Thursday, January 15, 2009

Trivial Matters


That's the electricity of the Forest Green house.

With 3 months accrued.

My housemate could not stop babbling how expensive is it and keep comparing how low is their friends'.

I think if she could think, the size of our house, the number of attached heaters, the size of the refrigerator and not to forget some additional electronic stuff that eat electricity.

Besides, even if there's no additional electronic stuff, your habit of opening the freezer for 180 degree for more than a minute. Imagine how much cold air has gush out and the refrigerator has to put on the hard work to freeze the items back to zero temperature. Some irresponsible ones always love to leave the fridge not close properly.

Look at the condition of our ceiling fans, the blade are smudged with thick coating of black dust, making the fan need more power to spin at the maximum speed.

I have no idea what the reason of your habit of letting your awful clothes dry under the fan instead of under the hot sun or natural wind which is just a step away.

One cheimaphobia would like to bath at late nights with full blast of the heater meter, leaving dead hairs at the toilet floor for decorations.

Aren't you fortunate to have approximately RM130 per month electricity bill with much waste.

To be honest, I'm the one should do the complaining.

For last semester, I hardly even spend much time in that darn apartment except for dinners and sleepings.

The Internet speed is so slow that I hardly could download a single byte of data.

I don't even had the chance to switch on my computer.

I keep pondering, what have these 6 people have done?

Intensive manufacturing?

Intensive home theater system?

Happily using the washing machine with one or two clothing?

Allow their clothes to enjoy the luxury to blow under the fan?

Using the refrigerator as air-conditioner for the hall?

Damn you all people! Wake up! Stop babbling & comparing! Look at yourself!

P.S.: I have no intention to push the blame to anyone, this entire article purely non-frictional. frictional. Any names or behavior occur in this article is not purely co-incident with what I have recalled.

P.S.2: I have to EMPHASIZE this strictly, I dislike going out with couples! I don't want to be the shinning lamp post! {will elaborate some time later}