Monday, April 23, 2007

Day 199

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Yippe! One down, one to go~!

A few hours ago:
I can't wait till this test is over! Gosh! Why are they asking so much little little things? ARGH! >_<

A few hours ago before the Web Page Design Final:
Read read read, absorb absorb absorb... the world is surrounded by HTML element. Without HTML element, the world does not function. URL plays an important role to the HTML society. Then comes the Cascading Style Sheet and XML and XHTML. The role of HTML society no longer play an important role in the society and soon will be evicted by the..................................................................

The two days before the final:
National Library.

The week before the final:
Sore throat + throat infection = No Voice.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A side Entry: PC Fair 2007

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A side-side entry:

I visited my Secondary School last Friday with Chin Perng to get our SPM certificates in a highly cherish mood. Our mood meter drains instantly as the school's stuff performance and courteousness drop to zero level.

I asked the stuff politely to give us the SPM certificates, but unfortunately the indian stuff sounds like talking to herself, say something like (in BM but translated by me) :"'t...see....our...operating...hours?...SPM certs?...ask that"
I slowly trying to decipher each BM word she uttered (mind you, my BM is rottening) and I get the meaning is like this:"Can't you see the operating hours printing nicely outside the glass door? You want your certs? Ask that fellow behind me? Why do you all sounds like a businessman? Now only take your SPM certs."

Ootoro's Debating Points (including some offensive words, you are warned):

Point One: Operating Hours
Operating Hours, printed nicely you say? Don't you use your common sense and think, black with dark transparent background, who do you think will notice? You are not running a bank outlet that we can check easily (even bank these days are boosting their operating hours) your operating hours through daily newspaper or through the internet. You looked so (damn) relax, why not your b*** just get off from the chair and start doing other job rather than sitting down there doing nothing except pocking other's people fault. I know we come on the wrong time, Friday, you not an Islam no need to go to Mosque and pray unless you have changed your religion. Even you did change your religion, taking 2 SPM certs is just a simple task and yet you take it as you have carry 2 elephants from the ground floor to the top floor.

Point Two: The fellow behind you
Who is the fellow behind you? Can't just introduce him to us? You are super-rude to name him that fellow and he is your colleague! You are so lazy and pushing things to him! What if the person behind you is your BOSS? You just name him tanya itu orang? You are such a BIG FOOL!

Point Three: Business Men
If we are businessmen, we don't even have time to kacau you, just instruct our subordinates to help us to get the certs on behalf. We don't have time to visit the school and ask some-low-standard-fellow to accomplish our tasks. Each task must be done perfectly without niche in the nick of the time. No time to listen bull rubbish from you. NOT that you are a business woman as well, since you are so free, is there anything wrong to help us to get 2 certs of from the shelf over there? Fine, if you are so busy with your stupid stock market in your mouth just place a self-service sign and we can take by ourselves without your assistances. Don't come and cry and blame us if we mess up your things. YOU SHOULD BE FIRED.

Well, back to the main storyline, I even need CP to translate what is she mumbling about. Finally we got her meaning and asked the 'person-behind'. He too another lazy worm (good-for-nothing-staff) asked which year. I thought he is asking which year is the SPM result release not which year we are having our test. Another silly-o-busy-body-nosy lady came and bugged in and asked sarcastically, "Which year you took SPM also forgot, ah?" I just feel like taking a Swiss Diamond Made knife and slaughter her with no mercy like in the film 300 for the price of her big smelly mouth. Back to the lazy worm, he took all the time of the world just take out a file and slowly gave it to us. Asking us to find our names on the master list form and place the signature on it.

After much killing, slashing and firing, finally we got SPM certificates.


(<-my spelling error) hopped on to RapidKL 629 bus with a moody mood. Mixed emotions. First, we have the feelings that we don't want to depart with our friends in UTAR, then we got high-blood because of some worms that made us don't feel like going back to secondary school, and finally we found some old friends, but we don't have much time to chat with them. We just travel through the motion of time, helplessly unable just stop a minute or 2 to chat with them. After approximately 10 minutes, we arrived in Asia Jaya Station. We bought our tickets to KLCC. Once arrived in KLCC, we planned to have our lunch at KFC, when we saw the horrible crowd at KFC, then we changed our mind without second thought and decided to buy bread as temporary fuel to fill up our stomach. SH having a tough time coming to KLCC as he misunderstood CP that we should meet him at KL Sentral. Unfortunately, CP perceived that SH is going to meet us at KLCC. After the lost in conversation, we finally meet SH waiting at the KFC outlet. All three of us need to wait for our main actor to arrive. We walked to KLCCCC (Kuala Lumpur City Center Convention Center ) to look for him. We occupied some time over there as YH need to refuel some food into his hungry stomach. Finally (finally!), we took aiofjaiosjfiafjaifjiadjfiowetuianguegusnv (skip all the boring details). -> PC Fair 2007 Highlights:


