Monday, December 24, 2007

it's my Day!


Here something for your eyes:

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Friday, December 21, 2007



OpenID, similar to having a Google Accounts, Yahoo! ID or Windows Live ID, once you have logged or signed in to the respective accounts via username and password, you are able to join any services under one umbrella.

For example, you have signed in Google Account in blogger, you wish to open an account in Picasa, within the same account, Google will ask you to input any additional information required in the Picasa account, leaving the rest of the information are duplicated from the Blogger.

Using the same concept, OpenID gives users a higher security and confidence on handling which information to divulge in the services they joined.

First the user need to get himself/herself an OpenID account in any 'information provider' such as myOpenID and Verisign Personal Information Provider (PIP). The OpenID will be appear as URL such as mine,

Using this OpenID, users are allow to join services that supports OpenID by pasting their unique URL to the sign in column. Then, the information provider will request them to authenticates which information will be given. On a trusted site, the user could safely giving all the information in details, for a new site, maybe the user would want to give the required ones only for safety purposes. Once the permission is granted, the site would able to gain information that the user specified for the information provider to give. This is convenient for the sites the user frequently used, as he/she doesn't need to always sign-in by keying username and password, all the user need is an OpenID.

Once the user no longer trust the site or services, he/she could deny any access for the site to gain the information through the information provider. The user also has the option to cancel their account from the information provider to switch into a new one.

For more information regarding OpenID, you can go to:

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself an OpenID now!


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is this N96?

Click here to see more!

All thanks to ring nokia.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Desktop after 15 Days






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Christmas Candid


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What I want for Christmas


Christmas, Christmas time is near
Time for gadgets and time for cheer
I've been good, but I can't last
Hurry Christmas, hurry fast
Want a N-series that loops the 8GB
Me, I want a N95 8GB
I can hardly stand the wait
Please Christmas, don't be late

Want a N-series that loops the 8GB
I still want a N95 8GB
I can hardly stand the wait
Please Christmas, don't be late
I can hardly stand the wait
Please Christmas, don't be late


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Wee~ Christmas Layout


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Monday, December 10, 2007

the BIG question?


Will my sis join them?

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Christmas Deco

I have visited the Curve and IKANO, but their Christmas decos for this year aren't up to expectation (what's thiz fellow is thinking? a boss?). Mainly white Christmas trees located at some strategic places. (Me sis told me that they are saving cost)(I think they are just being lazy~ =P)

Even the most 'inspiring' mall in KL decided to save cost and use white Christmas as their theme and some light manipulation so it looks unique and colorful.

KL Pavilion: Day

KL Pavilion: Evening

The only shopping mall Christmas deco that never stop (fail) giving me surprises and wonders is Mid Valley Megamall. Last year's theme was Sweet Christmas, and this year's theme I think, must be Fairy Christmas. Instead of the typical Mr Santa roaming around the mall and distributing candies to kidz, its the fairies job to do it.

However, Christmas deco in the gardens doesn't excites me much except for the fact they use real red and green apples and big onions that are waxed to be hung up on their mini-christmas-tree.

This is how they place the Christmas tree, look how easy is that!

That's all for now.

Approximately 15 days to go for Christmas.

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Windows Live Messenger 9 BETA

2 kachings

Build Version

Multiple Sign-ins Option

New Sound Manager in Messenger

Select the Music you want

The wave will be loaded as soon as you select the file where users are allow to 'frame' their favourite wavelength for the messenger. Fade in and out options are included. No messy or technical stuff. Total user friendly.

This is where users can preview their newly added sounds or delete it.

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One fine day, I stumbled across this.

What I like:

  1. Backlit Keyboard (it sounds COOL!)
  2. Ambient Sensing Keyboard Backlighting
  3. Proximity Awareness (where the backlight will only lits when you are approaching the keyboard)
  4. Curvy Keyboard (not because of style, but its for your hands)
  5. Laser Mouse!
  6. Laser Mouse only Requires single AAA battery
  7. 3 USB ports on the charging station
However, where is the useful num-pad has gone?

PLUS: Drawback of the coolness of the backlighted keyboard -->

4 AA Batteries is required.


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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sleepless Night

My life as an eighteen years old child soon to be gone upgraded.

