Saturday, May 27, 2006

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Day 7 + Day 8

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tech Stop



W42S? Yup, a new model has launched again after W850i. Too bad it is only for Japan. Specifications about it are below:

"Size: 106x49x24 mm
Mass: 123g
Battery life: approx 200 minutes calltime - 250 hours standby - 30 hours music playback.
Main Display: 2.2 inch QVGA (240x320) TFT liquid crystal with 260,000 colours
Memory: 1GB exclusively for music use. 38MB for other uses. Supports MS PRO Duo.
Camera: 1.25 megapixel CMOS (max movie size QVGA for 30 minutes.)"

Adapted from SE-NSE

Point of view: Really stylish phone compared with the previous Walkman Handphone and NOKIA's. The bright jelly looking lights in the middle of the directional pad and the ring lights surrounds the play/stop button are the main attraction for me. Screen visualization is swift too. Not sure about the functions.

See it for yourself:

Windows Vista + Office 2007 Beta 2 Announced!

The long delayed Windows Vista Beta 2 and office 2007 beta 2 has finally announced at Microsoft winHEC, but available for IT Professionals and Developer with MSDN and TechNet subscriptions. Microsoft will start the Windows Vista Customer Preview Program (CPP) for developers and IT professionals who are not members of the subscription services in coming weeks.

Source: Microsoft

In meantime, we could still view some snapshots and review about those two products in

A Twist of Class

Day 6 (Went Nest Daye)

8:oo Went to the library. Try searching 2 CSS books. Fail. End up borrowing a Sony book. Looks interesting.

9:42 Wei Hong dump me tons of economy notes + discovering computers second edition.

10:05 Students in class are wondering why I am I carrying like a turtle shell though it is just first week of school. Maths lesson is still like a sleeping therapy class, just a little more interesting.

12:02 Signed a contract to switch class. Congratulations. I just mysteriously but officially transfered myself from TA16 to TA14. Somehow I feel a tinch of reluctant to let go TA16 last minute. Anyway case solved. ~End~

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Day 5 (Twiday)

10:18 Went to PA then PB, looking for Center For Extension Education (CEE) to find out how could I apply for the Japanese Language Lesson. Encounter Mr. Thetha again. And again I did not say anything to him. We just stare..... I think I need to do something with this situation. Why is everywhere I go I end up bump into him.

14:05 Come across with Yong Shan, Lestar Gan, Edwin Khoo and Bernerd Lee. Quick talk with them before I stuff my head into CSS Cookbook.

16:06 English class commence! Very entertaining teacher. Enlightens up the dull class. Made another new friend. His name is Alvin (thank goodness I remember this time) from Shah Alam. First imperssion of his name reminds me of my previous additional mathematics teacher (because pronounce as 'elvin'). Pity him, 'cause he need to drive from Shah Alam to here. Not favourable during traffic jams. According to him, fastest was 10 minutes, normal 15 minutes, slo-mo 45 minutes, top speed 120kmph using Waja.

*Phew* Finally updated my blog to the latest issue. Stay tune~! ^_^


1st lesson commence~!

Day 4 (Moonday)

07:49 Met Wei Hong. Very excited to see him. As least I'm not so alienated after all. Chit Chat with him. Glad to know some of his friends. Uh oh. I forgot their names again. Oh please forgive my poor memory power. :P

10:00 Computer studies. My first assumptions was they going to teach yo what is mouse, keyboard and monitor. Fortunately I am wrong. The lecturess going something interesting. Will keep you update when I know more the 'interesting' topics.

11:00 Had my RM3 lunch. Then lemon juice. Having difficulties with sore throat.

13:00 First Mathematics For Business and Social Science. Fancy name but based on the same concept, that is maths and add maths. Quite boring. No offence.

14:00 Should be going home but I thought I need to go for English tutorial. Busy finding out methods to transfer tutorial class with Ji Shin. Poor thing that she is currently separated from her friends and staying at Millenium Court. Enquired the office members. We both are required to write a formal letter to them. How troublesome.


Past 4 Days Summary

Day 1 (Thursday)

First day in Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (FICT). 07:49 A small 'Welcome Freshmen' banner was hung beside the main gate. Students flooded the main gate (don't know why). I stood there to observe. Bored. Nothing much I could do. Decided to move down after standing 5 minutes like a flag pole outside. Like all new students, we just follow the universal symbol-->arrows (lazy to ask anyone, in woke up mood). As these yellow arrows guide us to the right location. Outside PD011, fish market atmosphere, chatters, laughers, shouters, etc, etc. Standing there like a wooden stick again till 08:30. Once registration counters opened, everybody rushed like zoo animals to consume their food. Tricky wise, some students use the power of "excuse me" to get themselve in the first queue. The non-stop chatters and the increase number of students agitated the cold temperature. The coridor was hot, humid, stuffy and lack of oxygen. 10:00 Finally!! I get my goodies, changed my clothes and get myself seated in PD007. Here is where my slumber mood switched on. Talks and speech. That's all. Met Lee Seng + Si Hau. Yes, plus my first day with a mysterious person. Let's address him as Mr Thetha. Made first new friend, but i forgot his name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P~end~

Day 2 (Friday)

09:00 Speech about soft skills. Soft skills are skills you communicate to other people, from physical appearance to mental. + Yes, I met Mr Thetha again. Both of us just stared at each other. No a word. ~end~

Day 3 (Saturday)

08:00 Worst nightmare had taken its place today. Sweet, sour, spicy & salty taste all mix together. Ew!!!!!!!!!! That is horribly awful. Seriously. I just hate games that involves mouth and food. A taboo. Why waste precious food while other third world country is suffering? Saw Mr. Thetha in other group. Made a new friend, her name is Jee Wei (assumption, not sure the correct spelling) and Diva. Too bad she is in Stream B, that is Foundation in Science. Very friendly and socialable person. Compared to those arrogant guys. *sighs* ~end~


06:00 Woke up, though feeling weak. News about MMU stated that I forgoten to shade a box really get on my nerves. They should at least inform me! Not letting me to wait for them! Horrible species. I remember an associate checked them thoroughly, and she gave me a green light for my OMR form! How mean are they! *Sneezes* Now I got my cold + fever. Parents told me that Shabinthran paid me a visit while I was in FICT's library to apply my temporary ID. Friendly librarian stuffs. They proof themselves very helpful. Gold Shield are awarded to them. 09:30 after breakfast gone into hibernation mood. ~end~


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Welcome to my blog. For non-japanese readers “ヒツゼンノケイヤク” means hitsuzen no keiyaku or inevitable's contract. Even reading this blog is consider a proof of inevitable's contract. :P This title is based on xxxHOLiC manga. And no, this is not an act plagiarism because I did not copy EXACTLY the word. Well, back to the main road, this is where I dump my side thoughts about various issues, so you are welcome to read, to compose your opinions to me or free to leave if you are bored. So, let's begin shall we?