Thursday, November 04, 2010

YES to 4G service?


Go here for more details or book your favourite number.

Tummy Distress Syndrome

Tummy Distress Syndrome or TDS occurs when a person suffers a severe tummy-ache due to either consumption of unhygienic food, food which is not well cooked, or alien bacteria infected the food because of dirty hands.


  • Excruciating pain on the tummy
  • Sensation to vomit/puke
  • Dizziness
  • Dehydration
  • Diarrhea
  • Lack of appetite
  • Spending most time in the WC
  • Sometimes, lost of consciousness

Yes, I am the victim of the TDS, I highly suspects that the CKT that I ate on last Tuesday, and yes I spend most time in the

A Short Trip to KL Sentral

Since P2 classes are over and I thought using the opportunity my day-off to pay a visit with my good buddy who is working in Plaza Sentral.

We agreed to meet up at 12 noon, and I have the idea of introducing him to have a try with Sin Kee Restaurant, which is famous with its "Mun Fun" as you can see here.

However, once we made our way there (after twisting and turning due to the many constructions and road-side store along the way), we see this:

Monday, November 01, 2010


Yes, here comes another new month and my exam date is approaching.

Living in the tropical climate country, I won't be expecting any fallen leaves or color-changing trees.

Just that, the weather recently has gone pretty erratic, that will be causing the flying leaves and umbrellas in the sky. There was even a little tornado in the northern region.

Such radical changes came in a surprising manner, like a person who is trying to give a Jack-in-a-box, which a person who receives it, has absolutely no idea about it.

Depending on the changes or surprises, some could be happy, exciting, touching, heart-broken, depressing, stunning and the list will go on.

The challenge of this changing game is not highlighting it or simply emphasizing it as if this so called change has made a significant impact to life, but to deal with it.

And dealing with it, is ain't no easy task. Some may choose to ignore it. Otherwise, clinging on to it will bring detrimental damage to life.

As matter of fact, I have encounter many surprises and changes last month and I -- will expecting them this month as well.

oh Well, who is certain about the future?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Perfect 10


A good day to do a layout revamp. ;)

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Go for Google Instant

Google today has unveil it's latest search feature: Google Instant.

Moving one step ahead from the AJAX technology, you can now search as you go without click the enter button.

See Google Instant in Action

As usual, Google said that this service will be available in the US and some selected country first, then slowly unleash it to the others.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Graduation 2010


yes, after 4 years of accumulating accounting knowledge and here I am.


thank Goodness! =D

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

It's August!

Time flies. It's the 8th month of the Gregorian Calendar

Some ancient fellow uses the name "Augustus" as the ancient fellow managed to defeat the last ruler of Egypt - Queen Cleopatra.

Well back to the current era, the sad event of August is:

Yes, OneManga, one of my favourite sites I frequently visit after Facebook has decided to shutdown due to the stern decision made by the publishers. So, if you decided to update yourself about the vampire and anti-vampire clan you will see...

Opps.. Looks the only way to find out is to support the founder (which means the mangaka and publisher) of the vampire and anti-vampire clan.

This also applies to Happy-Go-Lucky Mages with a Talking Cat, Spoil Brat with a Servant, Orange-Hair-Guy, Capturing God, Barrier Construction Masters, Sakura High School, MIT Detective and A Smoke-acholic Guy.

Hence, extra effort is required when reading manga online.

The temporary uncertainty of August:

I've applied several jobs in the past month, I've went to only one interview, and waiting upon the final decision. {wish me luck!}

Or else, I shall be enjoy the life of the unemployed for another month.

Updated the Featured Video, Hallucination by Matsushita Yuya as a parting song for onemanga. =P

Lyrics and Translation are found here.

till then.


Friday, July 16, 2010

Awkward, and Exhausted

I woke up early (wee early to most of my friends' standard), get myself fueled with sufficient breakfast, consume slightly more carbohydrate in order for me to sustain myself from 09:00 to 13:00 P2 class, a 3-hours class.

