Tuesday, July 21, 2009




I can relax now. Peacefully.

After 4 hours of lecture classes and one and the half hours of tutorial, I finally could have a break and rest.

Well, that's not the issue of the day.

However, a desperate student (he should be thanking me for free publicity) somehow smsed and miss called me several times. Fortunately, I have installed a nifty and useful application in N95 to block that particular number.

Two semester ago, this desperate student transferred to my class, which is currently somehow awarded the 'most popular' or best choice class (which I don't even know), and probably a hype among  the 'exiled' students from other classes wish to transfer to my class.

However, this desperate student is unique.

This student who happily claimed that his previous class, group 10 has been dissolved and has been transferred to my class when I asked him the reason of transferring to my class. On that time, I was still blur with the total number of tutorial classes which is declining each semester. However, I did feel suspicious on the way he spoke to me.  A week later, when we about to start our assignments, I did ask him whether is he joining us for the Organizational Behaviour assignment, he rejected me black and white and I thought he probably found a group that he desired. The following week, his existence in my class is as good as the forgotten legend.

One fine day after the assignment report dateline, he called me. He spoke with me in a rude manner on asking me whether I could allow him to put his name in the assignment report while he will participate for the presentation. I was so furious. Not that he does not do his assignment, but instead of asking help on how to do the assignment, he was asking me to add his name into my precious assignment done by my precious group members? If I had say yes to him, this will be extremely unfair to my group members to a hard effort into the assignment. Plus, I was quite fumed when he only wanted to present in the my group, not helping with the assignment report which I asked him earlier, and he rejected me.This is totally absurd and ridiculous. My firm decision does not break his hope on mission on inserting his name to the my assignment report. He called my one of my group member (which my group member rejected) and "haunted" him just for that same old lame reason.

After more than half a year, I thought his finally made his way through the right path.

But. He STARTED it again.

Initially, I am not sure who was that asking me for my friend's number. I thought it probably his friend who know me but somehow lost his number. When I called him back and asked for his name. I was shocked.

Horribly shocked and furious at the same time, wondering what is this mischievous guy is trying to do. He sounded as if he has another malicious plan again. I'm apologize terribly to my friend and warned him to not pick up his call.

After few days, no news. I thought it was case settle.


He called me again. 

That was Friday morning. He interrupted my reading and he gave me the same reason that he used 6 months plus ago.

That time, we just handed up our Advanced Accounting Practice assignment.

He wanted me to put his name again.

He begged me for sympathy as if the FGO is going to expel him to Kampar.

He gave me all kinds of lame and illogical excuses, which I don't understand.

I shouted at him, because he had just wasted my precious time and I warned him no to disturb my friend. I stressed clearly to him that if he wanted to join my class then he has to get consensus from each and every of my classmates. I told him my tutorial venue and time as for his last chance to beg mercy from my classmates. I also did told him that all my class's assignment's groups are full and nobody is going to entertain you. He did not believe me.

What he believe is my friend who is an angel and able to help him and solve all his pyramid of problems.

Then he stopped calling.

Again, I though this is the last.

Then, last Saturday, he happily called me and asked for my friend's number again.

I was so frustrated the way he asked and the way he speaks. I ended his call almost instantly.

Then today.

He smsed me first.

Then call.

Fortunately I have blocked his number when he smsed me. Thus, I could enjoy the bliss of the boring lectures.

One of my friend decided to help me to end my misery by calling him back and talk with him and see what he wants. Unfortunately, that rude fellow just ended the call after a few minutes of conversation. He still insisted to know my other friend's number (not the friend who is doing the talking). And he said that he was his friend and he knows I was his friend but he doesn't know me. I was like stunned. Since he doesn't know me, how come he has my number and why did he called me and begged me like nobody's business? 

Hmm. Fine.

I don't know you too.

Since you like my friend so much, go and get the number personally from him as well as his signature, don't forget to ask about his birthday just in case you feel so touched from his kindness and wanted to repay him.

I'll never ever ever ever never going to answer your call.

You hopeless brat.


P.S.: Many thanks to my friends who supported me and assisted me to get rid of this nuisance nut case. =D

P.S.2: I really do hope to trap him in the torture chamber from the Book of the Dead left him inside there since he was so annoying.

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Anonymous said...


Adoi, hmmm is UTAR filled with parasites like these all the time...hmm well look on the bright side PH ur a celebrity and now you have stalkers fallowing you around. Now if only we could get that Jinnie delivery on time to serve you as a bodyguard ..tsk tsk tsk..

babybunny said...


Ootoro said...

Shabibie: Sighs I afraid Jinnie has too much problems on his own. I doubt that.

babybunny: I owe you one. Finally he *puffs* display from calling me. =P

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