Friday, January 25, 2008

Sake Man

Sake man is found is a sake jar.


Thus to wake him up is to flip the jar and give him a good kick.


and a dancing dog.



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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nokia Goodies

Last Sunday, after reading 2 Chapters of the Sacred Stones, I decided to leave Borders to buy some tickets from Pavilion, I was stopped by a sales-woman and I get...

Nokia Calendar, Red Packets, and Times Vouchers.

Yippe to me.

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Monday, January 21, 2008


One fine morning while I continue my research regarding OpenID and I received...

K says:

r u there?

Me says:
i am here

K says:
can i ask u something?

Me says:
go ahead

K says:
i am doing reseach for my OHR assignment, is about training and development concept for perodua wat can i type while doing my research??


My thoughts, no more spoon feeding to you this time (that's part of my new year resolution, I will review your assignment after you have done it, but never guide you how or what to do it, it's your job to think what to place in there, you could discuss with your teammates, or your tutor, mind you this time, our subjects are different, as I have no knowledge regarding OHR.) I felt very disappointed that every time you looked for me in the messenger is either for assignment or coursework. Once you have finished your assignment, you are better than Happily-ever-after and poof and gone. Leaving me no credits. Or aid when I needed the most.



Me says:
let me think

K says:

Me says:
have you learn anything about training and development
in your OHR?
any points mentioned in your notes or books?
maybe you could use that as a guideline on what to write in your assignment

K says:
i haven learn anything from tat..
nvm i refer to my book...

Me says:

K says:

Me says:
you are welcome~


At least I am kind enough to leave you some hints.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Theme

6 kachings
Finally, I found the theme I like.

Though it has some bugs on the date display on this blog.

Anyway, it is great and very appealing to me.

Million thanks to Design Disease and Smashing Magazine to allow me to find this.

And of course, my sis as well.


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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Blasted by Me

Once a upon a Wednesday,

I was just wondering whether next Wednesday is a holiday or not, I decided to ask my lecturer about it.

Two eager students were asking him some interesting question regarding stock while he was giving them a thorough explanation, he sensed my impatient.

Lecturer: Yes, anything that I could help?

Me: Of course, can I know that we are having lecture class next week?

Lecturer:*shocked + surprised* {he expression, the question I asked is simply too easy}

Then after 2 seconds delay.

Lecturer: Yes of course we do have lecture on that day.

Me: Thanks.


After lunch, I was having a joke around Zhi Shun, Weng Yue and Alex and a student (sorry I don't know your name!)

Me: Do you know there is a Old Town White Coffee in my house?

Weng Yue + Zhi Shun: Really?

Weng Yue: {Thinking something}

All the sudden he expressed out: Hmm nothing to see around Jaya...

Me: Jaya is going to be demolished...

Weng Yue + Zhi Shun: WHAT??? {expression of shocked and surprised} (They assumed the new Jaya 1 is going to be destroyed)

Me:{immediately} I mean the old Jaya in Section 14

Weng Yue and Zhi Shun: {expression of being deceived, but want to save their fame} I just give you face only and pretend to be cheated by you...


Conclusion, their expressions is truly priceless. If only I could get the picture of them. I will laugh for eternity since their arrogant attitude is a little too much sometimes except for the lecturer, who gave me a funny expression.



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Monday, January 07, 2008

Zero Seven Zero One Zero Eight

The day I am back to Long river.

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008


2008, a new year ahead!

Time for Wishes and Resolutions:

Resolution are

  1. First Class Honor
  2. President List
  3. Get a Job
  4. Driving License
  5. Kicking off Procrastination
  6. Reduce Hesitation Time when Making Decision
  7. Be Alert
  8. Stress-less & Sick-Free Lifestyle


  1. Global Warming issue solved
  2. No more wars
  3. Malaysia start making business in other sector than petroleum
  4. PS3
  5. N9x-Series
  6. Laptop
  7. $$$$$$$
  8. Owned a huge company, maybe Google and Microsoft? =P
May the power of 8 bless us all

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