Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Login UTAR via VPN - A Screenshot Guide For Vista Users

Hmm since the guide of setting VPN provided by UTAR is only meant for XP users. No doubt there is only a slight differences between XP and Vista in the steps, nevertheless here you go.

Step 1: Single Click on the Network and Sharing Icon at the right bottom of the taskbar.

Step 2: Click Connect to a Network and a Connect to a Network wizard will appear as shown in the figure below. Then click on Set up a connection or network.

Step 3:  Select Connect to a workplace and click Next button.

Step 4: Click on Use my Internet connection (VPN)
Step 5: Key in the following information. Internet address: Destination name: UTAR Library.
Step 6: Key in your username and password and then click connect.
Viola. You are now connected to UTAR VPN.
If you wish to reconnect to UTAR VPN next time just click connect to a network as in step 1. Then, select UTAR Library and click connect. After a few seconds, if you didn't select the option of saving the password, it will prompt you to input your username and password. After filling them up, click connect.

To disconnect the VPN, access to Network and Sharing Center and click disconnect as seen in the screen capture below.

That's all.

Happy Searching at the Comfort of your Computer!

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