Afraid that I will be late for class due to unforeseeable circumstances:
These probable events have taken into consideration:

  • Bus break down
  • Sudden LRT technical error
  • Faulty traffic lights

Hence, I dashed off to the bus stop approximately 07:18. I immediately met with T625. I hopped on the bus that took me to University station. I pay a visit to the washroom (since nobody bothers to collect entrance fee), grabbed on the escalator’s belt and upon reaching the train’s platform, a 2 cart train just stopped in front of me with the doors wide open. I travelled to Masjid Jamek station effortlessly

My phone happily displayed the time: 08:00.

I was wondering, what I am supposed to do within an hour’s time for the college to open its door? Without hesitation, I spontaneously decided to do some exploration. First, I followed a group of working people sneaking around the back alleys. Ah ha! Now I know this secret (actually not-so-secret) path leads to! It leads you to a tall, white-greyish building, shaped like a mini-sized rocket. If you can imagine the upside down version of your Martini glass cup without the supporting top. The building will be combination of both rocket and Martini glass cup. That’s it! Not so much glass on that particular structure, hence I ignorantly conclude it’s an old aged building. Strangely, most of the inhabitants love to use the underground passage that is mean for all size of mechanical or electrical vehicles. Ironically, the inhabitants of this building do not seem to appreciate the art of using the entrance. 

The grand entrance, is an art worth describing. It leads you up to the building with its moving step-escalator with metallic kampong-style roof attached. 

So much convenient compared to crawling to the underground passage. Well, it’s not my duty to perform judgments here.

After a few minutes pretending to be tourist to observe the weird structure, I have decided to look out for any place to eat or drink. Though the weather in the morning it’s cooling, due to the high humidity I had been sweating like potatoes nobody’s business. I tried to use the pedestrian bridge provided to prevent being scolded for jay-walking on the street. The metallic bridge connecting to an ancient building that is currently undergoing massive renovation. I did not expect the experience on crossing the bridge will be such a memorable experience. After climbing a flight of stairs, I was crossing the flat-metallic platform. One of the metallic platform could actually sunk down to its supporting beam! I was screaming in my heart and start cursing those who failed to place a proper notice to prevent utilizing this darn bridge. Oh well, I thought since I managed to reach the other side just to find out….

…the other side of the bridge was sealed up all thanks to the good-for-breaking bridge renovation. This left me no choice but to tip-toed and (risk my life) back to the other side of the bridge.

My phone was sleepishly displayed 08:45

Ok, enough of exploration. Dashed back to college. College is open, but there’s no presence of life-source of students. The venue is dark, stained smell and hot. This is weird. I thought there is always a group early birds arrive. Recheck my schedule.

OK. Rewind. Remember I told you it was a 3 hours class? Clever readers would notice, class should start at 10am not 9am. I was way too early. Devastated by my own carelessness, I decided to reward console myself in KLCCCC’s Starbucks. Time to sit back, enjoy the air-cond, plus working people passing you.

My phone agitatedly showed 09:45. 

Opps. Overestimated my time. Thank goodness I just missed my class by 5 minutes. Satisfied. But, even after class, my adventure does not ends…

Till then. Have a great weekends! ;)


Thursday, July 08, 2010

Rainy Days


I like the weather these days especially when I see sky like this (in picture), but I don't like the thunder or lightning attached with the so called rain package. Yesterday's thunder is strong enough to activate the vehicle anti-theft protection in front my house, causing brief havoc. This thick bolt of light gives an ear-ringing effect, as it was loud and sharp. I nearly thought the rain forest tree was struck, but it appears either the building in Jaya 1 or behind Jaya 1 gets its "reward" from heaven. Anyways, thanks to the raining season, it helps to cool the surrounding atmosphere, not to forget reducing electricity bill significantly and prolong my computer hardware's lifespan.

"too much sun and heat will break down it's component to a strictly molecular level"
that's what exactly happen to my graphic card, minus the molecular level.

Featured Song: Bonnie Pink: It's Gonna Rain


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Twilight Shots in KL Sentral

Twilight, or night scene in KL is always shinning with bright lights illuminated from the borders or the interior of the skyscrapers, no doubt they caused light pollution to the surrounding area, hence people unable to see stars and planet and disrupt star divination.

