Saturday, September 06, 2008


Note: {This is an outdated blog, I have finished typing, but can't find time to click the publish button. (yeah, I know it is riddiculous)}

As title.

Look at this sms

Yea~I do need help..i'll be in school around 0800 ... 17:29 04/03/2008

Another 8 am request.

However, this time is different. I am the one who is offering my assistant. (like laughing tomato commented, I am being too good)

My Grandfather No 3 is very active in activities, especially with recent hot reality show in UTAR, 'apparandisc' (I dislike the activity very much, no point spell it right), however, he is neglecting his studies.

My Grandfather No 2 told me that he has a mediocre or below average results. Since Grandfather No 2 is occupied due to assignment, I decided to take over his job as a respectful grandson. =P