Thursday, January 11, 2007

Empty Promises

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What is your response went a person fails to fulfill the promised criteria?

  • Leave the person be, I have tons of things needed to be done.
  • Take a machine gun and kill the person instantly (literally)
  • Forget about it, it is a small matter anyway
  • End any relationship with that person
  • Frustrated about it, but conceal your true feelings because you don't want to hurt the person as well
Well, I just being dumped by 2 person who told me triumphantly that they want to to study with me. At the end, they failed to do it because:

  • One has an appointment with his friend
  • Another does not have a mood to study with 2 people

Have they ever thought of the person who sacrifice his time just to satisfy their needs? I afraid not. I feel myself like a fool believing a fool's word and being cheated by fools. Isn't it crazy enough? Yet, those are not ordinary people, they are my friends who I trusted the most. Looks like I have been a fool for trusting them. *sighs*

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A few hours before freedom slips away...

This is my very first time experience fireworks display exploded above my head! (literally) I went to one utama on New Year's Eve. I did not expect the fireworks to be such close distance. My parents was surprised and shocked as well, wonder one of any of these little fireballs will drop on our heads. =P


I haven't done any of my work yet. My head went blank since last Saturday for no obvious reason. Starring at Standard Costing blindly, I am thinking about Management presentation. More on worry about it. Yet, there is nothing much I can do until tomorrow. Not to forget my pen drive is still provoked infected by the bro act virus. Thankfully, ChaZzz has given me the solution to kill eliminate it. I am not going to try in my computer, it has too much information as well as datas that I couldn't lose. Hmm, I do hope to talk with someone, but I realized that now it is not the right time (1.43am mind you) to disturb call anyone. *sighs* I am just not prepared for tomorrow. Funny, whenever I need help, I need to search for help. I can't help myself thinking how fortunate (they should be thankful) for those people who required help and help is instantaneously appear.


I have been impatiently closely observe N95's market, but the price is still high, and it is still not the right time to purchase it yet. *sighs* I just can't wait to get a new phone. I miss my old T610 though is problematic.


It is 2 am now and I should not be loitering in the internet at this time.
see ya.

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