Sunday, September 20, 2009

Senjyu Sushi

It has been a hectic week, either I will spending much time in front munching a bunch of e-commerce facts or researching tax policy in the complicated business environment.

All thanks to the booster which my sister treated me last week, or else I'm unsure of my endurance of keeping the consistency of studying till today.

This is my first time to visit this restaurant to have sushi, initially, that was the only menu me and my sister is going to order.

Salmon Palate

Salmon Palate in a top view

Hungry Me

Lots of photo shots are missed as I was too hungry to absorb the nutrients as well as the carbohydrate from the sushi to recharge my body's energy. Yum Yum.

Thank goodness the Raya Holidays are on before my final piece of exam to be conducted.