Monday, September 28, 2009

Side Stop

"After spending up to 15 hours a week in various Starbucks over the past few years, Simon said he witnessed very few spontaneous discussions or interactions."
Hmm, certainly Mr Simon has not visited the Starbucks in 32 Square in Malaysia, it was packed with noisy chatters and grouping by merging several small tables especially on weekends.

"Customers line up for lattes for any number of reasons: to treat themselves; to carry a status symbol; to support coffee growers in underdeveloped nations; to relax in a safe haven; or to taste a bit of comfort far away from home, he writes."
I do agree with about treating myself with a Starbucks, but never thought it as symbol of status, has some doubts on the supporting growers. As one of my friend mentioned, "You will never know whether the company has exploited the poor growers in the 3rd world country." Safe haven? Probably just to escape the tropical heat and the heat pollution in the city, as well as escaping the smoke puffers.

"It takes more to help third-world coffee bean growers than buying a fair-trade espresso, he said."
Yup, at least they are putting on the effort, this statement is only valid if you've done substantial contribution towards the 3rd world coffee growers.

Full article, here.