Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tryout on Adobe Photoshop CS4

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Screen First, text later.






Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My BDay and Christmas Wishes

 Adapted from without permission.

1 World Peace (HOHOHOHO)

2 4 Flags

3 Multi-trillionaire

4 Sony PlayStation 3

5 X1

6 Super Computer

7 Workless Lifestyle

That's my material side of me.

If I have my eyes closed and make wishes from my heart.

It's totally different.

I'm facing wishes discongruence.


What are wishes from my heart you ask?

They remain as mysterious secrets.

Happy Early Christmas Eve =)


N95 Updated

Finally I receive the v30.0.15 firmware update from the Nokia Software Update (NSU), I have been anticipated it since last May, as this updates provide lots of performance improvement for the N95, as well as update some useful application such as auto rotation.

Unfortunately Thankfully, the installation works fine after 2 panicky restart of the phone and software failure, my N95 is finally updated safely! Yipppe. For those who are unaware of the hazardous delicate procedures of self-updating cellular's firmware, any misout will bring, your phone into a deep sleep, which you need to send your dear phone to the nearest hospital.

Well, enough of crab talks, here are the screenshots.

Step One: Agree that Nokia is not liable for anything.


Step Three: Delivering chunks of update data

Step Four: Pray Hard or be Panic!

Step Five:Hallelujah

Change Log of V30.0.15 (adapted from N95 blog):

-Camera improvements.
-Automatic screen Rotation (YIPPEE!)
-Music player has some enhancements
-New integrated Google search New Maps 2.0 with faster and better maps complete with satellite images and traffic information.

From me

-16 seconds boot up (HURRAY!)
-improve responsiveness of the phone
-better memory management
-included Flash Lite 3


Friday, December 19, 2008

It Slips off my Mind

 Source: Wikipedia


I forgotten something very important.

The tools used to decipher the security mechanism of a door.

and Get me into safety.

It's late, and all my members are sleeping.

The phone is ringing but no one is picking up.


My friends are by my side.

Assisting me to enhance of the ambient sound to increase the awareness of the sleeping members.


After 3 minutes of knocking. ringing. and nearly half banging the door.

My dad came to the rescue.

Lesson taken.

Don't ever think of leaving the house without keys.

OR else.

I will be lock out of the house.


Friday, December 12, 2008

12 12 12

Twelve. Twelve. Twelve. Twelve. Twelve =

12th of December, 12:12:12.

and it slips.

no longer special anymore.


Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Moja Moja

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Phuaaaaaaaaaa!~ I am done with my super weird oxymoron Organizational Behaviour Test! I left my dear answers in the hands of the unforeseeable markers, I pray hard these markers are kind enough to allow my points to cross the bridge safely!


I thought having a part time job, the jobs I found are quite dissappointing not so exciting, there are:
  • IKEA (you can state your desired salary there yippee!! but I don't want to do cashier job.)
  • Machines (Apple Store, I have zero knowledge on MacWorld, sorry Steve, your product does not sound fascinating to me, I'm only motivated to chase your clients/customers off to either Linux or Microsoft or PC.)
Well, Sony offered this and I'm under-qualified. SIGHS!

Double Mojas.

That's all for now, I will keep myself updated.

Until then.


Thursday, December 04, 2008

Loco Roco 2 Craze

Beware this is an extremely addictive game.

Source: Amazon UK


Windows Live Wave 3


Microsoft has finally unleashed its 'tsunami' of cloud computing web application today. Without further delay, I quickly login into my Live Account and I see:
If you click add images on your top right corner,
Dump all your beloved photos in,
And it becomes this.
A flashy like slideshow (i think they use javascript)

You change the theme (top wave) with 2 theme are live theme which changes according to the time (something like google theme)

Finally, Microsoft has its own online photo storage like picasa in google and flickr in yahoo. The storage space merges with your current skydrive.

Looks like they also have their own face recognition technology found in google picasa, however, my photo somehow wouldn't load (maybe they found virus on my face, I didn't know their detector is so powerful they able to detect my flu..).
Finally, the all new revamped skydrive, the sweetest thing is, the huge boost of 25GB of storage, 5x of the original storage offer. =)

That's all for now.
Got to resume my Organizational Behaviour revision.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Study Week


Here comes the lazy study week again, all thanks to the Long River flu, I unable to concentrate on anything.

Keep get distracted such as, the semi-transparent molecules are blocking your nose, phlegm sticking your throat and constant hunger keep bugging you to recharge food as fuel.

When all the distraction has been removed, its time to feel sleepy and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Fortunately, I have only 2 subjects to tackle.


Saturday, November 29, 2008


Nope, I'm not talking about my computer being lag or slow, just about myself being unaware with the environment especially when I'm sick (sometimes I don't even aware the car is heading to me, I totally rely on my lucky charm when crossing the road). I feel like a fool whenever I decided to anything in Long River. Fortunately, I'm back to civilization and I'm able to sleep peacefully without having the troubles of making decision.

