Sunday, December 31, 2006

Resolution for 2007

A few more hours to 2007, I hope I can blog everyday! No matter how busy am I. Hopefully I can achieve it next year.

89-145 Days in UTAR

One word to describe these days. Exhausting.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


It has been ages since I posted my last blog entry. Many things have occurred for the past few weeks, happy events as well as sad and frustrated ones (obviously). Now, I am typing this entry in UTAR with my friend, Handsome Boy, who is busy doing his Costing Assignments now.


Yippe~! It is Song^2~'s birthday! After some efforts of inviting my classmates here and there to Sunway Pyramid, its time to take plans in action! I went to John's house first to wait for the birthday boy to arrive. (He got himself a watch as present from his friends by the way, and thankfully I did not manage to buy the watch on time, if not clashes will occur.) We departed to Pyramid from Asia Jaya LRT Station with a cab, last minute changes that taking a cab will be much faster than taking the Light Rail Transit to Kelana Jaya Station, later switch to cab. Once arrive in Pyramid, we had waited for other friends to come. Once everyone is here, we went for our lunch in Teppanyaki. (The food is okey, but quite disappointing.) We were having a difficult decision to make, whether to go for a movie or ice-skating. After a brief discussion, we all decided to head for the ice-skating ring, with everyone's agreement except for one. I tried persuaded him but he keeps on sprouting cold words (sarcastical commands) to me. I cannot really blame him for that because he is doing that as a form of his rejection, but as I thought he has already reached Pyramid, and not going for at LEAST a try of ice-skating is just such a WASTE! KC, ZH, ZK, and John participated in the persuading contest, and the winner is JOHN! I wonder how he managed it, really respect him for his efforts. Meanwhile, me, Queen Lee and HC has gone inside the ice-skating thingy and waited the rest to get inside as well. After choosing the ice-skating shoes that fits in my legs, I could not wait to skate~! Wow this is my first time to skate with such a huge group of friends. I helped John, Edmond and Queen Lee, as they haven't get used to the slippery ice and the method of balancing the body using the shoes. I could not really help John that much as he transferred his body mass towards me and I ended up imbalance. >_<
Tuesday. Another busy day. Got a call from UTAR asking me to sign the form. Finally got the scholarship contract back. However, I can’t be too happy about it until I receive the cheque. I packed my bag as I am going for a hunting and camping. I loaded my bag with tough equipments such as Sociology books to prepare for tomorrow’s hunting and gathering test. Not to forget my clothing, toothbrush, toothpaste and shampoo and I am ready to go!
I had my dinner in Secret Recipe again. This time, with Song^2. Song^2 and John have their usual argument (nonsense talks) while I am taking opportunity to enjoy my food spoon by spoon. Too bad I took a big scoop each time. L We bought a huge Spritzer mineral water, I forgotten how many liter is it, and brought to Song^2 house. (I finished the half of it, without the owner’s notice, hehe)
After taking a bath, I allow two professional hair stylists to style my hair. The result – durian hair of me. Too bad I forgotten to take the photo from Song^2 and John as both of them busy snapping me with durian hair style.
*Argh* I was a little frustrated as both of them couldn’t concentrate on their sociology even tomorrow is the mid-term test. They seriously have weak concentration level. They read few lines of word, then went singing in front of the laptop. At one point, I was thinking to throw the laptop from the 8th floor.
Slept around 3 plus plus. Can’t blame them as they are night owls. *sighs* at least they digested the concept of hunting and gathering. Phew~
An hour before depart to UTAR for Costing tutorial, after Song^2 sprayed his hair with the wine smell spray (makes me feel like drinking red wine). This is the point where I have started the conflict between him. (I am so sorry to drag John into this) It is very hurting as he is someone important to me, or rather a person who I treasured the most. Lunch is very unappetizing. I did not utter a single word to him. And the situation looks like I am forcing him to apologize, which I don't think he want to say it sincerely. I can't help myself dropping tears to my sociology test paper, those lecturers have the idea in their mind that I studied too much until crazy liao. Edmond and Roland too, concern and wondering what happen.
After much thinking plus advise from Wei Hun as well as John, I decided to put my pride aside and apologize to Song^2. I called him many times, but he refused to pick up. Until finally with his egoistic manner of saying that I finally know where I was wrong (I was thinking of murdering him and butcher him into pieces and sell it to KFC restaurant) BUT I being patient to him, because I know, I still need to teach him and John marketing (why do I bother to teach him? I really went mad) as again tomorrow is the mid-term test for marketing. Yet, history do repeat itself, they are won’t concentrate on anything until the last drop of time.

I get back my scholarship. I receive my cheque on my hands. Really happy. Want to make this a surprise for my mum. Too bad I was having fever. Maybe get agitated by Song^2 too much. >_<
Helped my friend to purchase a PSP. Yippe !!

Happy Birthday to JOHN~! Too bad I can’t join him for Karaoke Session.
Went out with Chee Keong to KLCC and Time Square to release stress.
Song^2 passed me his newly bought W850i to change its firmware.
Pass back Song^2 W850i. Realized there was a scratch on the screen. He is not too happy to know about it.
Outing with Eric, Hui Ling, Guo Zhang, Shermayne and Choo Yang. WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE THEM, ESPECIALLY CHOO YANG, it has been a year since I last talk with him. They are the first to give me a birthday as well as Christmas present. Touched. Choo Yang give me 10 bucks to get a coffee. Happy! I managed to get presents for Song^2 and John at Mid-Valley Megamall. Relief that present hunting is finally over, can’t wait to give it to them immediately. Hui Ling dropped me at Section 14’s KFC. Took the new Zingler Burger as dinner. Yummy. Waited for John to pick me to his house so that we can work together with his writing for mass communication assignment 2, finish them in half-an-hours’ time.
Busy with own assignment as well as the “special” group which requires special attention with spoon feeding tools. Realized that Song^2 actually being ignorance to me. I don’t know how to describe it, but I can feel it. It is not from today, is ever since the conflict day. Too busy to even bother about him. Wondered why I do I care so much about this useless guy.
This time met Shabin and Jinn Wei. SO SO SO Happy to see them! Went to watch Eragon. Nice!
Happy Birthday to me.
Have dinner with Guo Zhang, Hui Ling and Shermayne. They planned to surprise me with the birthday cake hidden at the reception counter. Too bad it was revealed by their unusual actions. =P Went to the Curve and have photo session! Then caught in the jam in Berjaya Time Square to countdown for Christmas. Super fun.
Merry Christmas!
Got present from the classmates. From Suh Lee, Kung Weng and Roland for a blue T-Shirt. From Lee Hua, Chooi Ling, and Xie Nie for a blue card. From various unidentify ta14 students gave me a unique watch. (selected by Song^2, I was surprised)
Shopped with Wei Hun in Section 14 and have a cakey lunch at Secret Recipe.
Extremely frustrated to see my hard work has been blindly copied.
Slept for 14 hours.
Updated my blog.

Things that frustrating me now:
i) Assignment
Assignment, assignment, assignment. It is not a trouble until the dateline is getting nearer and nearer. When things get too tight, people become desperate. I always have this dilemma, whether to share out my answers. I get so annoyed when people keep on asking
Mid-term test
ii) Choosing a new phone
Things that make me proud:
i) Downgraded my PSP
ii) Helped my friends to purchase a PSP
iii) Discover the method to kill autorun virus
iv) Helped my friends to kill autorun virus
Things that no longer make my mind troubled:
i) UTAR Scholarship