Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Year Resolutions




Skip the new year resolutions, as there are pointless to me. Will do better without it.

Hmm I wonder have you calculated, observed or experimented with your reading speed?

Recently, yeah I do.

The fastest I can go is 50 pages (those normal paperback-size book) per hour.

The variable on the book (which I categorized it as internal variable) will be the difficulties of the plot in the story, level of interest, attractiveness, the font size, used, whether with illustration or not, the predictability of the story, the depth of the English used, vocabulary.

The external variable will be the environment, location, level of noise, comfort, hunger, hydration and health.

All these variable will have direct and indirect impact on my level of concentration, the higher the level of concentration, the more words I could absorb in the shortest time frame.

Hmm, so far I can't go faster than that.

Either ways, I hope I could apply it to my studies, definitely it will helps a lot.

In addition, I found that if I managed to find the 'link' which the connection among your conscious  sub-conscious thinking able to synchronize (this is best I could explain in words) with the words or intended message the author wants to convey, it makes reading 10 fold faster, with understand, of course, not skipping any elaboration.

The more books I read, there's bad habit that I could not easily remove is my brain will filter highly descriptive stuff and will pin-point the main plot of the stories, which I could miss some interesting description.

I shall practise more to improve.