Time to ZZzzz


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Real time Theme Changing

Here's some capture of what gmail theme capable of in different sets of time:



Lunch Time


Friday, November 21, 2008

Theme in Gmail

We all know the fact that one could actually change the theme in hotmail or yahoo mail but never in gmail.

But, its history now.

Gmail now offers theme changing feature even better than its closest rival by offering themes that changes according time and location, mimicking the similar function found in Sony Ericsson's phone using flash lite.

So far, I'm able to utilize to see the night them of this tea house 'theme', I shall explore more what this theme function will do.

As for now, enjoy the screen captures.

The new Welcome Screen with Cosmetics Make Ups 

Before Make Up

Choose a theme

Enter Location so Google knows where you are what theme to show

Wala - After Make Up

Nice Footer Image

Anyone still being left out from the New Windows Live Hotmail Upgrade?


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fresh theme before Christmas

After some hunting using Google as my ultimate weapon, I managed to hook on an interesting site that offers creative Wordpress theme for blogger. I initially ponder to switch to Wordpress just because of the broad theme available in the Internet. Blogger's template is hard to create and learn ever since they have upgraded it to XML format. It is hard for me to let go the bright orange dilectio theme by design disease , but its time to change.

The theme I currently using now is created by Evan Eckard, a very good designer in creating Wordpress templates. Many thanks to GosuBlogger who modified the code to make it available in blogger. It is sweet and nice as my previous layout problem has been solved.



Layout Disorientation


The Story Behind the Wushu Camp Poster


It all started when Joseph asked me whether I am interested in helping him designing the poster for his wushu camp. Although I never acknowledge myself as a wushu member, I am quite surprise my name is listed in the Wushu Society's database.

I didn't have a clear idea on what to create and I was quite frustrated about it. Ku-dos to the new release of Google Picasa 3 (BETA) , I was able to gain some inspiration based on the built-in collage tool. I had used the photos from the Dusun Eco Resort website itself. I also thought it will be attractive if I place the details of the Wushu Camp in a Post-It mimic picture. The first draft appears to be quite plain as shown in the photo below:

Poster Draft 01

The messy grass was added last minutely. I send it as my first draft for Joseph to get an impression how the poster would look like. 

Poster Draft 02

In the second draft, I managed to fix the footer in a trendy and catchy view which I learned from my Genting trip during my semester holidays and added some quality icons. Besides, I had hunt some wushu related picture to add on to the main fonts.The only problem I am facing is that I don't know what should I place on the border of the poster. Here's another last minute border that I have done before sending to Joseph.

Poster Draft 03

In the third draft, I have tried to make the main heading to be start out as it looks very matching with the background. The japanese-look border is remove as the wushu committee dislike it.

Poster Draft 04

Joseph have not seen the third draft that I sent it to him, but I definitely knew he is going to ask me to change the border. In the fourth draft, I have remove the wushu training point off by using paint to do it.

The Frustration Border

Seriously, I am really mad at the don't-know-what-to-put border. I thought of sending the borderless poster to Joseph as I am getting tired of changing it so many times. However, I decided to do it one last time. I looked through my previous of work (consist of some random birthday cards) to get some idea out of it. Surprisingly, it did. 

Birthday Card No 11

Yup, my very early stages of playing photoshop cs3, the only function I love and like the most is the brush tool. You could get all kinds of brushes from the Internet, and then its up to your creativity to play mess with it. That reminds me that my brush tool has been reseted to default when I have reformatted my computer earlier. I thought of downloading new brushes from the Internet. However, the snail speed of the net in Forest Green can't help adding my boiling pressure higher. I eventually gave up on seeking new brushes from the Internet, as file as simple as few kilobytes took hours or even days or years to download. 

The situation leaves optionless but to go through my database to seek my old brushes. Thankfully, I managed to get some interesting brushes to produce the almost final result.

Poster Draft 05

Finally, a border that suits with the poster's theme and intention. Yet another last minute inspiration. I personally dislike doing things last minutely, but the good idea always come last minutely. >_< I still like the grass that I simply do in the first draft just to fill up the white gap after the footer. Overall, I am quite impress and happy about it except for the main headings, it still lack of attractiveness. I stopped doing it temporarily as I felt bad to disturb my roommate who was fast asleep to dreamland eons ago and I still switching the table lamp and the computer on. Imagine how irritating his listens the mouse 'clicking' and the keyboard 'punching' sounds.

Nevertheless, I left the final heading amendments to Joseph. I am unsure how he did it, but the result is simply perfect just nice.

