Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top 5 - December

WooHoo! It's the last day of 2009!~ Kiss goodbye all the past and embrace with new 2010? Have you made any 2010 resolutions? Personally, I do not for this time, just adapt anything when the time comes, cause I'm not a discipline person to fulfill my resolution, hence no guilty feelings {avoiding holding responsibility of own promise}.

Nevertheless, here's another Top 5, my favourite pick for the final day this year.

1 From Dusk till Dawn - Abingdon Boys School

Finally a new song by Abingdon Boys School, From Dusk till Dawn from Darker than Black Season 2 ED, pretty a consistent singer, and I like the way he sings this song and the guitarist and the chorus (both the part irareta nara and the last part before the songs ends). Much impressive from his previous song "Kimi no Uta" as seen in Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 OP. It's a touching song on how limited time we could enjoy to fulfill the unlimited dreams we had especially, with your beloved partner in a such challenging world.

2 Kimi ga Inai Mirai - Do as Infinity

Do as Infinity is back! Though I'm unsure the reunion of the duo, anyways here's the song from them, "The Future Without You" (I hope my translation is correct). Losing someone you loved is excruciating painful, one must move on and hopefully will meet in the far future. I can't find a bigger album art, bear with this. Nice electro guiter in the starting and ending.

3 Hajimari No Hi Feat. Mummy-D - Suga Shikao

Yippe, another song from Suga Shikao. His song is always soothing as usual, but I think I need time to fully understand on the meaning of his song, as like his other songs, contains many abstract meaning for deeper thought.

4 Snow Fairy - FUNKIST

Another love song, also featured in the OP of Fairy Tail, I like the flute at the background music. Not much music with a flute as background, with the exception of those common Chinese New Year songs. Plus, he is a very blessed singer with a HUGE music team with him as seen in the image below as well in the music video.

5 # Sign - Flow

Finally, Sign from Flow. Not quite understand how "pain" protects everything, but it's a nice song anyways (I hope someone I knows ignores this, I couldn't stand to see him in pain back).

That's all for now.

Say goodbye 2009 and see you next year.

Happy 2010, everyone!



Thursday, December 24, 2009

21st Birthday

YipppeE. It's MY day.

First, I would like to thank Ally as she gave me the earliest birthday present:

PRADA Shower Gel!

I can't wait to try it out but as the time I'm writing this, it's 3:42am in the morning, I guess I would have to be patient. =P Anyways, thanks again, Ally! Truly a unique gift.

Then I would to thank my parents, who bought a Butterscotch Peacan from Secret Recipy super duper early to celebrate with my aunt.

I can't help myself to fall in love with the caramel syrup as it tastes exactly what Starbucks uses for its grizzle in their Frappacino.

Next, my mum who bought a cool Bros bottle.

And Jinnz and Shaz as well as both of them couldn't wait till 12am to wish me and to sing Happy Birthday to me in the car. Truly unique exprience. Too bad, I was too excited till I've forgotten to record their angelic voice down. =P

This is the most exorbitant birthday card I've ever received. And yes, it's from Hallmark. Thank you very much, Jinnz! I'm still thinking how to frame this card up. =P

Plus, thanks to those who wishes me via SMS:

1) Szee Ling - you are the 1st! (=
2) Ally - yes, I will definitely have lotsa lotsa fun
3) Alvin - Santa will bless you! =P

And of course for those via Facebook.

Here's a token of appreciation:

I still left with some final touches to do. Will post when it's done.

That's all for now. Have to hit the sack now, I don't want to be late for my movie with my 2 angels, plus I got to take a super duper long bath with my PRADA shower gel.



Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sprinting through Time

I shall update the details later, but as far as it goes, here's are the pictures to do the story telling.



Wednesday, December 02, 2009

It's December


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It's time to pack up the old stuffs and welcome 2010 very soon.

And don't forget about the Christmas Break.