Thursday, June 17, 2010

Twilight Shots in KL Sentral

Twilight, or night scene in KL is always shinning with bright lights illuminated from the borders or the interior of the skyscrapers, no doubt they caused light pollution to the surrounding area, hence people unable to see stars and planet and disrupt star divination.

Here's are some blur shots since I'm not equipped with a proper device to capture twilight/night scene yet:
(be warned: clicking to enlarge the image will cause dizziness, nauseousness, eye-soring, speechless, shocked and potential brain damage due to the post blur-ness effect, click at your own risk =P )

Here's the best shot, using the camera's manual function, rather auto or scene mode, appears to be the best, in terms of color (not processor enhanced image like the golden image on the bottom right) and low noise, but still lack of clarity when viewed in original size.

That's all for today. till then.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010



Tuesday, Morning:-
I'm tired but I'm ok. Planning to give myself a nice reward that afternoon, especially the after the painting the exterior wall of the kitchen under the burning scorching sun. Sent the clothes for laundry (by dumping them into the washing machine).

Tuesday, Afternoon:-
Well, I thought I was just being exhausted, I went for a short nap instead of enjoying a cup of Starbucks. But, I felt a little chill despite the hot sun out there, wrap myself with blanket, sleep.

I slept till around 6pm, I found it hard to get up from the bed, and the coldness sensation was remain, making me unable to leave the blanket. Thoughtful of me, I decided to ask my dad to bring me the digital thermometer, to obtain my readings of my "hot" body.

The digital thermometer squeaks 3 times, indicating my temperature is .. .. 37.8 degree Celsius.

Ouch. I have gotten myself a fever from the burnout of painting.


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Back from Hiatus

I nearly forgotten the existence of my very own blog. Due to mainly on time constraints for the past 4 months ago, especially heavily loaded with:

  • Brain crackling assignments
  • Intensive mid-term exams
  • Heart pounding thesis
  • Ever frustrating uni social-life issues
  • A part time maid  housekeeper for free
  • Boring revision for finals
No, don't get the wrong idea. It's not I have gone through all sufferings of lifeless in past 4 months, just that too many things get piled up in my head. No doubt I've always love to spill my thoughts over here, nevertheless, sometimes spilling my thoughts over here honestly would cause another catalyst of unforeseen problem. *coughs*

Well, let by gones be by gones as someone who plays a significant impact to my life once told me that. I've wonder how he has been on the huge island below us.

Time to resume my blog posting and sharpen my writing skills, who knows I might be a journalist? lol.

till then. update later.