Final Result

I really like the font he done it. He told me that his computer randomly selects the closest fonts to match with my font as he doesn't has the font installed in his computer. The team building games and wushu talk were another last minute modification which I received that call from him. I wasn't back to my house yet, so I have no choice but to use my friend's laptop to add in purely by using paint. Fortunately, I have brought the fonts along in my removable media. 


Without any knowledge, I found my poster is posted in the UTAR's main website. I was very surprise and happy to see it. My very first poster has been a success! =) Yipppee and it was printed out in color and pasted in their booth as well as the corridor of my campus. I'm on cloud nine now.


Hectic Semester

Phew~ What a hectic semester.

I have finally completed what I think I couldn't or nearly impossible tasks.

Anyway, push the elaboration as side, here are my portfolio of posters for societies' camps.

Here's the Wushu Camp Poster that I have done which you could find it in UTAR's web portal.

UTAR Website

Wushu Camp Poster

Alternatively, you could access directly from here.

Monday, October 13, 2008


I know I have been lacking of updating here, that's because I'm seeking alternative to host my images as I don't want to fill up my poor picasa account.

Anyway, first day of short semester is kind of relaxing so far.

Nevertheless, I have certain things that required attention to deal with:

  • Business Week
  • Poster for Wushu Camp
  • Poster for Accounting Leadership Camp
  • Ball Night poster
  • Ball Night booklet

Till then.

Saturday, September 06, 2008


Note: {This is an outdated blog, I have finished typing, but can't find time to click the publish button. (yeah, I know it is riddiculous)}

As title.

Look at this sms

Yea~I do need help..i'll be in school around 0800 ... 17:29 04/03/2008

Another 8 am request.

However, this time is different. I am the one who is offering my assistant. (like laughing tomato commented, I am being too good)

My Grandfather No 3 is very active in activities, especially with recent hot reality show in UTAR, 'apparandisc' (I dislike the activity very much, no point spell it right), however, he is neglecting his studies.

My Grandfather No 2 told me that he has a mediocre or below average results. Since Grandfather No 2 is occupied due to assignment, I decided to take over his job as a respectful grandson. =P

Friday, August 08, 2008


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Today, the very eight moment of the year has finally arrived. I am very excited to watch the Beijing Olympics at 8:00pm.

However, after watching the first hour of performance showing the huge chinese scroll trying to convey chinese majestic inventions. I felt the organization of the performance is kind of messy and there are not linked. I felt the director is trying to squash too many things at once. Unlike the Athens Olympic that I have seen 4 years back, the opening ceremony is like a story itself. The next part of the opening ceremony will be the very long parade of nations. As a Malaysian, I turned out quite dissappointed whoever has decided our athletics to wear such an awkward wear with combination of striking orange and black. I know they would want to show how impressive Malaysian Tiger is, but this was plainly horribly eye-sore.

The lighting of the torch is no doubt unique with the torch bearer 'flying' towards the huge torch which was initially carefully concealed inside the 'bird nest' stadium's roof. However, I found the entire process is simply too simple.

On the other hand, I do enjoy the majestic fireworks displays throughout the opening ceremony as if the 'bird nest' stadium is on fire. The illuminated drum display is impressive as well.

What's disappointing me is the footprint fireworks walking to the 'Bird Nest' Stadium are fake. What we saw in the television screen is merely just recreated graphics by the computer. The Olympic committee stressed that it was done this way so the helicopters would not get hit by the fireworks. Well, I think it is not ethical to let the audience to think it is a live fireworks display.

Besides, the innocent little girl's voice singing in the opening ceremony was in fact, not hers, but was sung by another girl behind stage. She was not given a chance to appear in the opening ceremony just because she wasn't cute enough. This is totally unacceptable! How could you judge once based on their appearance? They are just kids. The Beijing Olympic committee is happily brain-washing them to perform fraud!? I'm totally speechless.

Overall, Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony 2008, is majestic, exciting, thrilling and full of 'surprise' and memorable.

Adapted from: Financial Post

Adapted from : CBC

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Yippee! I have finally completed the data flow diagram and document flowchart of my accounting information system assignment. Left the theories part to be filled in.

Life in Sungai Long is a little hectic here as I just moved to Forest Green.

Most of my stuff are still unpack and unarrange until today.

Where I finally install my computer and back to online.

I have 2 assignments awaiting for me to complete them and a quiz I hardly prepared for this Friday.

Not to forget I haven't fully revise my Japanese yet.


That's all for now.

Time to sleep.

and Dream.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Test test

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

2nd Week of the Semester

Monday, the first day of the week, a very auspicious day to move house, therefore I call upon my loyal friends to assist me in shifting grandfather 2's mountainous stuff to scott pine which in front of my house (literally, actually it is blocked by a tall wall).

Here are the transportation tools (cars).

Grandpa One's Car

Dillen's Car
Grandpa 2's Stuff

The new House

Some Fishes......

Soon, it will be my turn..........

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