Thursday, January 15, 2009

Auditors are Beyond Human

Today, I met my Audit Practice lecturer and tutor.

Both are totally Not Human.

My lecturer gets himself a law and accounting degree with some high qualification but later refuses to practice neither of them for Heaven's reason to be a UTAR lecturer. He used almost an hour in the lecture class to explain his entire qualification (which I felt asleep).

My tutor who worked for 2 part time jobs when she was the same age with us, slept only 4 to 5 hours everything single day. Now, highly involved with multiple research projects with the Minister of Higher Education and Minister of Health, even help to set the first online timetable system for UTAR. Travels almost the entire globe despite terrorist and bombing threats, taking it as daily occurrence. A super workaholic. Despite that, she give consultation to students ranging from business to personal matters. She keep saying we youth have to have a life or enjoy life to fullest (I don't think I could enjoy mine if I placing the same situation with her, and personally, I think she is the one who is missing something in life).

My conclusion,

they are not human.

To be courteous, they are beyond human.


Edit: Hold on I'm planning to be an auditor, I will be joining them as well, being beyond human.


2 kachings:

SolDiv said...

Haha.. don't be so bad.

It is thier way of enjoying thier life even it sounds crazy.


Ootoro said...

Haha, just my point of view. No harmful intention.

I agree with you.


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