Monday, October 29, 2007

Notorious Blue Screen of Error

Everyone who uses Windows operating system definitely encounters blue screen of death aka blue screen error at least once.

"The term "Blue Screen of Death" originated during OS/2 pre-release development activities at Lattice Inc, the makers of an early Windows and OS/2 C compiler. During porting of Lattice's other tools, developers encountered the stop screen when NULL pointers were dereferenced either in application code or when unexpectedly passed into system API calls. During reviews of progress and feedback to IBM Austin, the developers described the stop screen as the Blue Screen of Death to denote the screen and the finality of the experience."
Source: Wikipedia

Even in Windows Vista, blue screen error is unavoidable.

Let's explore a little the world (underworld) of blue screen.

Windows 95 BSOD (yeah, I know it is kind of nostalgic)

Windows 2000
Windows XP
Image Source: Wikipedia

There are so much BSOD occuring in our digital life with Windows that even Apple happily acknowledge this happy facts and apply it to its latest Mac OS X Leapord.

Apple: We detected you are using BSOD OS

Image Source: Paul Thurrott

BSOD is so common until we can take it for granted.

We can see it from the transit rails.

From the street.......
From your own beloved notebooks.......
Before taking a flight.....
Starring at the skyscraper.......

Almost anywhere...........

At least when you want to escape from BSOD, you should go somewhere really far, or maybe simply switch off the power supply.

That's all for today. Until next time.

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Friday, October 05, 2007

KL Pavilion

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Random Pixs of KL Pavilion:

Question of the Day: Can you find the Bossini flowers among the pictures above?

China Ahoy!

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Summary of Places to be visited:

  1. Chengdu (成都)
  2. Dujiangyan (都江堰)
  3. Maoxian (茂县)
  4. Huanglong (黄龙)
  5. Jiuzhaigou (九寨沟)
  6. Leshan (乐山)
  7. Mount Emei (峨眉山)
  8. Chongqing (重庆)
Tour Highlights:

  • Sightseeing Leshan Buddha by Boat
  • Chartered Bus to Jiuzhai Valley
  • VIP Dinning Area for Lunch in Jiuzhaigou
  • 2 ways Cable Car to Mount Emei
  • 3D Show
  • Panda City
  • Jingli Walking Street
  • Bianbian Walking Street

I wonder they claims are true or not. Until now, our morning flight has been delayed till 1630 instead of 0900.

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Sony T200: First Impression

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The Advantage:

  • Quick Clear Shots
  • Short Start-up Time
  • 3.5" Touch Screen
  • Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar
  • Clear movie recording in MP4
  • Sensitive Microphone
  • Instant Focus
  • Good Face detection
  • 5x Optical Zoom
  • 8.1 MP
The Disadvantage:
  • Moderate Battery Life
  • Forced to really smile in smile mode
  • No option to become a web-cam
  • Basic Photo Manager
  • Saves Image in JPEG instead of RAW or TIFF
  • Touch Screen are finger-print-magnet
  • Only has 30MB on board memory
  • Only include 1GB memory stick
  • Expensive
Hi-Res Images Later

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sony Invitation Crashed

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Due to the crashing date of the member's night with my tour to China, I missed the opportunity to attend (~_~)

Anyone interested? Please leave your e-mail ASAP in the comments.

Terms and Conditions Apply.

I shall held no responsibility for everything. (^_^)=V

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Rainny Day

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Weee~! Its Raining!

I took this opportunity to have some quick shots using the new camera. Hmm, it turned out the pictures are quite blur. Maybe I haven't master the 'kung fu' yet.

Any advice?


Tonight's special:

Mama's Home Cooked Instant Noodle

After some cosmestic make-ups.......

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