Monday, February 16, 2009


One fine day if I have a foreign friend who is on his way to Malaysia.

Upon his arrival in KLIA, I will greet him with my open arms and say, "Welcome to Malaysia, the only country on earth that is filled with corridors!"

"Which corridor interest you the most?"

"We have Multimedia Super Corridor, Iskandar Corridor, Sabah Corridor, etc, etc.. Corridors"

Opps, enough of ramblings.

Back to assignments.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Not So Appealing Delicacy

After my master initial plan to force persuade both of my Grandpa 1 and 2, as well as D to chauffeur  give us (me and K) a ride to South Cheras for both high tea and dinner, I ended up my dinner in a humble chinese coffee shop with the name of "Double Dragon".
Sounds fishy grand right?
Too bad, the price is just as typical than other coffee shops in Long River.

The quality of the food is as good as for the need for the purpose of survivor necessity.

Lemon Chicken Rice - RM4.50
I have order the wrong dish. This dish has very suspicious but yet attractive yellow sauce unlike the golden yellow of normal lemon. The bright yellowish sauce gives me the impression that the Cook just extracted the essence of coloring from a highlighter, probably the cheapest one he could find and blend it with sulfuric acid to make taste like real lemon. Too bad, it has more ascorbic taste of intensive sour, not really the natural sour as I expected it to be. In addition, I guess due to the recent economic crisis, the Cook too felt the impact of recession and inflation. Thus, he reduced the size of the chicken slice significantly and materially. Not to forget, China is currently facing drought, therefore causing the supply of the cucumber plunged and the price of cucumber to hike like nobody's business. The only material that is not affected by anything factors is the rice. Remain its usual quantity.
Eating it is full of dissappointment. The chicken slice, despite small in size, the Cook has failed to make it chrispy. Besides, it does not have any much flesh to chew with. Small quantity of vegetables on my plate is a big no-no. What's the point having so much rice on my plate while the rest of the ingredients remain tiny bit of ratio?
Conclusion, I am giving this Cook adverse opinion, cause his cooking presentation is so material that it no longer appears true and fair view.
 'Pat Poh' or Eight Treasure Drink - RM1.60
Thankfully, the drink is up to par for me to drink peacefully to quench my thirst after finishing eating the adverse Lemon Chicken Rice.
Suddenly, I just missed the food in Penang.
With the same price, I could eat double the amount and still have balance.
Don't know why the Cook(s) here being so ridiculous with their cooking skills.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Being Dumb


I don't know what makes me agree to do a short slide show FOR FREE after making me waiting for two hours, not forgetting that I had class from 8am to 6pm.

I was totally exhausted to reject.

Plain dumb.

Forget about the past, I shall prepare plans for the future if he request the slide show work.

Oh yeah, another FOC work again for the dear *************** society.

Again, too tired to think about the details of the request.

I regretted that I didn't take the pizza and smash and squash at his face.

Teach him a lesson to respect my time.


I am no barbarian.

Though I thought so.

I only can blame my thoughtless-ness when he made the request.

I shall learn to be more demanding.

NO more "CHARITY" WORK form now on.


Monday, February 02, 2009

Auditing Great Plains: Quick Start Guide

Finally, an assignment related with a game!

Here's are the steps to get it run.

For XP/Vista Users:

1) Install the software from the disc (or other form of media)

2) Click Start.
3) Go to All Programs and select Great Plains Dynamics and click it.
4) The password is "dynamics" without quotes. 

5) Don't forget to install additional file here (for VISTA USERS ONLY) so you could the included help file. (Make sure you are using legitimate or looks genuine OS for verification)

6) E&E! (Experiment & Enjoy!)