Thursday, October 22, 2009

Windows 7


I will let the pictures do the talking first.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

10.10 @ 10

101010 = ?

Ans = 42


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Google Bar Code Search



I was shocked when I saw the simplified google search was replaced by a bar code and the text bar. The google menu then slowly fade-in after 1 second. CooL!


You can it via
Create it via

Now try this

Have fun! =)


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Let It All Out

Let it all out, Let it all out
誰かが描いてった 壁の落書きの花が揺れる

自分らしさなんて 誰も分からないよ
長い長い道の途中で 失くしたり拾ったり
急に寂しくなって 泣いちゃう日もあるけど oh...oh...

小さく迷っても ふたりで作ろう
星屑を 強く光る永遠を探そう

Let it all out, Let it all out
足りなくていいんだね だから君と出逢えたんだ oh...

明日が何なのか それが知りたくて
小さなナイフを 靴下に隠してた
強がってついた 嘘のほうがずっと痛かった

本当は怖いよ だけど生きていく
笑顔の意味を 風を奏でてく
小さな手をかざして ふたりで作ろう
星屑を 強く光る永遠を探そう

失くしたと思ってた でも君が知ってた

小さな手かざして ふたりで作ろう
星屑を 強く光る永遠を・・・

さよなら いつかは来るかもしれない
小さく迷っても 歩いてく 君と歩いてく 

Let it all out, Let it all out
It's okay pretending to be tough
The scribbled flowers someone painted on the wall tremble

No one knows their own way of being
You lose it and find it during the long long path on your way
Suddenly I feel lonely
There's also days in which I'd burst into tears, but...

Let's transform pain and tears into stars
Let's turn on the light that will illuminate the future
Let's hold hands together to create stardust
Let's search for the eternity that will shine powerfully

Farewell, perhaps it'll come someday
Seasons bounce around from one place to the next, nevertheless...

Despite losing the way a bit
I'm walking, I'm walking with you
Let's not change just that

Top 5


1 Let It Out - 福原美穂

Fullmetal Alchemist S2 second ending song, I like the meaning of this song and especially when she sang the 強く光る永遠を探そう and それだけは変わらないでいようね. I wonder how I speak it that fast =P

MV + Lyrics??? See Featured Video and the upcoming post.

2 CANDY - 平井堅

A cool and funky song by Ken Hirai, definitely will enlighten your day! =P P.S.: Look @ his hair style, I wonder I would look like if I had ever follow his... @_@

(WARNING: Video is not suitable/appropriate for narrow minded people)

3 Colors ~ Melody And Harmony ~ (Jejung & Yuchun) - 東方神起

Can't sleep @ night? Listen to this duo's singing. I hope it's soothing enough for you to doze off. =P Nice song!

4 It's All Too Much - YUI

It's YUI! 

5 My Answer -SEAMO

His answer -- A key? =P 


That's all for October!! I shall post another Top 5 in November, till then enjoy yourself with J-Music!