Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's A Bloody Day


Classes starts at 08:00 and ends at 16:00, 7 hours of absorption and only an hour of break.

The first 3 hours were sucks. Yeah, this is my very first time presenting my answer without having any hints on what I'm suppose to explain. One of my tutor kept asking me the management questions regarding the accuracy calculation and how-do-you-get-this figure, I can't myself to stare at her blankly. Next, it's a presentation on the tutorial regarding Malaysia's Corporate Reporting issues, on both the political and theoretical perspective, pretty not my cup of tea, but I'm really amazed that my tutor is able to decipher what I was babbling about. *salutes*

After 3 hours of nightmare, I had only left with an hour for lunch, which is insufficient to have it outside. I was left out with the only logical option of eating in the cafeteria which is, the food sucks. Quantity served is small, and the quality - I don't feel like mention about it.

To add on my misery, the lecture class after my lunch is boring. Really boring, with slides are blur and I just can't help myself *yawns* all the way till end of the lecture.

Fortunately, the replacement class is interesting. But, my concentration level is running low and my tummy is ringing it's bell for refill (all thanks to little food in the cafeteria). Many thanks to Grandfather No 1 who providing tid-bits to munch on.

When the digital clock struck at 16:00, I can't help myself from running back to house.

Due to my exhaustion, I couldn't play much intensive gaming, except for the light games (the click-and-search), otherwise I'll get myself dizzy.

Nevertheless I had the chance to have a good rest, I still feel insufficient. I think I'm going to sleep EXTRA early today.

Hopefully, I get everything done by 21:00.

*sighs* I got to think the next step for thesis and finance assignment, any delays will lead to additional sufferings, better get things done early.

till then.