Monday, October 23, 2006


Day 89-96

Assignment are given to students right from the first day of second semester. All of them carries marks as a system to grade us (obviously~!). Okey, let's get into details.

Introduction to Sociology

Hunting and gathering society was the first societies that had exited in the world and perished due to the development of social transformation through time line. Discuss CRITICALLY how the concept, 'survival of the fittest' affects the existence of the hunting and gathering societies till today with suitable examples.

Group Member: Me, WL, Rld, HC
Status: 9.15%
Deadline: 7th of November 2006

Management Studies


The current business environment is global in nature. With the rise of companies operating in a global village, many companies are also expanding internationally. Globalization of the world of business presents both opportunities and challenges for businesses. Managers from different national backgrounds have been found to hold different values, different assumptions, and different expectations about relationship among people. Therefore, with the increasing amount of complexity, there is a need to understand the way that other nations operate their businesses. Once there is an understanding of the way business operates in other nations, the benefits and problems of working with them can be understood. As a result, decisions can be made regarding whether to work with other nations and whether any special conditions or approaches are required which in turn, increase the probability of business success among investors and workers operating in foreign countries.

If you are an international manager in one of the organizations which is operating in Malaysia and you are required by your CEO to do business with a foreign country, what are the problems that you may encounter? How to deal with all these problems? You must take the following aspects into consideration: economics, political-legal differences, cultural differences and etc.

Group Member: Undecided yet
Status: 0%

Thursday, October 12, 2006

2nd Semester

Day 87-88

Arrived at UTAR at 7.50am, was wondering where should I go. Headed to library for inspiration. Ended up meeting my friend (hitsuzenly) or shall I call him senior now? =P He sold to me 2 books. management studies and sociology. Later he went off to copy his timetable. I went in to the library and met another old friend (hitsuzenly again) and chat with him until the computer lab. I charged my phone in the lab and try to blank out the computer's administrator password. First half step was successful. The another half, is when I tried to restart the computer the computer won't boot up and it comes out an irritating sound. I quickly turned it off before the ICT guys know >_<. Later I met WH, CJ and CCR. Really glad to see them actually. We (actually they) have a lunch in the canteen while I was receiving calls from the office to pick up the notice of the briefing for those who fail or their CGPA get less than 2.0. Later, we went for the management studies class. The lecturer let us off earlier since it is the first week. (I was choosen as a class rep. again) I dropped by MC before I went home. Class started at 8.00am sharp. Glad to see Miss Goy teaching us again for cost accounting. She introduced us the concept of cost accounting, basically about reporting, analyzing and recording financial activities related to costing. She also explained to us about the differences about direct and indirect costs. I went off for the library again to borrow some computer books before I depart to my house. In my mind now, I have this dilemma, that I am really unsure to select which TA14 member to be in my group. >_< And should this group remain the same for the entire subjects assignment or to be different? I'm feeling dizzy right now.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Tales of the 2 friends

One come from the north, another come from the south.

When meet each other, it is rather surprising.

But fortunately, both go back with a smile on their face.

Monday, October 02, 2006

1st Semester Break

After 86 days of torturing, I finally can have a good break and improve my computer skills, I thought, however it looks impossible.

My Outing Schedule:

[[Past Schedule]]

15th of September
Location: Mid-Valley Megamall
Duration: 3-4Hours (including traveling time)
People: Me, JK, Rd, Ed
Activities: Bowling, dinner, shopping and chatting
Additional Notes: My second outing with my TA14 classmates. Everyone seems to be so stress out and scored 100 plus in the bowling game and outcasted me. >.<

16th of September

Location: Low Yat Plaza, JK's House
Duration: Half Day
People: Me, JK
Activities: Hard Disk Hunt, Chatting
Additional Notes: We wasted most of the time waiting for JK's friend. Even buying a new hard disk does not required THAT much of time. Fixed JK's new hard disk within 10 minutes. In a hurry to catch JW's car.

Location: Sbn's House
Duration: 2 Hours
People: Me, Sbn and JW
Activities: Reunion
Additional Notes: Fascinated by JW's Nintendo DS. Updated myself with the happenings in my formal school from Sbn.

20th of September
Location: Mid-Valley Megamall
Duration: 8 Hours
People: Me, KW, CL, XY
Activities: Movie (D.O.A), Lunch, Bowling, Window Shopping
Additional Notes: Enjoyable.

24th of September
Location: Genting Highlands
Duration: Approximately 3 days
People: Me, CC, Rd, WW, SL, KW, KY, E, E'b, WW'b, ?
Activities: Outdoor Theme Park, Arcade, Enjoy Night Scenery
Additional Notes: My poor phone is drowned. Thankfully CC picked it up from the deep, icy and cold water. Really an eye opener trip as Rd took us to many unrevealed budget food center around Genting Highlands Hotel. Really enjoy playing exciting rides with them.

30th of September
Location: Berjaya Times Square, Low Yat Plaza, Sungai Wang Plaza
Duration: 10+ Hours
People: Me, CP, YH, PC, CP's 1st Sis, mySis, Sis's friend
Activities: Window shopping
Additional notes: It is really boring. Meet up with SS.

1st of October
Location: The Curve, Damansara Entertainment Center, Ikea, Ikano, One Utama, Tesco, CP's house, QS's house0
Duration: 9+ Hours
People: Me, CK, CP, QS
Activities: Movie (Devil wears Prada), lunch, window shopping, chatting
Additional Notes: Met WL. He told me that life in Form 6 is really really stressful. I wonder how much torture the teacher must give to the students?