Monday, November 30, 2009



While I was busy playing this in my PSP

and one of its level in Australia has nice song by an Australian Rock Band:

and here's the lyric:

Singing is easy if you can remember the tune

It can be something to do on a bright afternoon
Singing in sunshine ... sweet melody
I'm singing for you and I hope that you're singing for me

Just try to remember
Words go together
Songs last forever {forever}
Nothing can be together
For you

You can be happy when everyone's singing your song
And think of the ca$h you can make when they all sing along
It doesn't matter if all of your songs sound the same
'Cause people are happy to hear them over and over and over again

*Just try to remember {remember}
Words go together {together}
Songs last forever {forever}
Nothing can be together
For you

Singing a song
Walking along
I'm singing for you

I hope that you sing for me too


 Also available via Featured Video


Thursday, November 26, 2009



Pandas! Aren't they cute?

Anyways, I'm not going to talk about Pandas or explaining anything related to Panda except the fact I'm having Panda's eyes.

Yup. My job today is long (I can't believe I actually worked for 8 hours as part time ever since Deli-France).

And super duper eye-intensive work - - -  labelling.

There are 40 new Acer desktops to be labelled specifically.

I had to write down the serial number of the desktops, keyboard, mouse and LCD moniters.

So it will be:

 4 X 40 = 160 labels!

and the labels are not place according to the desending order plus, the most frus of all the label of the keyboard is like:


So donkey long and small.

and my eyes will be X_~ plus inheriting the Panda's eyes.

Plus, I have to be the match maker for the desktop to match specifically the same serial number batch of keyboards and mouse which are scattered in the forest of boxes.


Highlights of the Day - Names are censored to adhere privacy laws.

Z was helping me. But, after a few nano-seconds, he prefers to see me dancing.

K is sweet and drop by a visit.

N is also sweet too, dropping by to say hi.

X is pretty handsome with his suit ON. Just too bad the laptop refuses to cooperate with him and cause me and him plus V trouble. Thankfully, everything runs smoothly despite that obtacle.

W is not so sweet.

F & H is my antidote for boredom.

P is helpful. Get to eat McD for dinner. All thanks to him.

Barbarian is the worst of the day. Told him that the Counter does have A4 paper, but he insist to invade MY TERRITORY to investigate. I HATE these barbarians. stupiPOWER 10 barbarian (I can't stop myself saying he's an idiot until now), don't understand English is it?

Webkit is having a bad day (I wasn't certain as first, but confirmed via facebook). I'm unsure how to cheer him up though. =(

N is fun to chat with, especially he tolerates my nonsense.

R is asking me about philsophy, but skipped, too tired to answer anything.'

Was planning with A to perform cuti cuti plan.

Talked with Y and it's fun.

Feeling thankful that S has helped much on thesis. YIPPEE!~

Time to bath. Will write later.



C was mad on something, but I don't know what to say to him.

Still frus on thinking what to do with Webkit.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Top 5 - November


Finally, I managed to find time resume my little hobby of blogging!~ It's November and here another Top 5. These songs somehow represents my fragments of my neutronical thoughts during last month's inactivity of blogging. Whatever it is, here you go~!

1 Magical Number - Sakamoto Maaya

This is my personal favourite of the month. The song expresses one's everyday frustration of oneself, tomorrow and dreams especially the phrase "あたりまえのことっていつも難しいな" , which means "Even the obvious is always seems difficult", as sometimes, it's always a mystery when an easy task becomes an obtacle. I shall dedicate this song to Shaz~ (featured in Kobato OP)

2  Tsukiakari No Michishirube - Stereopony
Second, a song from Stereopony, also seen in the Darker than Black 2, emphasizing even the endless days of meaningless tomorrows, we've to move forward. And this song goes to Jinnz. =)

3 Golden Time Lover - Sukima Switch

Thanks to Shaz and Jinnz I'm able to know what is a Tower of Babel in this song reference to! I shall set me target to top of the tower! =P

4  One Way -SID

Though I still prefer the way he sung 'Uso' (means lies), I like the hidden meaning expressed on life as if like a story book and the passing of no-undo time.

5 Tsunaidate - Lil'B

Finally, a love song. You can't sleep or dream without your loved one beside you. I wonder is it true? Any comments? I shall see it for myself.

Ouch. It's almost time for me to work. Till then, I shall write later.