Here's are some blur shots since I'm not equipped with a proper device to capture twilight/night scene yet:
(be warned: clicking to enlarge the image will cause dizziness, nauseousness, eye-soring, speechless, shocked and potential brain damage due to the post blur-ness effect, click at your own risk =P )

Here's the best shot, using the camera's manual function, rather auto or scene mode, appears to be the best, in terms of color (not processor enhanced image like the golden image on the bottom right) and low noise, but still lack of clarity when viewed in original size.

That's all for today. till then.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010



Tuesday, Morning:-
I'm tired but I'm ok. Planning to give myself a nice reward that afternoon, especially the after the painting the exterior wall of the kitchen under the burning scorching sun. Sent the clothes for laundry (by dumping them into the washing machine).

Tuesday, Afternoon:-
Well, I thought I was just being exhausted, I went for a short nap instead of enjoying a cup of Starbucks. But, I felt a little chill despite the hot sun out there, wrap myself with blanket, sleep.

I slept till around 6pm, I found it hard to get up from the bed, and the coldness sensation was remain, making me unable to leave the blanket. Thoughtful of me, I decided to ask my dad to bring me the digital thermometer, to obtain my readings of my "hot" body.

The digital thermometer squeaks 3 times, indicating my temperature is .. .. 37.8 degree Celsius.

Ouch. I have gotten myself a fever from the burnout of painting.


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Back from Hiatus

I nearly forgotten the existence of my very own blog. Due to mainly on time constraints for the past 4 months ago, especially heavily loaded with:

  • Brain crackling assignments
  • Intensive mid-term exams
  • Heart pounding thesis
  • Ever frustrating uni social-life issues
  • A part time maid  housekeeper for free
  • Boring revision for finals
No, don't get the wrong idea. It's not I have gone through all sufferings of lifeless in past 4 months, just that too many things get piled up in my head. No doubt I've always love to spill my thoughts over here, nevertheless, sometimes spilling my thoughts over here honestly would cause another catalyst of unforeseen problem. *coughs*

Well, let by gones be by gones as someone who plays a significant impact to my life once told me that. I've wonder how he has been on the huge island below us.

Time to resume my blog posting and sharpen my writing skills, who knows I might be a journalist? lol.

till then. update later.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's A Bloody Day


Classes starts at 08:00 and ends at 16:00, 7 hours of absorption and only an hour of break.

The first 3 hours were sucks. Yeah, this is my very first time presenting my answer without having any hints on what I'm suppose to explain. One of my tutor kept asking me the management questions regarding the accuracy calculation and how-do-you-get-this figure, I can't myself to stare at her blankly. Next, it's a presentation on the tutorial regarding Malaysia's Corporate Reporting issues, on both the political and theoretical perspective, pretty not my cup of tea, but I'm really amazed that my tutor is able to decipher what I was babbling about. *salutes*

After 3 hours of nightmare, I had only left with an hour for lunch, which is insufficient to have it outside. I was left out with the only logical option of eating in the cafeteria which is, the food sucks. Quantity served is small, and the quality - I don't feel like mention about it.

To add on my misery, the lecture class after my lunch is boring. Really boring, with slides are blur and I just can't help myself *yawns* all the way till end of the lecture.

Fortunately, the replacement class is interesting. But, my concentration level is running low and my tummy is ringing it's bell for refill (all thanks to little food in the cafeteria). Many thanks to Grandfather No 1 who providing tid-bits to munch on.

When the digital clock struck at 16:00, I can't help myself from running back to house.

Due to my exhaustion, I couldn't play much intensive gaming, except for the light games (the click-and-search), otherwise I'll get myself dizzy.

Nevertheless I had the chance to have a good rest, I still feel insufficient. I think I'm going to sleep EXTRA early today.

Hopefully, I get everything done by 21:00.

*sighs* I got to think the next step for thesis and finance assignment, any delays will lead to additional sufferings, better get things done early.

till then.