Monday, September 21, 2009

PSP Update

In this technological era, you've always encounter the word of 'update', friends will often asked you:

"have you updated to Windows Vista/7?"
"have you update your phone's firmware?"
"are you using the new CS4 now?"
"are playing the latest  ?"
"do know X and Y are breaking up?"

Anyways, let's focus on PSP Update, that I had done last month, its a big jump on the firmware version that is from 3.XX to 5.50, though I didn't managed to update till 6.00 which is the current release.

Full roll of the pix:

PSP's Version of BSOD

Language Selector

Traditional Theme

New Theme

Overall, I like the new theme very much just too bad the additional color options are for PSP-2000 and above (the newer generations of PSP) which can't be supported under my very original (PSP-1000). *sighs* But definitely, will find way to improve.

Another add-on which I hardly use is the PlayStation Store, I don't think I might going to purchase anything from there.. (tsk. Tsk.)

till then. until i've update to firmware 6.