Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mess in the Thoughts

I'm not sure why.
But, there are many things spiralling in my brain's nucleus that made me couldn't sleep properly.

Had a fun time playing Monopoly with Jinnz and Shaz. Can't resist myself on seeing the expression of Jinnz when he landed on my property with lots of green icons on the lot. =P
Seriously. I do owe a thank you to you guys.
Hmm, I wonder, how one could define/describe and act as oneself without wearing any social 'mask'?
It seems, our actions, behaviour and thinking are mould by the people surrounding us, leading us to satisfy their expectations.
The problem is:
How long you are going to live with it?
When are you going to be yourself?
Or is it wrong to be yourself?

2 kachings:

shaza said...

you are perfect just the way you are... and theres a name for it. Its called ph perfection lol

Ootoro said...

haha! I appreciated that. =) Sometimes, perfection is a problem too (here I comes again!). =P

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