  • We arrived the main hall. The main hall greets us with Dell and Sony exhibition. I was attracted by Dell's booth as it is really a rare case to experience Dell's computer (most of its computers are sold through online, no chance to test it before purchasing). I was mesmerized by their 24" widescreen, really nice. Too bad they placed all the same vista wallpaper, I can't really tell whether their quality is good or not.


  • Hmm I do love to admire Sony's product but never have the power to purchase it. It cost far too high for a commoner like me. Sony booth's highlight its ultra-portable PC. Just fold up the keyboard, you are ready to take the PC some where else.


  • The laptops packages offered by them are equally attractive based on quality and performance.


  • Still the same old design. Bored.


  • I wonder why won't they show off some of their good models? They only display their business and budget model on display unless I overlooked them.


  • Never really thought of IBM thinkpad, they are rich in features but dull in design (in my humble opinion)


  • Nice LCD Monitors. I really fall in love with the design. Too bad they hung a to be release sign.

  • Windows Vista Ultimate + Office 2007 Ultimate + Pricey Tags = WOW I have big hole in my wallet!

The Market Place

  • Nokia N95 was sold at RM3299 with the free paid gifts of course, compare to RM3199 I saw in Digital Mall.
That's all about the PC Fair 2007(i).

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Day 189-198


Monday (2nd of April)

Navigation Bar that I have spent lots of time creating has been rejected mercilessly. Our website got to start from scratch. A whole revolution of standardization of our website. This is my first time in 3rd semester to went back home that late. Even later than my sister.

Tuesday (3rd of April)

Nightmare begins. Click and typing, changing and editing, making sure every single links runs fine. Not much time to finish the report and presentation slides. Skipped all 3 lessons today just to get the Web Page Design Assignment done ASAP. Highly urgent indeed. Surprisingly, Chin Chyuan offers his help even his is not my teammate, I am touched, it is not easy to get someone's help that easy, especially his. With everything finish in a hurry, I thought, Mr Chong, our tutor will be happily deducting our team's marks for late. In fact he did not. I was panic as I realized that the desktop in the lab could not able to detect the pen drive contains the presentation slides. In cold sweat, he come to the rescue. I thought he is going to lose his temper give us all zero. During presentation, one of my team mate have bad stomachache (due to over nervous). No choice to let him go, at least he done his part already. Amazingly, I managed to capture the audience's attention, despite how exhausted am I. Words flow out smoothly from my mouth without going through my brain. When all done, we request to pass up our delayed report the following day as we couldn't print them in colors. After the class, some of my classmates want to have a photo session. I joined them without second thought, then I regret, the photos taken of me is emotionless, empty and a huge panda eyes. OH NO!

Wednesday (4th of April)

I didn't really sleep last night just finish and beautify our report. I also realized that our host has mysteriously deleted our website. I suspected my account has been hacked in UTAR, as UTAR computers are exposed and insecure. No time to trace what happen, I created a new hosting account and upload everything there. I finished everything by 6am in the morning. I thought I could have an hour's sleep before I depart for my finance class, too late, my fatigue has switched off my body alarm clock. By the time I woke up, the clock shows 10 am. I quickly changed my clothes and called my dad to drop in UTAR. I was racing against time. I MUST pass up my report by 11am. I don't want to have my precious marks to be deducted. Fortunately, I managed to do everything as planned. Thanks God, really.

Thursday (5th of April)

Someday in March I have make this day as a hang out day with Jiann Yet, Wei Hun and Ben. We went to shopping malls and mamak stalls to kill time by yakking as well as foster our friendship, not to forget to release our stress. Wei Hun seems to reject everything uttered by Jiann Yet, and both of them love to argue. It is really fun to see them argue (I am evil) as both of them trying to 'poke' each other with words (unlike those losers who like to use f-language to express themselves). We went a mamak stall opposite the police station of SS2. I accidentally finished Ben's Nescafe, while he finished my Milo. The consequences, I stay awake all night without any sleep.

Friday (6th of April)

The day I have my finance replacement class and web page design test 2, with zero sleep from last night. Exhausted but have to deal with my test at least. Nothing much occur today beside the test.

