Friday, July 16, 2010

Awkward, and Exhausted

I woke up early (wee early to most of my friends' standard), get myself fueled with sufficient breakfast, consume slightly more carbohydrate in order for me to sustain myself from 09:00 to 13:00 P2 class, a 3-hours class.

Afraid that I will be late for class due to unforeseeable circumstances:
These probable events have taken into consideration:

  • Bus break down
  • Sudden LRT technical error
  • Faulty traffic lights

Hence, I dashed off to the bus stop approximately 07:18. I immediately met with T625. I hopped on the bus that took me to University station. I pay a visit to the washroom (since nobody bothers to collect entrance fee), grabbed on the escalator’s belt and upon reaching the train’s platform, a 2 cart train just stopped in front of me with the doors wide open. I travelled to Masjid Jamek station effortlessly

My phone happily displayed the time: 08:00.

I was wondering, what I am supposed to do within an hour’s time for the college to open its door? Without hesitation, I spontaneously decided to do some exploration. First, I followed a group of working people sneaking around the back alleys. Ah ha! Now I know this secret (actually not-so-secret) path leads to! It leads you to a tall, white-greyish building, shaped like a mini-sized rocket. If you can imagine the upside down version of your Martini glass cup without the supporting top. The building will be combination of both rocket and Martini glass cup. That’s it! Not so much glass on that particular structure, hence I ignorantly conclude it’s an old aged building. Strangely, most of the inhabitants love to use the underground passage that is mean for all size of mechanical or electrical vehicles. Ironically, the inhabitants of this building do not seem to appreciate the art of using the entrance. 

The grand entrance, is an art worth describing. It leads you up to the building with its moving step-escalator with metallic kampong-style roof attached. 

So much convenient compared to crawling to the underground passage. Well, it’s not my duty to perform judgments here.

After a few minutes pretending to be tourist to observe the weird structure, I have decided to look out for any place to eat or drink. Though the weather in the morning it’s cooling, due to the high humidity I had been sweating like potatoes nobody’s business. I tried to use the pedestrian bridge provided to prevent being scolded for jay-walking on the street. The metallic bridge connecting to an ancient building that is currently undergoing massive renovation. I did not expect the experience on crossing the bridge will be such a memorable experience. After climbing a flight of stairs, I was crossing the flat-metallic platform. One of the metallic platform could actually sunk down to its supporting beam! I was screaming in my heart and start cursing those who failed to place a proper notice to prevent utilizing this darn bridge. Oh well, I thought since I managed to reach the other side just to find out….

…the other side of the bridge was sealed up all thanks to the good-for-breaking bridge renovation. This left me no choice but to tip-toed and (risk my life) back to the other side of the bridge.

My phone was sleepishly displayed 08:45

Ok, enough of exploration. Dashed back to college. College is open, but there’s no presence of life-source of students. The venue is dark, stained smell and hot. This is weird. I thought there is always a group early birds arrive. Recheck my schedule.

OK. Rewind. Remember I told you it was a 3 hours class? Clever readers would notice, class should start at 10am not 9am. I was way too early. Devastated by my own carelessness, I decided to reward console myself in KLCCCC’s Starbucks. Time to sit back, enjoy the air-cond, plus working people passing you.

My phone agitatedly showed 09:45. 

Opps. Overestimated my time. Thank goodness I just missed my class by 5 minutes. Satisfied. But, even after class, my adventure does not ends…

Till then. Have a great weekends! ;)


Thursday, July 08, 2010

Rainy Days


I like the weather these days especially when I see sky like this (in picture), but I don't like the thunder or lightning attached with the so called rain package. Yesterday's thunder is strong enough to activate the vehicle anti-theft protection in front my house, causing brief havoc. This thick bolt of light gives an ear-ringing effect, as it was loud and sharp. I nearly thought the rain forest tree was struck, but it appears either the building in Jaya 1 or behind Jaya 1 gets its "reward" from heaven. Anyways, thanks to the raining season, it helps to cool the surrounding atmosphere, not to forget reducing electricity bill significantly and prolong my computer hardware's lifespan.

"too much sun and heat will break down it's component to a strictly molecular level"
that's what exactly happen to my graphic card, minus the molecular level.

Featured Song: Bonnie Pink: It's Gonna Rain