I still can remember when I was in Primary School, I kept wishing that I am studying computer related stuff, other than simple hardware introduction such as keyboard, mouse and monitor. I really do hope they will teach what's IEEE stands for, the way of operating system runs, where did the data actually stores, what processor that is suitable for home-users (during that time) and how does the memory of the computer function. Once I thought these are going to be taught during Secondary School period.

Unfortunately, it is a total disappointment. What I learned at Secondary is exactly what I learn it primary, basic hardware knowledge and simple application. Exception for the additional course that my computer teacher later added on and the introduction of HTML. I keep on wish to further my studies in computer at university once I am done with the SPM.

I ended up in accountancy. A course is completely contradictory or irrelevant to computer. Why? Pushing the blame to the country why IT jobs pays are so low? Pushing the blame to my parents who decided my main course of study? Pushing the blame to relatives who favours accounts rather than the un-prospectiveness IT job factors? Pushing the blame to fate?

No. No one fault in this very situation. No one is involved in it. Since the final decision was I made it. Despite knowing the facts that even in accounting and IT combination, accounting skills is required more, facing more figures than codes. It is like 51% 49% policy that Volkswagen seeks in Proton.

Doubt shrouded in my mind as most of my friends pondering the reason I did not go for IT. My only answer to them is keeping computer skill as hobby but I felt that I was answering like this, "digging a hole and prepare for the burial for IT".

I was confused at one time. But not for long. Accounting would be my main stream, and computing would be my secondary stream. I may not be spending most of time researching and improving and redefining my computer skill, as least I did not put it aside as originally planned.

As for now, I am happily consulting my friends who wish to purchasing new computers, teaching them reformatting skills and discovering new technology that popping up frequently.

Seriously, I hardly could keep track with technology these days.

It is updating nearly every nano-seconds, even now as I typed.


Compare to secondary, my life as now is much organized and relaxing. Unlike the days of PMR and SPM, so much pressured were pushed upon my head and I felt like I am going to exploit like a nuclear bomb. Besides, I still need to attend unnecessary additional tuition classes! What a waste of TIME! I could do something much better!

However, there is no escape to this result-orientated education system. People who judge you by your As and CGPA. This does not apply to future employers, students before entering to Universities have this culture in their mindset. So, comparing As, see how many fails, what CGPA you got are pretty has become a norm is this very society. Of course, I made this in a very neutral statement, as I am not convincing people to stop improving themselves, but just stressing that mere As and CGPA do not help much in the future, as future employers would like to see what type of soft skills you possess such as leadership skill.

Opps, enough rants and bubbling now.

Time to sleep I must hurry before I miss the train.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Part 4: Interface


The background is changed as you click! way to go Microsoft!

  • Most of the function can be accessed by a click
  • No hidden function
  • No so much of right clicking
  • Simple, Easy and yet Stylish

  • Somehow my video and photo gallery has duplicates even though I have only one file.

Anyway, aside from that, everything works fine to me.

SO, what are you waiting for? Get your own ZuneStyle now.

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Part 3: Other Media


Video Gallery
Golden Compass!

Image Gallery

The whole player space will be taken up by your photos.

By the way, slideshows can be done with the music playing simultaneously. Besides, you could change track without going back to the main screen.

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Part 2: Playing with Music


This is the main screen of Zune Player, on your left is the Artist Column, Album Column and Song Column. You can find your favourite songs through scrolling one of each columns OR key in the search box on the top right corner.

Once you found your favourite song, just click it

Notice the pink histogram bars located beside the next song icon on the bottom right? Click it will activate the now playing screen which will decorate your whole album art on the windows. (I know I have poor arrangement with my music collection, most of them are left either no album art or wrong album art)

If you move your cursor on the screen, the now playing playlist will fade in.

Notice the bar in at the bottom middle of the screen, that will show at what seconds and what minutes your song is playing.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Part 1: Zune Install with Style


Installation Splash Screen

The usual License Agreement

Zune can't wait to be install....

Zune will download something before proceeding the main installation...

finally, the main event begins.....

100% -> Click LAUNCH!

Welcome to Zune.

Select the directories where you want Zune to snoop

Choose the default format you want Zune to play.

Done! Click Finish!

P.S.: I love the simple and easy installation style, simply no hassle! The background of the installation actually fades in and out, if you managed to capture the movement with your eyes.

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