Sunday, November 26, 2006

Toast Off

First, my big brother, now John. Gosh, my life is full of frustration these days.

I have a small arguement confrontation with Song^2 as sometimes I think his jokes are a little too much, it really touches my standing point.

Now John says:

+*¨^¨*+[zëtå><3®õ><]+*¨^¨*+ says: how's the progress?
~*JohN*~ says: wht progress ?
+*¨^¨*+[zëtå><3®õ><]+*¨^¨*+ says: your mass comm
~*JohN*~ says: die ~*JohN*~ says: cos u only help song ~
*JohN*~ says: i gtg
~*JohN*~ says: bb
~*JohN*~ says: go back sleep
+*¨^¨*+[zëtå><3®õ><]+*¨^¨*+ says: hey

Before I could argue with him, he has gone offline.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


I was blind, I was confused, I was stresses, I was hurt, I was depressed, I was exhausted, I was hopeless, I was dumb, I was silly, I was alone and stand no where in the society. That what in my thoughts when I am in negative mood.

Wise men always say, "Don't let your emotions control
you, or else you will be in deep trouble"

I say, "When the situation leaves you no choice,
how emotionless are going to hold on just to think and react?"

Things really get messed up in Section 14, around 11.30am. >_<

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

TA14 Press Conference Part 1

Gosh there are so many things to talk about it, due to insufficient of time, I will just upload the photos over here. More to come soon......

Friday, November 17, 2006


Now I am in John's house, awaiting for my father to fetch me home from Section 14. I feel relief as the sociology assignment had been sent to the lecturer, thus one big burden gas gone~! Yippe! ^_^ Our class celebrated XN's birthday today by accompany her and her group of cliche walking around the boring Jaya Supermarket and Digital Mall to kill time (obviously). John and Song^2 were doing their usual routine, that is scout around for new games, movies, animes or dramas. Not too sure what is Rld searching for. As for me, I was just staring here and there as I don't intend to buy anything or desired to aquire something in these two malls. Plus, with my poor vision of me (remember that I had squashed sat on my own glasses?) makes me zero mood to do anything. That is most probably why I looked so dull with them. *sighs*

We had our lunch in McDonald. I ate burger and fries plus a huge coke (sounds more like toxification). Gosh, this will be my last time to eat fast food~ I had enough and bored with them. After lunch, we took some snapshots with the birthday girl. (Song^2 nearly dropped CL's N75 beecause of John's distraction or maybe both under salt influence, God knows, thankfully the N75 is safe and sound though it dropped on the floor like a small stone.) Then, we all went disperse ourselves. Song^2 is too tired, therefore he went back by himself. John forcefully gladly lead me to his house, and this is where I begin to type this blog entry. ~end~

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Song^2 Secondary House Revisited

*Yawns* Good morning readers~! It has been a sleepless night for me last night due to the influence of caffeine. Gosh, this makes me look worst than a drunken yard. I have two good friends sleeping soundlessly currently on my left. At the most left was Song^2, and the further left is JK.

*sighs* Ever since I dropped my Sony Ericsson T610 into Genting's water, I have been quite misfortumate. Firstly, I withdrawn volunteer myself out from UTAR scholarship just because I taken the contract with UTAR and I forgranted. Just last night, I squashed broke my poor innocent glasses, leaving me half blind to type this blog entry. I can't even see the moniter screen's words. So, do ignore all my typos in this entry.

*Double Yawns* I am really jealous to see two of my "brothers" currently enjoy their slumber. >_<>

  • Petronas Twin Tower Brigde (free)

  • Petrosains (RM12)

  • Death Note Movie (RM10)

