Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It’s Raining, Finally

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Summary of Day 38-42

Weee~! Finally it is raining!

After going through these days with ease and later find out that there are huge obstacle awaits for me.


  1. Public Speaking & Communication Test 1
  2. Mathematics in Business & Social Science Test 1
  3. Accounting Mid-Term Test 1
  4. Computer Studies Mid-Term Test 1

Uncompleted Assignments:

  1. Computer Studies Assignment 2
  2. Accounting Assignment 2
  3. Public Speaking & Communication Assignment 2 (10mins speech)


Sighs~ I wonder when I could really relax and enjoy time for myself with these on coming test and assignment floating around me.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


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Summary of Day 26-37

HOT. HOT. Very HOT day.
OK, let's get on to business.

Several factors that have prevented me from keeping my blog updated and they are:

1) Computer Assignment
Computer assignment really burdens me a lot as I rushing through some last minute modification as the deadline is getting nearer and nearer. After throwing it into the piegeon hole. I feel like jumping around like a mad monkey.

2) Windows Vista Beta 2
Installing and beta testing Windows Vista is not an easy task. First, I have do all the backups from Windows XP, to prevent accidental delete of an of my important files. The installation approximately 45 minutes. Though I really attracted by vista great visual effects, I don't enjoy some hardware and software compatibility issues. Plus, the computer like to do things without your knowledge. One fine day I run Windows Media Player 11 and it hangs, forced me to restart my computer by pressing the restart button. After booting up, my computer is not responsive and the busy light never lits off. This leaves me no choice to reinstall Vista again with another 45-minutes gone. P.S.: For those who want to try out, I recommend that you better get it fast because Microsoft will close its Vista link soon.

3)5-Minutes Presentation
Anyone wants to know more about Multi-Core processor? Just ask me away. My topic, benefit of multi-core processor. 5 and half seconds. Feel really touched and reliefed when the whole class applause. I never experienced that before, really I must thank them somehow.

4) The test of the 2 Es
English and Economy. It is an no e-test (easy test).

And gosh, it's been ages since I play computer games, I really miss them~~