elaborate here.


Day 10

15:30 Nothing much occurred today. Just a short chat with Alvin and inform my English lecturer that I’m no longer in TA16 but TA14.

Extra: Computer gone corrupted. NTLDR is not found. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to restart.


Day 11

10:00 Maths lecture again. Today‘s lesson is much interesting. Exponential growth and exponential decay. Instead slowly calculate each year’s percentage of growth or decay; we replace them with a formula. I was blurish at first, after doing some practical exercises, I understand more.

12:38 Bounce into Sze Jin and his friend, Victor after I finished selling economy notes. Used this opportunity to know him more rather than just name and tutorial class. After a short chat, I realized that I have not taken my breakfast due to wake up late reason. Thank goodness there is someone selling donuts there and he is desperately selling the last one. Bought it and consume it. <Just imaging a Doraemon eating his donut> Yup, that’s the way I eat when I am over hungry.

13:07 When to the reading room with these 2 guys because Victor (me too) wants finish up his assignment (by the way Victor is a year older than me, but in the same stream as me just different tutorial class.) 15 minutes later, I was interrupted by a phone call. It is my economy lecturer. Too bad she is using the phone line instead of hand phone; I barely could hear what she is talking. Well she summoned me to see her for more and new economy notes required to sell to that bunch of classes. Feel stress, burden goes up. Thus stress is a linear function of burden. Nice.

Extra: Computer problem myth solved. Simple solution. Reset the primary and secondary drive settings in BIOS. Case closed.


Day 12

09:30 Right after I helped Wei Hong with business terms, I rushed down to B1, searching for my tutorial room. It was public speaking and communication. Our lecturer asked every one of us to stand in front and give an impromptu speech. Quite interesting. She even realized our class is too quiet and she told us that she will scold us if we do not talk in her class, in contrary with secondary teaching method. Despite many class activities, I managed to know one of my classmates, Kian Wen and another guy (opps so sorry I forgot your name!!!! >_<) from TA02. Apparently, he needs to go back to his hometown, so he used our class as a replacement class.

11:00 Bored. The person sitting beside me does not talk with me just smiles like this ^_^. I should ask one of my friends to book me a place next time. Accounting principles in English, looks easy and manageable, but the questions are tough. Taught the person next with me since he is having difficulties with double entry and which account to use or open.

13:00 After lunch with Kevin, went on with Public Speaking & Communication lecture. An hour of lecture, then start talking! It is the most relaxing class. Time to de-stress!

17:00 An boring hour has passed. I contacted the Center For Extension Education to find out when they are collecting the fees, apparently, they send a representative over FICT without any of my knowledge!!! Sweet. I am going to clear debts with you tomorrow at PB. Met Lester Gan over there, did not have a chance to quick chat with him. Somehow I feel really stressful today. Fortunately, our accounting lecturer lightens our mood up. Wondering why Kian Wen is afraid of rain. Later on discovered that he drives a motorbike all the way from Cheras. Not an easy task with raining situation. Just before we ended our tutorial class, our lecturer gave us an IQ quiz. There are 16 small boxes joint together (4x4 grid) on the board; she asked to calculate how many squares. Time for the reader to guess as well. Lazy to spoon feed you all : P.

Day 13

12:00 2 Hours of learning coding scheme, I went up third floor to wait for my economy tutorial. I hired 3 personal assistants to assist me. <Hohohohoh> First Kian Wen, second Kar Sam (he is my first friend in UTAR) and third Sze Jin. First and second will be my tutorial helpers, well Sze Jin will be my economy assistant. Nice, my burden somehow unloaded. The economy tutorial is really fun!! The dark gloomy look of our class suddenly enlightened by him.

16:00 Nothing much except for supply and demand. Then send the laptops and LCD projectors up. Quick chat with Sze Jin. Then go home! Wee its weekends!


One of students asked me about giving her a cheaper price for economy notes if she only takes the tutorial question. Reaction 1: Laugh hohoho and Ignore her.

Reaction 2: Say, “Over my dead body, miss” coldly.

Reaction 3: Give her a good slap. <Insert swack swack sound>

Reaction 4: Told her that is troublesome to do that.

Reaction 5: Ask, “Why not you try and take over my job and see?”

Reaction 6: Ask, “Do I know you?” <act like a weirdo>

Reaction 7: Give her a big punch. <Insert boink sound>

Reaction 8: Give her a deadly stare.

Reaction 9: Throw poisonous needles at her.

Reaction 10: Pretend to deaf and dumb, say “Huh? What did you say to me? Huh? What? Your cat had been consumed by a huge mouse? Oh, congratulations! You made yourself a new discovery!!!”

I prefer reaction 2, but de facto I did reaction 4 in a polite way. Oh gosh her reaction is like “Heer……….(*sighs*) why like this simple also cannot do”. This ungrateful reaction really got on my nerves. First, nobody is helping me to distribute these things. Second I did not apply surcharge to you. (If apply 100% surcharge then I don’t mind give you a discount). Third, if you are desperate, then DO IT YOURSELF!!! >_< Stop bothering me with details.


After the fund runs out, I am going to photocopy 6 copies for each class representative. Let them deal it among themselves. Reduce burden + stress. My time and effort for bring and distributing these stuff are not equivalent with this tiny money. It will cost your entire life’s fortune to balance up. :P


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