Thursday, September 20, 2007

Final Examination Timetable Scrutinized

Here goes another result orientated activities~

click to view them in details

Wish me tons of luck! though I may be too late............

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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Bad Server, No Donuts For You!

One fine day while I was exploring google goodies and I came across this:

Bad, really bad server, no donuts for bullying me.

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Saturday, September 08, 2007


My plan to get some equipments after the finals:

  1. 450w Power Supply
  2. DDR400 1GB of RAM
  3. Speakers
  4. Microphone
  5. Web Camera
  6. Gamepad

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Great Minds think alike

One fine day both of my friends are looking for me

and this is what I received from them:

Where are u?
by WWY

Where r u?
by GZS

I know it is a common phrase to ask, but receiving them at the same day not at the same time, makes me wonder both of have telepathy brains. =P

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Friday, September 07, 2007

№ 100th Post Special - The 'Innocent' Cat


One night, Hei and Mao decided to peep the US Embassies.

Mao: "I'm bored of waiting here. There are too many security guards for us to have a good view of peeping."

Hei: "I agree, help me to clear the guards out."

Hei: "Here's you favourite blue ball."

Mao: "Armmm..."
Hei thoughts: "this cat is greedy, trying to eat the whole ball..."
Ootoro comments: "I wonder why the ball did not burst as Mao grip it with its sharp tiger teeth."

Mao thoughts: "Where should I take it...?"

Mao thoughts: "Maybe my secret hideout beside the US Embassy!"


Mao: "Opps here goes my precious ball...."

Busy officers too busy to notice a little ball of disaster has approaching them...


Mao: Yawns!

Laze around..


A voice say: "Gotcha you naughty peeping cat!"

Mao thoughts: "Someone has found my hideout and my evil deed?"

Mao: "HELP! I can't move!!!!!"

to be continue...


Mao: "Look at my eyes I'm totally innocent~!"

Mao: "Hei, where is my salmon?"


That's all for now~ See you next time!

Anime: Darker than BLACK
Source: sudo

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

China Tour - Day 0

Weee~ I finally touched down to Malaysia safe and sound.

My trip to China will be split into several parts and there are:

I have tons of photos and having trouble to upload all in one-shot, anyway here are the photos taken in Day 0. =P

It took me hours (not really hours, just being exaggerating) to pack my little bag. =P

On my way to the airport, this Samsung advertisement is like implying a hidden message to all passer-viewers to buy and support Samsung mobile before leaving the country.

Finally, approximately 45 minutes I arrived the KLIA.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A day trip in CP Resort (House)

1045am, departed from my own house as CP fetched me to his house. I felt a little hungry on that time, so we have a short de-tour to KFC to have my late breakfast. I arrived at his house resort around 11.15 am. I began my journey to law enlightenment with reciting the Contract Acts 1950 mantra. CP went to find 'Zhou Gong' after 25 minutes of mathematical absorption. I paused my mantra reading at 4.00pm to check out what's wrong with CP super-computer as loud and noisy mechanical sounds whirring out the computer. We are puzzled as we could not locate the main source of the annoying sound. We assumed is the front fan. Later, I helped him to 'rip' open the computer casing and remove the harddisk to test whether is the front fan is the main culprit. Unfortunately, our suspect turned out to be innocent, the fan spun swiftly with a minimum of wind blowing sound (can't be no sound at all as fan create air movement and vibration at the same time). We decided to re-check to locate the next suspects. The other possible suspects are:

(i)Power Supply Fan
(ii)Exhaust Fan
(iii) CPU Fan

I used a pen to stop the exhaust fan then the cpu fan. The main culprit has shown itself out -- the power supply fan, for unknown reason, it creates the annoying mechanical sound that irritates us a lot when using the computer especially when it is hot in the inside.

Got to temporary stop here for my dinner.

To be continue....
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Monday, September 03, 2007

Promise & Responsibility

Kyan says:
hey, really thanks lot, if without you
sigh really going to mess it up

<#+|={=Zet@><3ro><}=|+#> says:
you are most welcome~! ^_^
I hope this microsoft update could solve your blue screen error

Kyan says:
hmm....i hope so coz it has been bringing me lot of trouble
and if reformat it cost lot of time

<#+|={=Zet@><3ro><}=|+#> says:
be sure you concentrate on your studies first!

Kyan says:
sure, sure
after this i'll study for sure
if not really can die fast

<#+|={=Zet@><3ro><}=|+#> says:

Kyan says:

<#+|={=Zet@><3ro><}=|+#> says:

Kyan says:
dont worry,i'll keep my promise de

<#+|={=Zet@><3ro><}=|+#> says:
glad to hear that~

Kyan says:
you also must do well oh
since you study already
must must okay
dont let me down

<#+|={=Zet@><3ro><}=|+#> says:
i WON"T let you down!

Kyan says:
i have your word w
so you cant run

<#+|={=Zet@><3ro><}=|+#> says:
I have your promise now, you can't run either

Kyan says:
i'll study from the moment i turn off my laptop later

<#+|={=Zet@><3ro><}=|+#> says:
you should sleep first
its so late already

Kyan says:
the night is still yong
hey give me a couple of minutes
i restart first

note: I hope you are really studying now, my friend! I wonder what makes some of my friends so active during the night? Never for me, night time is to enjoy sleeping.


Phew~ its another semester gone and another tough job of class representative is officially over! Its not easy to be a "good" class representative as you need to be:

(i) Lecturer's Assistant
(ii) Tutor's Assistant
(iii) Consultant
(iv) Class Financial Administrator
(v) Debt Collector
(vi) Notes Distributor
(vii) Photocopier
(viii) Class Manager
(ix) Class Planner
(x) Class Customer Service & Support

Imagine yourself as a 10 in 1 or all in one multi-function yet multi-tasking machine working around the clock picking phone calls from tutor to make arrangement for replacement class. After getting the confirmed venue and time, you got to inform every classmates about it like the latest news from CNN. Constantly, you will receive complains from students saying how good is other class rep. (as he/she provide this and that) while how lousy are you. Comparison chart emerged in their brains like KLCI stock market, where they keep themselves updated from their chatty friends (no offense). Since I am practicing monopoly business, it is unfortunate for them as they could not just simply switch class without a valid reason. No way those people in the office will accept the reason for switching class for a bad class rep. The worst situation is to elect a new class rep., however the main issue here is who want to take the burden and responsibility? There is one time that the accounting lecturer somehow did not inform me to photocopy the accounting past year questions, on the lecture class itself, the students will stare at you wildly, demanding and expecting you to spoon feed them with past year question. Not to forget doing charity in the class, when the class fund gone negative, you have no choice to get money from your own pocket to pump money.

Oh well, at least I have the experience now. Proper planning must be made for second semester.

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