Monday (9th of April)

At the end of the finance class, Mr Lim (not me, the lecturer obviously) wants to have a photo of our class as memorabilia (A side note: till now I haven't receive an email about our photos, weird, he must be have forgotten). Somehow, I don't want the semester to end that fast, but its happen, right now. Later, I went to Sushi King to have my free lunch (sponsored by John) with Chin Chyuan, Suh Lee, Roland, Edmond, Keng Yaw, Wei Wen, John and Elline (not sure how to spell her name, oh well). I have eaten 4 plates of raw salmon, single plate of smoked salmon and a plate of sliced chicken. The total is RM12 instead of RM24, 50% discount, not too bad. Later, I went to John's house to reformat his computer as his computer has infected with some unknown virus. After that, I went to RHB to update my bank book while John went to Public Bank to update his. Then, we walked to CIMB to update his second bank book, unfortunately the customer service people are fully occupied. Tired of waiting, we landed at MMORPG, he starts playing dota, while I search his motherboard's drivers. The download rate in that CyberCafe is super slow. Even my house 512kbps will beat it. After the whole searching and downloading, I realized that I kept all his motherboard drivers in his secondary harddisk as backup from the last reformat!! All my efforts in the CC are futile. *sighs* Nevertheless, I went home happily ever after (for that day only), but that's not the end of the story yet.

Tuesday (10th of April)

Boring day. The only interesting part is that Mr Chong (at the last week of the semester, yes finally) decided to fetch me home. I usually walked back from UTAR PD block which around the distance from Abdul Samad Secondary School. The more interesting part is he accidentally (purposely) stop his right beside the puddle of water, making me having difficulties to get out from his Kelisa without getting my foot stepping in the water. Anyway, I am thankful for him to fetch me back. At least, I don't need to walk. =P

Wednesday (11th of April)

After spending much time typing and producing the tutorial 7 answer, I finally printed it out and give it to Mun Hoe (I wonder I spelled his name correctly?) as a token of appreciation. I still can remember vividly he helped me to carry the heavy LCD Projector (I only carried once the lightest projector that UTAR has, around the size of my textbook, but much and much more lighter). Unlike SOMEONE no matter how polite I request, he gives me full of (dull) excuses. Oh well I don't want increase my bad karma by complaining about him, I can create a blog call "Its all your FAULT!" and list every nano details of his negative side, but I am a good person you see. Talking being a good person, being too good is not a good thing either. I am 'forced' to type out an (BM) essay regarding pros and cons about the abolishment of fast food advertisement by a 'friend'.

Thursday (12th of April)

Its Thursday again, I hoped my tutorial 7 answer do help Mun Hoe in someway, not sure I couldn't ask him anyway, since we separated by the class division. Have a super-rush powered by NL finance tutorial class is kind of torture for the last tutorial class. Every thing must be done in a hurry, even my mind is not ready on absorption of the finance stuff. I have my dinner with Jiann Yet, Roland, Song^2 and John. It is kind of weird. No, I can tell there is a silence between us. It is not like how we talk openly with Wei Hun and Ben. Very different, John and Song^2 obviously in their own world, Roland did ask a little about Jiann Yet. I feel bad about this, really bad, looks like I abandoned Jiann Yet with my selfish (in terms to fit the situation, they are not selfish actually) friends and thoughts. Luckily, it doesn't last long. Jiann Yet, as usual the happy-go-lucky type of person, obviously did not really mind about it. If this situation happens on my side, I rather eat somewhere else or rather to be alone. *sighs* Human do are cruel indirectly. After dinner, JY fetched me back to my house. He had a bath at my house while I busy reinstalling drivers and software after reformatting his computer. As everything settle, we went to 'Tomorrow' Coffee House to start our weekly yakking. At one point, we do agree (except for JY) that we someone is missing, that is Wei Hun who has went back to his relative house in Sungai Buloh I think.

Friday (13th of April)

I am having a sore throat today. Plus, I got to UTAR for the LAST class. Meet my 'lovely' TA14 classmates for the last time before the study leaves begins. Shook hand with Mun Hoe, I have instant flash back to the first time I met him, he is with the Jeff gang (hmm I wonder I recalled correctly or I got it mixed up? Oh well, not important! =P) The time I was in TA16. Nice memory. I remember Jeff and his gang. I was afraid of them as their gangster looks. However, they are very supportive of me. Something I would like to treasure. Not to forget Kevin, Kauserlya (opps I forgot to spell your name!), Adeline, CCR, Alvin, Kasturi, Joshin and people that I don't know their names but their faces, somehow is hard let it go.


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