Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lifting the Weight


I, officially has completed my:

  1. Quantiative Technique ii Test 1
  2. Business Management Mid Term Test
  3. Macroeconomics Test 1
  4. Financial Information Management Test 1
  5. Financial Accounting Framework II Mid Term Test
  6. Business Management Assignment
These tasks are still pending:

  1. Financial Accounting Framework II Assignment
  2. Financial Accounting Framework II Presentation
  3. Quantiative Technique ii Test 2
  4. Macroeconomics Test 2
  5. Financial Information Management Test 2

I can't wait to finish them all, and take my long well deserve rest + shopping =)

By the way, my friend has successfully bought her W910i safe and sound.

And I created a small wallpaper for mobile.

That's all for now.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

When our technology is capable of doing this?

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Image licensed as Creative Commons Attribution by Mac Funamizu.

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Monday, February 04, 2008

Windows Vista SP1

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Once upon time, I installed Vista Service Pack 1 from here and more technical details is here.

Vista RTM

Preparing to download SP1

Vista Build 6001

Could select harddisk for defragmentation

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In response of my friend has blogged the review of cloverfield, I have some additional information to add after I watched Nokiafield instead of Cloverfield.

The whole movie was filmed by a casual video camera noob user which involves a lot of movement around, unsteady shots and motion sickness handling of the video camera.

As the movie unrolls itself, you will see Nokia everywhere. Even before the monstar starts to run amok, you will notice that New Yorkers love Nokia phone so much that if you don't have a Nokia phone, you are outdated an outsider!

"...they quickly evacuate from the building and head out to the street below just to witness with their own eyes the Statue of Liberty's head rolling like a bowling ball onto the street. It looks funny when almost everyone get their cellphones and cameras out to take pictures of the head"

This is where everyone gets so excited in showing how good their nokia phones able to capture instant photos for press and blogging purposes.

The movie also stressed that even in poor reception you will able to use Nokia phone perfectly. However, it also advertise one of Nokia's drawback -- medicore battery power. When Rob wants to make more call, he realized that he is running out of juice. Thinking out of the box, he rushed to the nearest electronic store where they are selling only genuine nokia batteries.

Whem the trio run to the subway that owned by Nokia, you will see only Nokia advertisement around.

The rest of the movie is less dominated by Nokia (maybe I wasn't paying attention).

Therefore, Nokia + Cloverfield = Nokiafield.


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