Monday, November 01, 2010


Yes, here comes another new month and my exam date is approaching.

Living in the tropical climate country, I won't be expecting any fallen leaves or color-changing trees.

Just that, the weather recently has gone pretty erratic, that will be causing the flying leaves and umbrellas in the sky. There was even a little tornado in the northern region.

Such radical changes came in a surprising manner, like a person who is trying to give a Jack-in-a-box, which a person who receives it, has absolutely no idea about it.

Depending on the changes or surprises, some could be happy, exciting, touching, heart-broken, depressing, stunning and the list will go on.

The challenge of this changing game is not highlighting it or simply emphasizing it as if this so called change has made a significant impact to life, but to deal with it.

And dealing with it, is ain't no easy task. Some may choose to ignore it. Otherwise, clinging on to it will bring detrimental damage to life.

As matter of fact, I have encounter many surprises and changes last month and I -- will expecting them this month as well.

oh Well, who is certain about the future?