Friday, February 02, 2007

Day 146-166 + Study Leave + Exam Week


Wow I did not that time move swiftly and it is approaching 200 days my life in UTAR.

Study Leave:

I cannot recall properly what I have done during the given a week's time for studying. What makes me have the deepest impression was the Student Representative Handover Ceremony. Too bad I did not have a camera phone (though it has camera but problem with the firmware does not allow me to capture anything to the phone's memory) to capture the UTAR president, as I shacked my hand with her.

I feel somewhat awkward and loss before and during the ceremony was going on. I was told by a senior (I realized that during the ceremony) to attend this ceremony and I was informed to wear formal. I did not know anything about the ceremony, like what is it for, the objective of this ceremony, what am I suppose to do over there, totally blank.

I was LOST. I did not know WHO to look for.

I couldn't recognized any of the same stream class representative except for one, which I didn't talk much with her as well.

Rolls of black coated students (which make me different as I am not wearing coat) stood outside the pathway of Auditorium 1 and 2 and PB block. According to the so called 'invitation letter' it stated the ceremony would begin at 2pm.

Blindly, I just followed them standing the pathway, later I realized that we got to greet the President.

And blindly, I did not know where should I sit.

And blindly again, I observed the ceremony.

And unblindly, I understand the importance of the existence of the class and student representative as the link or communication tool between the students and the university.

After the ceremony, was TEA TIME. Yummy! Good food. Talked with some seniors. (opps I have forgetten their names!!) They are nice people. Glad to know them. Too bad I cannot really meet them that often as our classes are totally different. Meeting them in this ceremony is not a coincident, rather inevitable or hitsuzen.


Its Saturday night. Its time for me to take a break after 48 hours of marketing revision. I found a minor mistake in the definition of retailing in my PowerPoint Notes given by my lecturer:

"Retailing consists of buying and selling products and services to customers for business and personal use."

Later I found out in the PDF notes and look through the textbook, and confirmed with the internet resource using google and concluded:

"Retailing consists of buying and selling products and services to customers for non-business and personal use."

Gosh this is horrible mistake as it could lead thousand of students confusing themselves between retailing and wholesaling as retailing is for non-business while wholesaling is for business use.

Quickly, I called Song^2 and John told them about the minor mistake.

My bro surprised me that he wanted to study with me in McDonald because I thought he could study better alone as he always telling me that he could not help himself talking in a group study.

Surprise, surprise.

Examination Week:

Exceptionally worried. Though I can do well in most of my subjects, I’m lack of confidence on sociology and cost accounting. >_<


That’s all for today’s post. Got to move on.

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