Tuesday, August 18, 2009


About a week ago, I had a greatful dinner (thanks to Jinnz) at


I want to blog it right away but,


The notorious BSOD occurs! (no, its not because of Windows 7, its very stable. I highly suspected the virtualization software I used has modified the system registry or driver that leads to the instability of the system) Since I can't do any CPR to my poor PC, and it's too tedious to find the root of the problem and debug it. I rather

Capture 2

Yep. A full computer reformat. I gotta to reinstall most of my essential software. Thank-goodness installing the new OS just that around 18 minutes to get it done. Installing my software like Office and useful Adobe Components with my favourite Internet Browser duo (which is Firefox and Google Chrome) will going to eat another hour. It is worth the time rather than being stressful seeing the computer restarting itself in a endless loop. 

Back to the restaurant, 


Here's my dad's cup of water as he dislike cold drinks. I love the design of the glass.


Here's my sister's hot chocolate, she couldn't take cold drinks on that time due to sore-throat.


Here's MINE! It's actually a cappuccino but I'm unsure what fancy name they place in the menu. There's a layer of cream that tastes like chocolate ice-cream with the strawberry syrup poured on the top. Yummy!


Our mushroom soup.


Sicilian Salad - I like the grapes the most, its crunchy and sweet. Too bad it's another pile of creamy on top of the salad.


Unfortunately, when the tomato soup (they have a lavish name for it which I couldn't remember) and the Sicilian Pizza arrived (the pizza has a thin and crunchy crust just the way I like it), I was too hungry and too busy munching the food. So no photos for that.

Overall, the food's quality is good but they are rich in cream (applies to my drink, the salad and mushroom soup)! What a creamy dinner I had.