Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sea Sip Won Tree

After staying there nearly 2 months with the 7 housemates:

Wu Liao Knowledgeable House Leader : Alvin
Every statement you uttered or spoken to him must be bound by the content of Any superstitious entries consider void in his mind. He is the house nut-cracker, making funniest statement out of no where. He also a very helpful person when comes to transporting people. He likes to play the image game of traven day and night, even snatches borrow my computer just to play traven. >_<>like nobody's business to satisfy his computer's problem though I prefer him to move his lazy butt come out to the hall. Hmm, until now, I haven't seen him taking the mop and the broomstick....I wonder why....

CEO of the House : CCR
The position of his desk like a central of aura and attention of all desks. On his right is his personal secretary, following by his Korean Public Relation, Food Advisor, Entertainment and Leisure Counselor all ready to assist him whenever he gives an order. Not to forget he enchanted his crystal position to ensure maximum good 'chi' flows to him. Perfect Feng Shui.

Happy-Go-CrazyLucky Korean Freak Fan : Joanne
Ask her anything from Korea and she will gladly answer your question in details and in Korean Language (if possible). She will happily discuss with you with the latest trend of Korea, food of Korea, Korean fashion, Korean music, Korean culture, Korean phones, Korean house, Korean air, Korean water, Korean books, Korean land..... almost everything under Korean's sun. PS: She is good in making Joanne's Milo. Better pre-order from her now before it is too late. =P

Food and Hygiene Manager : Pei Ling
Food management done by expert chief, Pei Ling. World Class dishes can be enjoyed at home. No troubles and worries of looking for a restaurant. Every dinner is like having dinner in a world class restaurant (with the help of Joanne, this applies to Joanne as well). She make sure everyone did their cleaning task without failure (I want to complain! Alvin is not doing his task! unfair!). PS: Careful not to anger our world class chief, or expect something scary and creepy.

Movie Bonzana : Diana
She won't miss the latest movie in the market. Ask her any movies she haven't watch, she will happily answer no. Hobby: watching movie and cursing laptop.

Hardworking and Diligent : Yi Chun (did I spell correctly?)
Most hardworking and diligent compared to me. I lose to him. *salutes with respect*

Lazy ME
*Insert own description here*

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Monday, July 02, 2007

Windows in the Windows?

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Windows Virtual PC 2007

Coming soon on HitsuzennoKeiyaku specials. Keep


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Windows Live Writer Take 2

Testing Font -36
Testing Font -24
Testing Font -18
Testing Font -14
Testing Font -12
Testing Font - 10

The result: I realized that font size 18 is the maximum. See the pictures below for more information. Click the image to enlarge

Screenshot 01 : The actual preview from Firefox.

Screenshot 02 : The font size does not alter the editing mode.

Screenshot 03 : View from Windows Live Writer

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Depression + Anti-Depression


Today is not a happy day. All thanks to my horrible fierce senior and the erratic annoying English for Business assignment.

Nobody likes to be looked down. That principle applies to me as well as I DO have emotions. No matter how hard I tried in my Wushu practice and Wushu pose, somehow he seems irrated by my action. Did I do anything so bad until I agitated him? Am I really a needle in his eyes? *sighs* It might be my poor expression skills in Mandarin do not help me to somehow blend it into the team. I wonder what's the point to joint a society just to get myself isolated? No way. That's ain' going to be my 14 weeks of torturing. >_<

Back to English for Business assignment, there are three in my group - yet again, not to offence them in the blog, but displaying disappointing actions. What's makes me even mad is one decided to discuss QT instead of brainstorming for points. *sighs* I am tired of these attitudes. Fortunately, I have ZS and Ed fully supporting me. I hope not to disappoint them.

*shouts at the empty ceiling*


Today is not a bad day. Million thanks to Aly, Ky, Dn, ZS and Tr. I thoroughly enjoy my day with laughter and happiness. Yippe! Finally a group who I can communicate and work together cheerfully! *insert excitement*

PS: Happy Birthday XH!! May your wildest and craziest dreams and wishes come true! All the best from me to you! ^_^

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Olla from Windows Live Writer

Hush gush I am testing this new Windows Live Writer from Microsoft. Not sure whether it turns out well in my blog. Let's try!

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