Friday, August 08, 2008


Today, the very eight moment of the year has finally arrived. I am very excited to watch the Beijing Olympics at 8:00pm.

However, after watching the first hour of performance showing the huge chinese scroll trying to convey chinese majestic inventions. I felt the organization of the performance is kind of messy and there are not linked. I felt the director is trying to squash too many things at once. Unlike the Athens Olympic that I have seen 4 years back, the opening ceremony is like a story itself. The next part of the opening ceremony will be the very long parade of nations. As a Malaysian, I turned out quite dissappointed whoever has decided our athletics to wear such an awkward wear with combination of striking orange and black. I know they would want to show how impressive Malaysian Tiger is, but this was plainly horribly eye-sore.

The lighting of the torch is no doubt unique with the torch bearer 'flying' towards the huge torch which was initially carefully concealed inside the 'bird nest' stadium's roof. However, I found the entire process is simply too simple.

On the other hand, I do enjoy the majestic fireworks displays throughout the opening ceremony as if the 'bird nest' stadium is on fire. The illuminated drum display is impressive as well.

What's disappointing me is the footprint fireworks walking to the 'Bird Nest' Stadium are fake. What we saw in the television screen is merely just recreated graphics by the computer. The Olympic committee stressed that it was done this way so the helicopters would not get hit by the fireworks. Well, I think it is not ethical to let the audience to think it is a live fireworks display.

Besides, the innocent little girl's voice singing in the opening ceremony was in fact, not hers, but was sung by another girl behind stage. She was not given a chance to appear in the opening ceremony just because she wasn't cute enough. This is totally unacceptable! How could you judge once based on their appearance? They are just kids. The Beijing Olympic committee is happily brain-washing them to perform fraud!? I'm totally speechless.

Overall, Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony 2008, is majestic, exciting, thrilling and full of 'surprise' and memorable.

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Gzhang said...

Shocking, wasn't it, to find out that a little girl was deemed 'not cute enough'?

I didn't get to see the opening ceremony (was having my test..YES, at night! Bah!)but really, they should have shown the real just starts off the games with lies. Ominous start, I'd say.

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