Monday, March 31, 2008

Beware, April's Fool is approaching~

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I want to go


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Friday, March 28, 2008

Microsoft Office Live Workspace Part 1: Signing Up

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Microsoft Office Live Workspace BETA (MOLW) is used to share documents and have discussion simultaneously especially when doing assignment. However, unlike Google Docs, where you can edit document, powerpoint and excel spreadsheet in the web browser itself, MOLW requires you to install at least an office suite in your computer. Alright, that's for introduction let's get started.

First go to -> click sign up free!

If you have a hotmail account, associate with it by clicking sign in.

Click sign up free again.

Accept the license agreement.
Have a short break.

Ta-da! You are almost done.

Congratulations! You have officially completed the sign up process.

Don't believe? Go to your mail box, Microsoft has sent you a love mail.

In the next part will be installing the add-ons, till then have a nice day.


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Interface, Drawback and Advantage of IE8

Looking through the details of IE8

Opening a new tab

The address bar
Improved security over downloading files (this is good to prevent user from downloading fake files that is actually a malware.

Even allows right click translate (somewhat similar to firefox)

I hope it has the save tabs button


(e)Mail Box Test

Gmail: Works Fine

Hotmail: Failed

Yahoo Mail: Your browser seems to be far ahead of time, thus we can't support it.

Viewing three at once.



  • Fast start up compared to firefox
  • Fast loading speed
  • Fast loading javascript especially Gmail (by a second compare with Firefox 2)
  • Provides better security
  • More web interaction
  • Sleek interface compared to the ugly bar in Firefox 3 Beta

  • Hotmail could not load properly
  • Yahoo does not seems to like it
  • Hangs occasionally
  • Could provide the save tab option like in Firefox 3 Beta
  • Does not handle javascript containers properly as shown in image below

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Internet Explorer 8 BETA 1 is here~

Pictures worth a thousand words.


The Setup Process:

Launching Internet Explorer 8 for the first time:



Interested? IE8 is available at here. (XP and Vista)

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Photo Upload Test


Friday, March 21, 2008

Layout Problem

I do notice a weird alignment in this blog especially photos are inserted.

Modification will be scheduled.

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Cry and Smile!

Ken Hirai's latest (I know I am little outdated yet, all thanks to assignments and test.) single. CANVAS. Contain 3 songs, CANVAS, Kimi wa Suteki and Cry and Smile!

Personal favourite, Cry and Smile! of course.

Links and lyrics will be updated.


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Unbeknownst, yet ubiquitous.

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N82 vs Sony Ericsson W850i


Which will be my future mobile device?

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perseverance, perseverance, perseverance

Despite being piled up with books and goals needed to be done before the final exam

Despite spending hours inside the book world

Despite being foolish in calculation

Despite accounts are imbalance

Despite with personal tantrum and complication

Despite all world conflicts

Here I am

Expressing my interest

With or without time's concern

To sooth my brain ache.

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Friday, March 07, 2008

Outstanding Request of February

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For the entire February, I have been helping my friend (aka grandfather no 3) on various aspects. These are the fulfilled requests.

What time are u coming today?got thing to discuss with u... 07:49 30/02/2008
Are u coming to school early?can come teach me qt? 07:39 13/02/2008
What time are u coming to school today?need ur help...I forget to bring my bag...Can u borrow me a ruler,pencil,and a blue pen? 09:16 18/02/2008
Can u lend me ur tie? 09:35 20/02/2008
Can u bring me a tie later? 07:37 27/02/2008
Can u borrow me ur id and password?ah goh's got problem... 14:20 29/02/2008

As you noticed, most of time he requested is around morning, an average in between 7:ooam to 9:00am or 7am - 9am. Requests on 7 plus minus make me no choice to made me wake up just in time to brush only my teeth before departure, without breakfast.

On the bright side, all the requests are successfully fulfilled.

My handwritting not good...k la see what can I do... 18:31 20/02/2008 things to do today...can't help u 09:46 21/02/2008

When comes the time I would really need his help just to write accounting tutorial answers in the Mahjong paper, that's what he replied to me. I waited in UTAR's cafeteria like a Mr Dumb Dumb starring at the blank ceiling. I have no choice but to the library to do everything by myself.

No doubt I am not blaming him or anything, just that he should inform me in advance instead of letting me fill with hunger and dissappointment.


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