Sunday, March 22, 2009

Level of Discreetness

 Adapted from Muse-Eek 

One fine day, you found your everyday good friend having a gloomy day and you feel that something is wrong with him, what's your actions?
  1. ignore him - mind your own business
  2. offering your poor ears to listen what's troubling him
  3. give him a slap and punch and telling him that your life is more tough than his, thus he has no reason to be sad
  4. say, "Serves you right" or "You deserve this" to him
  5. motivate/cheer him up
  6. avoiding him totally (taking him as a negative aura/bad chi)
What's your response if you have taken step 2 and he answered you sarcastically Private and Confidential? And then telling you that the reason he is not spilling it up because revealing it will expose his disadvantage to the entire world and somehow you will definitely take advantage of his disadvantage just like what Malaysian politicians do everyday?

Friend #01: *!#$%^&&*!(!&*^&@%^@%#!#!@&*##&!!(*$)(*%!$#*#&! him.
Friend #02: He just being paranoid. Just leave him as be.
Friend #03: .......................

My immediate response was just shocked, purely shock.

I was thinking, am I that kind person in the first place?

Will I use such a low-class or no-class technique to take advantage of my friend in the desperate situation?

I swallow my doubts immediately. I thought maybe that day is not the day he is able to express it out or just being over emotional.

But, as times passes, everytime he was gloomy and down, I was being shoot like nobody's business, being thrown into the cold and dark atmosphere of sacarstisim of his reply.

It makes me think that I am person who lacks of trust.

There's no wrong about keeping things private to yourself, I don't even want you to tell me everything and giving me a full report on what going on. That's simply ridiculous.

Couldn't you give a proper answer that you can't tell instead of being so sacastic?

It sounds as if I'm dumb imbecile or a criminal or the person of purposely offens you and asking you why you are sad.

If you are a stranger, I won't even bother of asking anything about you.

I just thought of playing a role of a good friend.

Perhaps, I haven't achieve that yet.

Or perhaps, I should take step 1, 4 and 6.

I have tried step 5 before, but ended up like a clown who trying to entertain a cow.

Lesson taken, if a person (especially a close/good/best friend) refuses to share anything when he/she is gloomy and down.

Just smile to yourself, put yourself in Malaysian's lackadaisical attitude. And say it to yourself, "Its another wonderful day today." =)


My close friends declared that I'm a stereotyped good person and a person with a halo ring on top.

I'm speechless.

I do make mistakes as any other normal humans do.

I do feel lazy on doing certain things that I ought to do.

I'm not that a perfect person.

Probably that same statement has been implanted in someone's mind, and thinking that I am someone who is fishy or having malicious motives behind my good act.

My existence is like, too good to be truth.

They are all wrong.

Most of the time, I am more concern on how to improve myself than worrying so much promoting or expecting something out of good will unless I have all time in the world, which is impossible.

Of course, as human I do expect something sometimes.

But not all the time.



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~Sol~ said...

Well, you might not be so well expose to the outside world that is much worst that you can think off.

You seems oblivious to the world at times. We are not denying your help but merely giving you hints on how bad outside world can be. So don't get angry for no particular reason like you got rejected. "Private and confidential" is not something so special after all because some of the info we deem private and we might not want to spread it around. At times, you also deny to disclose some info to your own friends...So what else should we say? Like we try to lend our poor ears and try to help but our help got rejected in the meanest way? Do think of this clearly and put yourself in others shoes and you will understand why. Don't just perceive things in your own way.

Only time will tell and you will know the truth. By then, you will really understand that we are not lying.

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