Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oriental Chinese Cuisine

Last Sunday, I had a mini-reunion dinner with my relatives and family @

The restaurant that usually packed with newly weds --> Oriental Pavilion.

The Appetizer: Prawn Salad & Deep-Fried House Beancurd (the beancurd which taste like fish ball)

Deluxe Monk Jump Over The Wall (yummy soup! but the waiter took the bowl away before I could savior till the last drop)

BBQ Whole Suckling Pig with Butterfly Buns (crunchy skin, I think its taste better than the duck's skin from Duck King)

Braised ‘Soon Hock’ with Yam
& Beancurd Skin in Clay Pot (too much bones on the fish)

Stir Fried Assorted Vegetable with Cuttle Fish

Secret Recipe Cake
There are another 4 more dishes are not captured (due to over mouth watering filtering), hence it is left to the imagination of the readers.

  • Deep-Fried Piglet Meat with Salt & Pepper
  • Braised Egg Noodle Village Style
  •  Chilled Aloe-Vera
  •  Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Black Sesame Paste

Many thanks to my cousin who treated us there, I do enjoy the dishes very much especially the veggies (which both my uncle and aunt happily pass them to me =P) and Happy Birthday!

Stay healthy and happy always! =P


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babybunny said...

i want to eat too!!!! *drool*

Ootoro said...

no worries, you will definitely had the chance! =P

goodluck and all the best for HRM!!

Finally, this is the last test!

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