  • Eating

  • Well, this is the draft planning only. Not sure whether he agrees or not. Have to invite more friends to go as well especially, *chuckles*, I am not going to to reveal it yet until I confirm it with myself. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA He is really a dog lover. Too bad I am not loaded enough to buy him a dog for his present. Argh, thinking what to give him makes me frustrated.
    Gosh, I am already ha;f mad. Another of my "brother" birthday is 3rd of December. If I am not wrong, he wants to go year end PC Fair. Plus, it is a PC Fair last day. Thinking myself squezzing into what chinese people say, "people mountain, people sea" making me feeling reluctant to go. Anyway, it IS his birthday after all.
    As for today, all TA14 is going to celebrate XN's birthday is Secret Receipy. We sang a birthday song to her this morning (00:00).
    Wow, it looks like a birthday month to me. Almost everyday is a special day for someone. I can't help myself to wait for MINE. Okey, here is the list of I want during my birthday ^_^ :
    1. A Japanese PS3 System + 2 Controllers + Games
    2. A Dell Home System XPS M2010
    3. A Nokia N93 or Sony Ericsson W900i
    4. 8GB Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo
    Isn't it easy? No more guessing games???!!!! HAHA, obviously, JUST KIDDING~! (though there are the products I really want.
    That's all for now, it is 8.30 am now, I got to wake these "brothers" up before we LATE for class.

    Sunday, November 05, 2006

    Sociology Assignment


    I have the facts, data and pictures, but I am not sure what to with the presentation slides. So far I classified them like this:

    #Sociology Assignment#

    -Hunting & Gathering

    -Survival The Fittest

    -Our Thoughts


    I still need to work hard on it. I am not satisfied with this.

    Saturday, November 04, 2006



    23:44 - 楽園 - Ken Hirai

    Sleepy. Planned to finish my Sociology presentation by today. But I haven't make it yet. I finally got my Office 2007 activated. Upgrading to technical refresh now. It has taken me 30 minutes plus plus. Time do move fast.

    I can still clearly remember a year ago's today was a similar situation. I was having my SPM examinations. I was thinking that time has move so fast as I thought yesterday was my first day Samad. Hmm how good I could even manipulate time and erase my past mistakes and review memorable experience, or even stop time when it is time for break. Too bad all these are impossible. *yawns* this is so boring. What am I typing about ? Total rubbish.

    Installation Complete!! Back to work now~

    Friday, November 03, 2006

    Song^2's Secondary House

    9.00 am Taking this advantage to optimize full usage of Song^2's Toshiba Laptop, I decided to drop my thoughts here. It has been a hectic week, my life it seems to be loaded by assignments, photostating request, repairing computer, consulting people, troubleshooting, hunting for information and *sighs* etc, etc.

    It is a hazy morning as I can see it from the windows of his house. Ghostly sounds emitted from the Putra LRT can be heard oftenly (upon typing this blog, 2 trains has passed by in front of me). With 'fuzzing' sound of the hall fan, I might be worried the fan blades will just somehow pop out. Not to forget his has two cute little green tortuise. It is kind of hilarious to see their heads popping out from their shells, staring at me. When I started to move, they just dive in water quickly, assuming I am their 'monster'.


    I have been searching for answers to solve the Song^2 computer problem with the task manager. Only solution I know is either reformat Windows XP or reinstall Service Pack 2 which is a tedious and risky task. Scanning through google's result, have not found any solution related to his problem. Oh no, I need to use the washroom and guess what? It is locked!!! I don't feeling waking up 5 people in Song^2's room. >_< I wonder how can they sleep in a such a small room with 5 people inside plus the room door is closed! That reminds me of my family sleeping together in a small room to statisfy the visitors capacity, and it is kind of congested but thankfully we have the air-condition on. I can't help myself to sympathize on them. *sobs* *sobs* Okey, enough of nonsense and crap meat, back to my assignment, Queen Lee has done much effort to produce a total of 7 pages of essay, while I just found a couple pictures from here and there. I know, I know, it is not enough, but I cannot find any resources contains pictures or photos of Batek (orang asli in Malaysia) and Eskimos lifestyles.

    Now here am I doing nothing except for typing nonsense, see left 6 minutes to go to 10am. I wonder my sister has started enjoying herself in Hong Kong Disneyland. Oh well, that's all for now, Bon Voyage and goodluck to all my friends who are reading this. Signing off now.