Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Top 5

1 Let It Out - 福原美穂

Fullmetal Alchemist S2 second ending song, I like the meaning of this song and especially when she sang the 強く光る永遠を探そう and それだけは変わらないでいようね. I wonder how I speak it that fast =P

MV + Lyrics??? See Featured Video and the upcoming post.

2 CANDY - 平井堅

A cool and funky song by Ken Hirai, definitely will enlighten your day! =P P.S.: Look @ his hair style, I wonder I would look like if I had ever follow his... @_@

(WARNING: Video is not suitable/appropriate for narrow minded people)

3 Colors ~ Melody And Harmony ~ (Jejung & Yuchun) - 東方神起

Can't sleep @ night? Listen to this duo's singing. I hope it's soothing enough for you to doze off. =P Nice song!

4 It's All Too Much - YUI

It's YUI! 

5 My Answer -SEAMO

His answer -- A key? =P 


That's all for October!! I shall post another Top 5 in November, till then enjoy yourself with J-Music!